Breezy And Drizzy Say “F*ck Beefin’ Over Broads…Bros Before Hoes, Man!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Breezy and Aubry Graham are both over the fact that they both were soaking up the tender loins of the illuminati sex slave, Rihanna, and decided to be friends:

Chris Brown and Drake once had a beef over their back-to-back dating of Rihanna last year, but they’ve clearly put their differences in the past. A source tells us the duo ripped up SoHo hot spot Greenhouse together on Tuesday night with a little help from their friends. After Lil Jon and T.I. did an impromptu back-and-forth at the nightclub, Brown surprised the Corona-cheered crowd with a five-song set and repeated shoutouts to “my man, Drake” when the deejay played Drake’s tunes for the throng.

How sweet.


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  • rdub

    thats how its suppose to be







  • *she rocks*

    Now i hope eveybody has proof that what went down between Chris and Rihanna was as fake as what happened between Kanye and Taylor Swift… just Illuminati puppets playing with our heads… Jay Z will be next to be hanging out with Chris, then he and Rihanna will make up and the damn Judge will drop the 5 year probation… Just u wait and see!

    • Y


    • Jessica


    • Gonna be hot today

      you’re an idiot…stop being dumb.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Geez up! H*es down!

  • 951Girl

    Im sorry but chris brown and drake should be under gay title… They look super gay and drake looks like an old man… And chris… He looks like a bdr forreal

    • Y

      How does looking ‘super old’ and ‘bdr’ (whatever that is) mean you are gay?? You Americans and your ‘hyper-masculinity’ attitudes are Out of control!!! Not every man has to be a thug! SMH

  • nana

    Colour them Gay, azz kissers wateva they have more money than yall haterz will evar see in ur life! Urrrggghhhh the same people hating r the same people screamin every word when their songs come on in ur cars!

  • Cali951

    Sweety nobody said they had too look thug. If u knew anything u could tell chris and drake are homo lol maybe u should do your research and u will see they have more in common than rihanna stanky puzz lol they both are biyotch dik riders

    • Gonna be hot today

      What the fucc are you talking about? I think you should have to take an IQ test before you post to these boards. DAMN! I hate stupidity.

  • Fine Babe

    Drake and Chris Brown? That’s 2 niccaz in the industry, Rihanna!!!!! Damn!

  • resurrected

    Drake seems to be trying very hard to be a thug talking Bros before hoes how about good male friends or role models before dumb chit and ignorant and hood like information.




    Glad they can sit down and talk like men that they are. Drake now knows what kind of person Rihanna is. But it sure didn’t take him long to find her out. Firts off she nothing to fight about anymore mabe for satan she is

  • TruthTeller1

    I agree with the title I’m glad they both chucked up the DEUCES to that illuminati MAN-EATTING TRAMP! Rihore’s stans are delusional worshipping that thing as a goddes ..LOL! Nah, she’s just a garden variety TRAMP!


    CB STANS are so DUMB!

    Those are OLD VIBE COVER but I’m sure neither of them sold so you would write them before they go out of business a third time. LMAO

  • amberfromthea

    Why are they hating on Rhianna, she can date who she wants when she wants. Don’t be mad cuz you both got played! Now yall got this “brotherly love,” bc yall dated the same woman! PUH-LEASE,Drake is gay and Chris is an opportunist, wost than a h*e, trying to find a come up….that’s all.

  • TruthTeller1

    I agree with the title I’m glad they both chucked up the DEUCES to that illuminati MAN-EATTING TRAMP! Rihore’s stans are delusional worshipping that thing as a goddess! Nah, she’s just a garden variety TRAMP!

  • Chester Tha Kat Dislikes IGNORAMUSES!!! :D

    @ TruthTeller1, I agree with you. These people can call Chris and Drake whatever their heart desires, but most people need to throw up them DEUCES instead fighting over a WH0RE. Friends last a lifetime, but relationships come and go. I’m a female and I have been throwing up them DEUCES before Chris even made that song. So, Chris pay me. No, I am just playing. Anyways, I have never ever fought over a guy, because it’s plain stupid fighting over a WH0RE. Only time I will fight over my man, if someone trying to kill him for no reason. That’s when I am going to try to defend him, and call 911. 😀


    I love you Chris, I love you Drizzy……….me and, fuk it both of you must never part na ti da da….

  • Ms.Drizzy

    i loveeee drizzy and breezy ❤ but leave rihanna alone lol

  • Fefe

    So this is how it goes:

    !.)Chris and Rihanna break up

    2.)Rihanna ‘looks’ vulnerable so Drakes tries to come on in

    3.)Chris is salty

    3.)The tables are tuned and Drake was the one being used

    4.) Drake gets dumped and Breezy is cheesing

    5.) Drake realize what kind of gal Rihanna was

    6.)Drake and Chris finally see eye to eye

    At the end:::; Chris and Drake are now bros and Rihanna is just left being the hoe


    • Ciana

      i couldnt of said it better it seems so high school tho lol.


    It still don’t change the fact that Rihflop is a h*e. Like the title said.
    I’d rather someone chuck me the Deuces than be called a h*e.

  • ignoranceizbliss

    Bros before Ho’s. Refreshing, finally a positive message from Drizzy.

  • brooklyn

    and she is not thinking about either one of them

  • http://Google Ashley

    Yea yea wat they all say.

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