Real Housewives’ Phaedra Parks Married Ex-Con Because She Didn’t Want To “Help Genocide Of Our Community”?

- By Bossip Staff

Phaedra Parks, one of the new additions to the third season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is speaking out in advance of the new season and letting the whole world knows exactly where she stands on her husband’s “convict” status!

Phaedra recently spoke to about her marriage to Apollo, probably a smart decision since his past will definitely be dragged into the “Real Housewives” drama this season. Here’s an excerpt from what she had to say:

My husband was convicted of a white-collar crime. It was racketeering. He comes up for an appeal and we just hope that works out positively. But he wasn’t guilty of harming any person or anybody and unfortunately that’s what happened. I married my husband because I loved him and he loved me and I think that’s the foundation of any good relationship. I didn’t marry him because of his past or because of his future. I married him because I respected him and I realized⎯everyone should realize that people make mistakes.

I tell people that if everyone held our past against us, unfortunately, most of our lives would be dramatically different. So whether someone has committed a crime or allegedly committed a crime there is redemption. That’s what the United States was founded on⎯people having a second chance. And so as a Black woman, unfortunately, in our community more than anything a lot of times Black men have had legal problems. And every Black woman who says that Black men with legal problems cannot be considered as a mate, then we help with the genocide of our own community.

So we have to be cognizant that this is a whole system that’s been developed over year. When Black women outshine Black men and emasculate them, that causes the break down of the Black family⎯and I want to have a Black family so I have to be very open-minded about Black men because if I crucify the thing that can obviously help me build what I desire the most, then I’m no better than the people that are tearing down the Black man.

Phaedra raises some interesting points, do you think Black women should really consider not dating an “ex-con” as contributing to Black genocide???

Best of luck to her and her husband though, looking forward to seeing how this plays into the new season of RHOA.

Click Here To Read Phaedra’s Full Interview

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  • mstrendydiva

    I’m not judging this couple or weighing in on this at all until I know a little more about the story but I will say…I am a Real Housewives junkie and I’m dying to see what happens on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion next week…Teresa looks like she is going to kick Danielle’s a.s.s!…cannot wait!

    • Keep it Real

      He’s been convicted twice (look it up) and has spent 6 of the last 12 years in jail for theft. She needs to be a little more honest with herself and the public.

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  • Marquis de Sade

    😆 So let me get this straight, by this bytch’s rationale, every black man has had or is dealing with legal problems, thus leavin’ her and most black women no other recourse but to settle for a thug or inadvertently contribute to the genocide of the black community?

    This is an insult to all law abiding and productive black men in America!

    Why doesn’t she just own up to the fact, she (like a lot of sistas’) have a thing for THUGS?

    • mstrendydiva

      You were upset by the generalization but in turn made another general statement about black women…very logical…

    • Jessica

      Marquis, the name calling (bytch) is unnecessary. You water down your message when you have to cuss and especially in the context of name calling.

      Phedra’s comments are “her” opinion and her reality. I agree with her that a lot of people (not just black men) have had issues with the legal system. Some are really good men and women who deserve a second chance. So, if she loves and respects him and he loves an respects her, I think it’s a good thing and their relationship should be celebrated not criticized.

    • sunshine

      Marquis…..learn to read and comprehend!!!! Her statement is this “a lot of times Black men have had legal problems” NOT EVERY BLACK MAN!!! This statement is true! Only a FOOL like yourself would shoot down a statement to uplift and support. She’s pulling the coat tail of black women to make us all aware that everyone deserves a second chance..ESPECIALLY our beautiful black men!!


      Thank you for your comment. I agree, I don’t do jail house rock. As a black African female who was raised in the US I feel sad that black American women feel like they have to be open to any and everything now, like you have no choice. I don’t date thugs, I don’t date men with multiple children, I choose men who have a similar lifestyle and education as my own and I find plenty. I think her choice and the choice of others is about self esteem.

    • her?yeahher

      @ marquis de sade omg dude – what’s with ur hatred of black women! She’s a bytch if she don’t date a blk man, she a bytch if she do! are you really that blind to your own destructive anti-black mentality?

      so go on and cuss me but from one blk wmn to one blk man -peace.

      anyways I dig what ms.parks is saying. She won’t let his past keep her from getting to know and love him, as a whole. I agree that we shouldn’t keep segregating and downing each other. If he’s smart enough to commit those type of crimes whose to say he won’t use his brains for something good? shyt, for all we know he was on some robin hood shyt! lol that doesn’t make him a bad person, just a criminal in the eyes of the law– laws that are often criminal and unjust themselves. so yeah girl, give that man a chance.

      black love + black unity = power!

