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Phaedra Parks, one of the new additions to the third season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is speaking out in advance of the new season and letting the whole world knows exactly where she stands on her husband’s “convict” status!

Phaedra recently spoke to about her marriage to Apollo, probably a smart decision since his past will definitely be dragged into the “Real Housewives” drama this season. Here’s an excerpt from what she had to say:

My husband was convicted of a white-collar crime. It was racketeering. He comes up for an appeal and we just hope that works out positively. But he wasn’t guilty of harming any person or anybody and unfortunately that’s what happened. I married my husband because I loved him and he loved me and I think that’s the foundation of any good relationship. I didn’t marry him because of his past or because of his future. I married him because I respected him and I realized⎯everyone should realize that people make mistakes.

I tell people that if everyone held our past against us, unfortunately, most of our lives would be dramatically different. So whether someone has committed a crime or allegedly committed a crime there is redemption. That’s what the United States was founded on⎯people having a second chance. And so as a Black woman, unfortunately, in our community more than anything a lot of times Black men have had legal problems. And every Black woman who says that Black men with legal problems cannot be considered as a mate, then we help with the genocide of our own community.

So we have to be cognizant that this is a whole system that’s been developed over year. When Black women outshine Black men and emasculate them, that causes the break down of the Black family⎯and I want to have a Black family so I have to be very open-minded about Black men because if I crucify the thing that can obviously help me build what I desire the most, then I’m no better than the people that are tearing down the Black man.

Phaedra raises some interesting points, do you think Black women should really consider not dating an “ex-con” as contributing to Black genocide???

Best of luck to her and her husband though, looking forward to seeing how this plays into the new season of RHOA.

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