One Big Happy Family: Halle Berry, Gabe & Baby Nahla Swing In London

- By Bossip Staff

Happy Family Friday! It’s always good to see parents enjoying time with the kiddies. Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and precious little Nahla were out and about taking a stroll in London.


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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    she still could get it for a 50 year old

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  • WOW!!!

    maybe it works for her!

  • dallascutie95

    This is a good look..not every baby mama/daddy hate each and my kids daddy get along great…

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    wat she doing out in daylight???

    I thought the BEAST only come out at night?

    • Who Me?

      Why are you always on threads about BW/WM? Get alife meatball!!!

  • Y

    she’s still filming in London


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  • Glok ...PuzzyCatya,...Meow !!!


  • http://Google Ashley

    Such a happy n loving family.

  • 2dimplzs

    Thank you for showing that parents can do what’s right and be civil, friendly even, for the sake of their child(ren). It does happen more often than not, we just don’t get to see it reported on because that’s not enough “drama” for the gossip rags and main stream media. SMH.

  • Matinigal

    HAHAHA! I knew the Halle Berry haters would be out in full fource. This woman can never catch a break from blk folks. All they do is hate on her.

    As long as Nahla is happy thats all that matter.

    • jenny

      AA people are just their own worst enemy. You guys get hated on by almost everyone but yet you turn around multiply the hate with bitterness and judjement hence turn around and spread it around your communities like a virus. Both Male and female. Such a shame.

  • Lyoness

    Nahla looks so sweet and happy. I wish I could remember being that little. No stress whatsoever. Just because they are a couple doesn’t mean they don’t want the best for their child. Hating your ex is so old school. It’s 2010 people get it together.

  • no problem

    Ahhh I luv seeing these two together I hope they are back on. Nahla is sooo pretty.

  • Lyoness

    I mean “aren’t” a couple.

  • Claire


  • Business Negro

    Oh., please, most blacks could careless who hates on them. Its not like blacks in general, like, whites, hispanics, hindus or chinks. Life is not about love its about who gets to the top of the money train. These men are calling it the way they see it. Aubrey stated he would cheat on halle so he didnt want to marry her. Now he is back. A man who doesn’t want to wife you up is not the one. Goofy sistas living in fantasy land. Halle would walk over a N3gro for alot of whites so she is not my kind. My kind are the people that break bread with me, Halle is not my kind.

  • Roberto

    The kid is ugly, I am sorry I had to throw that out there. Real talk

  • SamanthaTrader

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  • turn left here.

    not a motherf-er in here has a degree in Black Studies, but wants to spew hate about what the “African-American” community must do.

    probably don’t even know any Africans, just a bunch of ignorant wocka flocka flame-listening Dereon-wearing Antoine Dodson-neck rolling dyed in the wool niggs.

    leave her and that man alone; it’s their business and their child.

    and if you saw the pictures of her big belly recently, this thread would’ve exploded by now.

  • redbonearies

    90% of these comments are a HAM-wow

  • KOOL GUY...SCHOOL OPEN,MONDAY....................


  • ImJustSayin

    Because you mofos don’t take care of your kids like they do.

    You get NO praise buddy…Ha Ha!

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    […] Dayum…and it was all good a few months ago: Halle Berry is planning to take ex Gabriel Aubry to court to fight for custody of their two-year-old daughter Nahla. The Oscar winner, 44, even cleared her schedule by pulling out of the star-studded flick, New Year’s Eve, which is set to begin filming in NYC this week. (She’s being replaced by Katherine Heigl.) […]

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