Race Obsessed Study Says Blacks Use Cell Phones The Most

- By Bossip Staff

Another study about black women has been released, this time it’s about cell phone use.

Apparently black women use the cell phone more than anyone else, says an analysis of wireless bills by the Nielsen Co.

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    so whats the problem

    • meetlove112

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      {____ blackwhitemi ngle -C 0 M _____}.Should be a nice c-lub

      It is an interracial dating s-ite for s-exy singles of all races.

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  • samech

    I thought it would be asians…everything bad is black people, everything good is white people………here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Candid Canuck

      yup… and they prolly sureyed the min 1200 peeps.. that why stats are bogus…

    • BlackIce

      I can see this to be true because many black people have disconnected their home phone.

  • sunflower

    Which means of the participants in this study black women had the most usage which may or may not reflect the general population of black women as this is just a sample.

  • samech

    ……….still proud though…….

  • Rock W/ Me

    …whats the point?

  • Bopa

    I believe it. The only people I see talking on a cell phone while walking down the street or while shopping is our people. Can’t put down the phone at the bank or check out line.

    • truthmatters

      I agree and i have noticed this years ago, I believe it’s a status thing. I have heard many women joke that bw can’t do without two things, Weaves and a Cellphone!

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    Yeah and ? Sistahs just got a lot of sheet to say. Big deal ? Let me know when the next study comes out about what women like to give head,the most !

    Betcha it won’t be black women ! LOL

    • 1motion

      LMAO… u know thats right

    • soso

      what you said is the TRUTH!!

  • Avilea

    no surprise to me – black women STAY on the phone lol

  • deanna

    That mean black women paying there phonebill so what?

    • deanna


  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    and the point is???….

  • BelizeanCutie

    Well I work downtown Chicago and I have just about every race of ppl coming to my job but I’m sorry but I see white men on their phone more than the sistas …

  • Cougar_Lover

    i think YT dudes use their cells more than everybody, specially the ones that don’t have friend and their electronics define them. but the way this one lady was thanking me for returning her new evo phone i’d say everybody needs to cut back some.

  • Cougar_Lover

    but the way this one lady was thanking me for returning her new evo phone i’d say everybody needs to cut back some.

    • Cougar_Lover

      sorry for the double post. don’t bash me lol

  • BlackLondonChick

    And the point is … ?

  • Mabel

    I hope this is not true, don’t need my sistas dying from brain cancers using these things.

  • deelucious

    Yeah we use the phone more because we gotta keep up with what Shaniqua’s cousin’s baby daddy’s friend had said to light skinned Quaneisha’s uncle about her man Ray-Ray cheatin on her with Laqueta! Ya’ll know Laqueta be tryna take Quaneisha’s man. My phone is blowin up because of all the drama


    • Sysy

      LOLLL So true!!

  • JUDY

    Its more white people in the united states but black people do the most and have the most of everything. I dont believe this study so im going to dismiss it as bull.

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

      I agree with you.

      I its the something in the UK…ethnic minorities make up around 8% of the population (the blacks, Asians etc)…but yet black people are depicted to commit most of the crimes. Or do more of a certain thing.

  • sexyrha

    OKAY.. AND….

  • sportstalk23

    Got love these agenda laden studies lol,did they survey every black person to come up with this,In NYC where I live its every race on the planet here and all of them have their fair share running their traps on cellphones, look at when the Iphone or new black berry comes out it isn’t just black folk lined up for 3 days waiting to buy those

  • Allie

    Like some posters mentioned: AND??????

  • I can't STAN!

    I can’t STAN race based studies – but I can believe this one

  • 504_GV

    This is a f*cking lie! All I ever see is white people on their blackberry’s, iPhones, iPad..this is total crap. Blame everything on us. Besides those high a*ss phones, you actually think black people are paying $500 down and then get that “special” plan on top of that. Dont believe this one bit. Nielson Co. mainly target black households anyway.



    it plays into the fact blackwomen talk to fuking much and dont no when to shut up………..

  • if anything be noble

    I don’t understand this. Ok so “researchers” went through the phone bills of 60,000 people and the phone bills told them Black folks talk more. So, basically phone bills told the “researchers” who’s Black? What, so Verizon sends out different phone bills to Black people? Or maybe the Census people have shared their info with ATT and ATT knows who’s Caublinasian now. SMH @ Whitefolk and all their “scientific studies”…

  • cee

    A majority of us don’t have jobs which gives us more time to be on the phone.

    • Rx Chic

      lmao! U must be talking about yourself…

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