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Meet Dr. Tyrone Hayes, a PhD, tenured professor at UC Berkeley who also happens to be a frog lover that is quick to cuss out a muhfugga that tries to stand in the way of him doing the right thing.

In recent weeks, Hayes has been the subject of a number of articles, thanks to a string of emails he reportedly sent to employees at Syngenta, a Switzerland-based company that makes Atrazine, one of the most popular herbicides used in the world, despite being banned in the European Union.

Hayes has been at odds with Syngenta for over a decade, ever since he worked with the company as a consultant and his research showed Atrazine posed potential health hazards to animals and humans. According to his bio:

“My laboratory discovered that Atrazine — the world’s number one selling herbicide and most common contaminant of ground and surface water — is an endocrine disruptor that both chemically castrates and feminizes amphibians… More importantly, the underlying mechanism of Atrazine’s action has been identified in all vertebrate classes examined (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including humans) and likely increases the risk of breast cancer and prostate problems in rodent models and humans.

…I am attempting to educate the most susceptible populations about the dangers of pesticide exposure. In particular, I am concerned about the adverse impacts of Atrazine on endangered species and on racial/ethnic minorities. Prostate and breast cancer are two of the top causes of death in Americans age 25-40, but in particular Black and Hispanic Americans are several times more likely to die from these diseases. Ethnic minorities and people of low income are also more likely to hold the “unskilled” laborer positions in agriculture and pesticide production that would put them at higher risk of exposure and are least likely to have access to the emerging science demonstrating the dangers of exposure. Thus, this environmental and public health issue is also a racial/social justice issue because minority and working class people are the primary targets of pesticide exposure.”

Sounds like dangerous ish to us. This man seems kinda like a Black Erin Brockovich, shining the light on a greedy corporation’s unethical work.

Hayes is clearly an intelligent brother, unfortunately the public has been distracted from the value of his work thanks to the Syngenta Ethics Complaint which has drawn attention to Professor Hayes thuggin’ on them haters via email.

Keep reading for a look at his unorthodox emails and SMH-worthy hairstyles.



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