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If tattoos and piercings are your thing, you’ll probably dig Miss Paris. Keep reading for a better look

Miss Paris is this week’s KING Magazine webgirl.
We figured we’d also include a few answers from the 21-year-old Jamaican/German beauty’s interview as well:

If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? Halle Berry.

What is the most important issue in the world today and why? BP oil spills because it’s destroying our beaches and eco-system.

Ever had a one-night stand? Of course. Not proud but it happens, girls are too clingy sometimes 😉

Lights on or lights off? Off I love to feel around in the dark.

The biggest misconception about me is… I’m some gothic hardcore girl, I’m not I’m just a little weird and like different things.

Preferred type of underwear? None

If you don’t have a lot of money, you better have… hustler’s ambition [laughs].

What’s your fetish? I love big butts.

You can find her on Twitter @JustMissParis

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  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    well that doesn’t look attractive…just my opinion

  • Curveball

    When it comes to tats, one nice piece accentuates. A bunch of pieces, nice or not, detract and distracts. And anywhere around the front of the neck or face just looks cheap.

    Beautiful girl who’s ruined her looks. Imagine her at 60 with all those tats.

    That belly/pube piece alone could have made a statement. Now she just “sounds” confused.

  • WHOA!

    I’m not a dude but that I suffice to say that this chick is a big candidate for the paper bag treatment…

    • http://deleted Just Sayin

      LMAO 🙂

      No wonder she likes it dark.

      Plus, no one wants to read the misspelled word on her chest while she’s on top. How could you not bust out laughing when you see it.


  • Nancy

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  • reuyi

    Do you want to experience i-nterracial da-ting? I met my black guy on

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    It is an interracial dating s_i_t_e for s-exy singles of all races. You may have a try… 😉


  • Allie

    She is but ugly from head to toe

  • I Am Legend

    Damn she look good…I just dont like the tattoo across the chest thats real tacky

  • D.

    She looks nice, but wmen should think twice about all of the tats it decreases their prperty value in the long run. Just remember you won’t be young forever.

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    this chics face looks yuck. it doesnt matter how u do the make-up, how you fix her hair . shes yuck

  • WOW!!!

    Sorry, shes presence!! something not working.. tatoos are too busy

  • BrownSugar

    What is up wit that ear…. somebody plz explain?????

    • lilbabiphat2004

      lol i was thinking the same thing

  • alove

    her chest tat is spelled wrong!!!!!the word is imitated….ignorance at it’s finest

  • coldt7

    Anyone would have to be completely crazy if they believe that broad skin really look that smooth.That’s called Maybaline,oh” yeah,and glamour shots.And she still look funky,and she is ugly to.

  • shawnesha

    *She pretty , I wanna be a model like her =)

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    She UGLY asa Motha F^cka.

    • lala

      Since you’re the same person who said Halle Berry was ugly your opinion doesn’t count lol. I’m just messin wit you. I however find her to be very attractive, if I were into girls I’d talk to her. Not feeling all the tats though. Makes her look idk, trashy and ghetto. But she’s pretty nonetheless.

  • Jay the Real One

    she attractive but not feeling all those tats, too many make a woman look cheap

  • Deva

    Just no.

  • Peptostreptococcus

    Too bad her chest tat is spelled wrong. Immitated will never = Imitated (the correct spelling). Smh.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (OfF tO tHe UK iN OcToBeR... HeLLo MaTe To My UK PeEpZ!!!)

    She’s a 9/10 in my book with those succulent d!ck suc.king lipz she’s got..

  • JClem

    I have Never seen a tatoo that Enhanced anyone,only took away in some cases something good as in this case.

  • OKAY

    ok, i finally figured it out.

    SHE’S A MAN!!!!




  • Thad

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapfapfapfapfap…….fapfap………….aaahhhh…….fap.

  • lily(bk's finest)

    I wonder if she knows the origin of that big, ugly spiderweb tat on her arm? I doubt it..

  • Kim

    I’ve seen pics of her before. Surprised no one noticed that the tattoo across her “neck/chest” is misspelled. “Immitated”–> lol

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