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Good day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” Have you ever had one of those nights where you purposely avoid large crowds to go to a low-key bar or lounge where you think you’ll find a good time, good music and engage in casual conversation with interesting people? Only to get there and the whole scene looks like one really bad rap video – half-naked women giving the catty up-down and once-over to every female that passes as if she’s sizing up her competition, trying to gauge who will be the first to snag the attention of whichever man at the bar is buying drinks. Meanwhile, the men at the bar are overwhelmed by the plethora of options before them. All too often the scantily clad, industry-ready paper doll trumps the down-to-earth individual. So the question is, how does one compete with societal illusions that suggest you can, in deed, have it all in exchange for very little? In other words, the line between reality and fantasy is slowly fading and the idea of having to put in work to acquire and sustain a substantial union is a distant memory. We explored the notion with a few folks who were willing to share their thoughts and here’s what they had to say!

These thirsty broads will do it all for nothing! The f*ck he want to marry me for when he can have the next b*tch every which-a-way? I don’t have a fighting chance with any man if I’m not, literally, giving up the goods! And the number of people (men and women) who are willing to drop a little cash for some a*s and vice versa are increasing by disproportionate numbers. It’s hard out here for someone who is willing and waiting to share a life with someone they care about and genuinely love. – Renee, 29

Man, listen. It would suck to be single again, I can’t even lie to you. Me and my wife have been together for 7 years and we have our fair share of problems. Trust me when I say this, I can’t imagine dating again. When me and my wife really get into it and she starts talking crazy, it makes me work at it a little harder because I’d prefer to work on what I have instead of ‘starting over.’ My single friends are miserable. Chicks out there don’t be about nothing but what bills you can pay for them and what you can buy for them or what places you can take them to and whatever else you can do for them. I think brothas have lost sight of the benefits of marriage or being in a committed relationship because they can re-up on any given Sunday, you know? – Robert, 35

How can you compete? I mean, we see people in high places doing irresponsible things in their personal lives. Granted, it’s not the public’s business how many women banged Tiger Woods throughout the course of his marriage but the homewreckers are suddenly famous and posing for Playboy spreads? Even though they would never admit it, I think some people use others’ actions as a means to justify their fouls ways and not feel so alone in their indiscretions. You can, in fact, stalk a man and marry him. You sure can! Why not abandon your wife and kids for “the love of your life” and knock her up while you’re still married? Why not? Swizz Beatz did it too. The black image is on such a low vibe and it’s sad.– Brandi, 33

In most cases, the easy route takes precedence, unfortunately. Depending on what kind of night I may be in the mood for will determine the type of woman I end up pursuing. It’s easy for a man to get caught up in having the luxury of having what he wants. You can actively date a girl for a few months, get tired of her and move on. Yeah, it’s that easy so it’s almost like, what’s the incentive if I can the best of both worlds? I will settle down when I’m ready. I know it’s selfish but that’s what it is, in total honesty. -Trey, 30

It’s a shame that women feel like they have to put themselves out there like that. Of course, a barely-there blue dress will get you all the attention you want but is it the type of attention you want? A lot of girls thrive off that kind of mess and wear the wh*re spirit like a badge of honor. Then someone like me is quickly overlooked because I have a less than inviting demeanor. When, really, I’m just bracing myself for whatever may come out of a dude’s mouth because they’re quick to shell out indecent proposals and get mad when you dismiss him! Please exit my space! I’m not obligated to talk to you . . . I bought my own drinks, dammit! Come correct or not at all, please. – Michelle, 30

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