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  • kim mathers

    Good save Pha. How about saying I was just desperate to be married, and this negro would give me some pretty babies.

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      Yep, instead of doing all of that extra yapping to try and fool people we know what it is = she found him to be attractive and wants some “pretty babies”…

    • Supernova247

      God love her. She was desperate!!!

  • Kreole King

    She could have saved that whole speech ans simply said,

    She is a black woman, and like most black women, she likes thugs and is used to making bad decisions.

    The real question isn’t why she married him, but why the “pretty boy ex-con married her” lol. He came up in the situation and will soon make her look like the fool that she is.


    • [`~---.._mE_..---~']

      sweetheart committing a white collar crime does NOT make you a thug!!

      so all of ya’ll saying she married an ex-con because she wanted a thug like all other black women sound stupid….if that was the case all black women would be marrying interacially because we all know the majority of white collar crime convicts are white.


    • [`~---.._mE_..---~']

      sweetheart committing a white collar crime does NOT make you a thug!!

      so all of ya’ll saying she married an ex-con because she wanted a thug like all other black women sound stupid….if that was the case all black women would be marrying interacially because we all know the majority of white collar crime convicts are white.


    • I can't STAN!

      I can’t STAN negroids who only pop in on black relationship articles JUST to talk sh!t about black women, like a posessed monkey. Diversify.

  • Marquis de Sade


    How did I generalize black women? If you read my comment, I typed: “A LOT” not “ALL”. I just find it comical that this LAWYER could’nt find one elegible, professional or (Hell) a blue collar black man within her social and professional circles!

    …Instead, she tries to rationalize her decision as not contributing to the GENOCIDE of the black community, due to her (obvious) sweet tooth for thug dyck.

    • mstrendydiva

      I’m not going to argue the point with you because I’ve seen many of your posts and know your stance and view of black women, therefore, I will never change your perception of who you think the average black woman is or is not. I am a black woman and I don’t fit anyones stereotype and don’t feel the necessity for people of any color to validate me…so you and Kreole King can think what you will…

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


      She’s probably because an a$$hole…

      What decent looking woman do you know that has a pleasant demeanor, has a great personality and is fun to be with that can’t get or keep a man???

      More times than not when people be complaining about they can’t find someone it’s because there’s some issue that they’re aware of that they REFUSE to address!!! They’ve been told what it is, but because of arrogance they don’t address it and are just waiting to find someone who will tolerate the bullsh*t…

    • LOLA

      There are women who r pleasant, success, etc… who don’t have a man! Some women just can’t find a good man..but i do think women in general not just black should look for a potentially good man..he may need some help but atleast he has potential!

    • LOLA


      There are women who r pleasant, success, etc… who don’t have a man! Some women just can’t find a good man..but i do think women in general not just black should look for a potentially good man..he may need some help but atleast he has potential!

    • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

      @marquis de sade: With the way you disrespect women and hurl generalizations, what makes you think YOU’RE not a thug? The mere fact that no black women want you and your dyck? just asking.

    • Lady S

      I’m not saying I agree or disagree with her statement, but you an other people on here keep referring to her love for thugs, but she specifically stated that he was convicted of committing a white collar crime, rackaterring to be exact. Do you even know what that means? Thugs aren’t typically being convicted for white collar crimes (such as rackateering) the last time I checked.

  • hmmm

    Girl you married him because he’s fine, you were sprung and you didn’t give to shyts about his past … “it was just a white collar crime” .. like that makes it any better. Just keep it real. Being concerned about the “genocide” of the black family doesn’t mean you have to marry a criminal and couldn’t find a good black man that didn’t have a criminal past.

    I’m not saying she’s wrong for marrying or being w/ the man but stop feeding the BS excuses! You don’t have to put extras on the “I love me some him!”

    • hmmm

      *Two … If you love him, then say you love him and leave it like that … you don’t have to explain yourself to anybody.

    • SMH!

      Say It Again!!!

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


      I know right, SMMFH…

    • chrissy

      I agree…Spare us the BS…If he was some ugly snagged-toothed brother,she wouldn’t have dated him or even hooked him up with any black woman she knew to save us from genocide!








