Shaq Is Still Choppin’ Down These Used Up Reality Show Backs?

- By Bossip Staff

Shaq was spotted out with Hoopz used up reality show backs again. Rumor has it that this VH1 D lister has been connected to a bunch of people in the industry including Flava Flav, T.I. and Slim Thug. Now, she’s out gettin’ that divorced baller money.

Shaquille O’Neal got more than he bargained for when he sat down for breakfast at a Waffle House in Tennessee last week — because the dude was the target of a practical joke that was executed to perfection.

Sources at the Waffle House — yeah, we got those too — tell us Shaq arrived with Hoopz from the VH1 reality show “Flavor of Love” … and they both saddled up at the counter.

We’re told they each ordered scrambled eggs with cheese and a waffle — and Shaq had an orange juice … an OJ that would play a key role in the prank when Shaq got up to use the bathroom.

We’re told Hoopz pulled the ‘ol “Dump the salt in the OJ” routine — and when Shaq returned from the can, he took a big, fat sip of the tainted concoction. We’re told everybody laughed at the gag … including the big man.

But the best part of the meal — when it came time to pay the $20 bill … Shaq left a $30 tip

First they were seen out at a Walmart in Tennessee and now at a Waffle House. Shaq really knows how to wine and dine the ladies.


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  • first even when i'm not

    he actually left the kind of tip someone like him should be leaving.

    and it’s better for him to be with someone that’s a d-lister than an a-lister who thinks they’re above him.

    live and let live, i could care less.

  • resurrected

    What else is he going to do he has already destroyed his family. I mean all that is left for him in his mind are H.o.e.s. I mean life is not easy for none of us but the least that you can do is to set yourself up with a person who is worth fighting through life with. Men have dropped this reality way back in the day they no longer look for the worthy because the unworthy are so much more accessible.

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  • TastesMinty2010


  • thebeast1123

    D@mn stop the hate. His wife is getting her cakes smashed by a lil boy toy. So why can’t he have some fun with Hoopz? Hoopz is no more a ho than most chicks. I know chicks who switch up boyfriends every 2 or 3 months. Check it that is 4 to 6 men a year and if you do that from the time you are 18 til you are 40. That is between 88 to 132. So a lot of chicks need to check themselves before they call another chick a HO.

    • Bossip Is The Shiz

      Any woman that sleeps with that many men knows she’s going to get left. a new boyfriend every 2 to 3 months? Either they know the goods aint that good or they’re being honest with themselves about having the potential for longevity. leave before you get left is their mentality I guess.

  • s*x_is_overrated

    Hoopz is a fast azz lil hoe. She’s now a professional jump off….her mama must be so proud

  • s*x_is_overrated

    and she looks like a man too. all the beautiful women out there, why recycle the same trash?

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keepin it REAL

    SMH!! What is it with these black men marrying these skank trash wh*res while talking about how low quality all black women are??? Has it become easier to just wife up the trashy wh*re???



  • shut the fu*ck up

    he must get on his knees to get it in

  • http://Google ZAZ

    u fugly hoes love to hate on mixed chicks.

  • bronx2dadeath

    How about a $100 tip?

    oh yeah, Hoopz can get it.

    The sleazier, the easier.


    @ ist i thought Hoopz was a ‘good girl’ jus tryna get some shine…..then slowly, but surely she prov’d herself 2 be a regular scally basic b***h!!! SMDH cuz she’s a cute girl!!!

  • prdlesbo

    i bet hoopz is gay or bi..she got the look.. dont let the pretty face fool ya

    • thebeast1123

      She is bi! I seen her in Strokers with TIP one time and she was getting more play that he was. Kissin broads in the mouth and errthang!

  • JECCA111

    That midget said she had Herpes…is this true? If so is he frigging crazy?

  • rampagejackson

    Shaq can smash whoever he wants. I don’t understand all the hate.


    @ ist i thought Hoopz was a ‘good girl’ jus tryna get some shine…..then slowly, but surely she prov’d herself 2 be a regular scally basic b***h!!! SMDH cuz she’s a cute girl!!!


    **i meant 2 say **@ first**

  • BAPE747

    Fly lil mama HOOPZ. Fresher than Shaunie OL Azz.

  • It's Me

    Fuc all you haters talking smack bout Shaq and hoops. Hoops is not washed up, she looks better and has a nicer frame than any of you, and sum of celb’s in the game.

    • DaJournalist

      Hoopz, is that you? If it is… you ARE washed up. LOL!

  • Youlovetearinprettygirlsdown

    I see the haters are all over this I see nothing wrong at all, Shaq is divorced he can do whatever he want and Hoopz is not a bad person I went to high school with her she was only with Flavor Flav on the TV Show so why all the hate? Your miserable pulling others down puts them on your level you gutter rats!



  • [`~---.._mE_..---~']

    lmao @ waffle house and walmart!!!!

    shaq learned his lesson after shaunie’s a$$ took all his money!!!

  • WOW!!!

    those women, including his ugly bald headed wife wouldnt look at him if he didnt have money

  • reality_tv

    WOW……SHAQ takes another “L”…..bwahah hahah haha

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