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The next season of America’s Next Top Model is right around the corner so we decided to check out the fourteen girls who have been cast for cycle 15!

This season’s cast includes several girls over 6 feet tall, three girls from Arlington Texas and a chick named Rhianna! Want to check them out???

24-year-old Terra hails from Arlington, Texas. The 5’8 model wannabe says her favorite designer is Alexander McQueen and favorite shoe is a Converse.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory? Energy Drink
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: Cell Phone

19-year-old Anamaria hails from Queens, New York and she is 5’10” tall. She says her favorite designer is Alexander Wang and favorite shoe is a boot.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: myself
Would Never Wear: gangstah clothing
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my boyfriend

Boise, Idaho girl Chelsey is a 22-year-old Waitress who stands at 5’10 3/4″ tall. She says her favorite designer is Karl Lagerfield and her favorite shoes are high heel ankle boots.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: mascara
Would Never Wear: high water bell bottoms
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: sunscreen

18-year-old Lexie is fresh out of Geneva, Illinois and she is 6 feet tall!!! Her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs and her favorite shoe is Toms.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: Vaseline (sounds weird but it is helpful!)
Would Never Wear: hammer pants
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my best friend

21-year-old Sara is a young mother from Menifee, California. Her favorite designer is Proenza Schouler and she loves her some flip flops.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: lip gloss
Would Never Wear: my grandma’s clothing
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: Diet Coke

5’10” Liz is a shoe sales rep hailing from Arlington, Texas. Kimora Lee Simmons would be happy to learn that she’s Liz’s favorite designer. Her favorite shoes are her 5” black leather pumps with buckles and straps.

Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my eyebrow and/or nose piercing
Would Never Wear: granny panties
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my car!

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    20-year-old Rhianna spells her name a little differently than the pop star but the San Diego, California contestant will tower over most of the competition at 6’1 1/2″. Her favorite designers include Viktor & Rolf, Prada and Zac Posen and says of her favorite shoe, “whatever it is, its high as hell!”.

    Occupation: World explorin’;, dance feverin’, people lovin’, wild child!
    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my imagination
    Would Never Wear: cheap clothes
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: magic Photo

    19-year-old Jane is far from plain… The Baltimore, Maryland student, who stands at 5’9,” says her favorite designer is Ralph Lauren and favorite shoes are sandals.

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: coffee
    Would Never Wear: Duke basketball jersey
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: books

    20-year-old Chris rounds out the trio from Arlington, Texas. Apparently she didn’t want to answer any of ANTM’s fun lil questions but she’s 5’10 1/2″ tall.

    Northport, Alabama native Kendal is 23-years-old. The 5’11” contestant calls Versace her favorite designer and says her fave shoe is “a comfortable one.”

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my man
    Would Never Wear: animal print
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: cell phone

    20-year-old Kacey is from Palmdale, California. The 5’9″ aspiring model currently works as a Dance Teacher. Her favorite designer is Rocco Barocco. And boots are her favorite shoes.

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: Tancho wax stick, razor
    Would Never Wear: pleather catwoman suit
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my hot comb

    Boston, Massachusetts representer Esther is an 18-year-old student. The 5’9″ contestant counts Oscar de la Renta, Missoni and Marc Jacobs as her favorite designers. Her favorite shoes are slippers!!!

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: sweater (the air conditioning is always on and I’m freezing)
    Would Never Wear: hot pants
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: food!

    19-year-old Kayla is a 5’9″ waitress from Rockford, Illinois 5’9″. Kayla’s favorite designer is Stella McCartney and her favorite shoes are high heels.

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: music
    Would Never Wear: over-alls
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: cell phone

    19-year-old Ann is a student from Dallas, Texas who, at 6’2” is the tallest girl in this season’s competition. Her favorite designer is Betsey Johnson and (not surprisingly) her favorite shoes are flats!

    Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: eyeliner
    Would Never Wear: holiday sweaters
    If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: satellite phone

    Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model kicks off on September 8th at 8pm. Will you be watching?

    Photo Credit: Jessica Brooks / Pottle Productions


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    • tb

      Geeze this show still on? Wow!!!

      These some ol sick looking broads. Give them a couple burgers…plz!




    • Here to share knowledge, not to argue with you

      WTH??? This shyt still comes on????

    • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

      And the winner of this cycle goes to….no darn body!

      Usually someone stands out to me, but not this cycle!!!! Maybe it is time for Tyra to hang it up!

    • James Thomas

      Okay, everybody over here for some chicken, mac n’ cheese, and cornbread! And no, you CAN’T throw it back up!!

    • Matinigal

      I can’t believe this crap is still on tv. Don’t these girls get it….they will NEVER be on the cover of Allure, or Vouge. This season will be like all the others, Tyra talking about her self. Me,me,me,me.


      WHen is this going to end!!!!! check out myhairparadise dot com for tips on why your shampoo may be damaging your hair

    • Jess

      Chris!!! Arlington TX represent 🙂

    • Allie

      Oh tyra just give it up already we all know the real purpose of the show and that’s for it to be all about you, thinking you know everything there is to know about everything which btw is highly annoying, and people are tired of it

    • Tee

      Ok lovd this show before…d best is still Eva pigford!!!… D rest I don’t even hear abt!!!

    • redbonearies

      This is still on the air? Wow!

    • Sheri

      So glad to know ANTM will be on again. Tara gets smarter, prettier and richer everyday. I was so proud a dark-skinned black beauty won last season!! Tara is a sensational role model for all Positive Forward thinking Woman- Go Girl!!

    • 504_GV

      Even the “Rhianna” on ANTM is very stylish. I like her promo picture clothing. Very unique.

    • Jessica

      Everybody is kinda boring. Liz and Kendal are the only two that actually caught my eye

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      u sayn ur so small minded tht u cant evn stand ta look @ a white woman???pure ignorance…

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