  • sportstalk23

    Granted some ex cons deserve a second chance depending on the crime but frankly that’s the problem with some young black women in our community, is no matter what the guy does or how many times they can’t wait to get with a lockdown dude,and this Phaedra rationale makes her sound like a real Mensa member lol Look at Jennifer Hudson sister marrying a guy who served time for attempted murder,not stealing a car or selling a dime bag once but attempted murder,and this guy may have killed half the family.Use seriosu discrection when dealing with ex-cons ladies

    • hmmm

      She said it was “racketeering … he wasn’t guilty of harming anyone” … um as if he can’t hurt her bank account, credit, identity … those are the sneakiest and worse niccas I want in my house … and she’s a lawyer!

    • Pleezzz

      @hmmmm CoSign!!

      Racketeering is the act of operating an illegal business or scheme in order to make a profit. He did hurt someone! Let someone force her into bankruptcy and see if that doesn’t hurt.

  • WHOA!



  • Terri

    I’m pretty sure that redemption was not one of the founding principles of America. Just saying.

  • dimepeace

    This woman is ridiculous. She can marry whom ever she likes and she does not need to rationalize it to us. However, I hope we black woman don’t always have to settle for a man. We work hard to educate ourselves and have to overcome so many bariers. Why can we not expect a law abinding man who will respect us, be faithful to us and love us? Why do we have to settle for so little.

  • ImaPC

    If roughly 1 in 9 Black men are CURRENTLY in prison, and 1 in 3 are expected to be locked up at some point…that *is* a large part of our Black community that impacts the entire community.

    Everyone is saying she’s creating an excuse, but I AGREE with the general point she is making…you don’t have to marry an ex-con to heal your community, but it would help if we did what we could to help those members of our society that have been rehabilitated to get back into the fold.

    Ive seen churches do some REMARKABLE work with prison ministries.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Yeah, mate with a thug, and by doin’ so, save the black community. I tell ya’, the lengths, you thug worshippin sistas will go through to rationalize/satisfy your sweet tooth for thug dyck. 😆

    • dimepeace

      We all have the power to choose. Why do we keep making excuses for these f–ed up black man?

    • ImaPC

      @Marquis de Sade

      That comment was vulgar and crude, why can’t you disagree with people without using that kind of language or imagery?

      I mentioned prison ministry, how does that devolve into ‘mating with a thug’?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Test, test

  • Marquis de Sade


    Yeah, i’m experiencin’ the same problems. You may want to reply through your blackberry or smart phone if you have one at your disposal. – Even though it’s c**bersome.


    why didnt she just say i like thugs because im a black women?

    it would of saved time and now she is telling more blackwomen To chase MORE THUGS?


  • Kristina

    She sounds stupid. I would choose a white man over a black ex con any day. So she’s settling for a felon for the sake of the black community….she should save her lame excuses.

  • Cheeky

    Wow, “just a white collar crime”. I hope she remembers that when old boy starts ciphoning her money into his bank account.

  • deesac

    I never could figure the thinking of some women that just love a thug dude. I guess they fell that a honest hard working man trying to take care is family with some good home training is boring. But over & over we see women even destroy there relationship to be with a thug it does not make a difference white collar blue collar black poka dot a thug is a thug.


    ALSO wat i find funny is he is younger than her…..

    there is no dounbt in my mind now she contrals the relationship/ wears the pants NOW!!!!!NOT ONLY does she make way more then him but she is older tooo!!!

    there relationship is probably more like mother and son then husband and wife alot of black women like this type of setup so they can contral everything and the man cant be a the head of the house she thing she is slick………..but im up on game….

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  • Marquis de Sade


    You’re so full of shyt…Then why’re you singling me out for callin’ this SHYSTER hoe a bytch? Why not use the same INDIFFERENCE while readin’ my comments as you do your fellow sistas?

  • hunnyBun

    this is just proof that money can’t buy clazz. you can take the girl out of the ghetto…..

  • hunnyBun

    “So we have to be cognizant that this is a whole system that’s been developed over year. When Black women outshine Black men and emasculate them”

    so she’s saying that black women need to dumb themselves down so they can keep up with their good-for-nothing ‘brotha’. I would respect her more if she were telling sistas to date outside the race. I really would.

    • UniquelyMe

      All of your comments hit the nail on the head! This woman’s comments have left me speechless. She is trying to defend her choices in life by demonizing black women who demand & expect something better.

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