Fantasia Says Her Full Lips, Short Hair, Full Nose Is The Reason She’s Getting So Much Negative Press

- By Bossip Staff

Fantasia’s soaking up all the free publicity she can get right now after the little O.D. situation. She took a moment to sit down with VIBE to tell them that she feels the only reason she is getting so much negative press is because of the color of her skin… It had nothing to do with her trying to kill herself!!!

Prior to her suicide attempt Fantasia Barrino naturally faced a barrage of negative press surrounding her affair with Antwaun Cook and the lawsuit his wife Paula filed against the former American Idol.

But does she think her African and more ethnic features had anything to do with the excessive and sometimes mean-spirited tone of the coverage she received about her personal life? Say, versus the media’s nearly mute opinions of the controversial love lives and choices of other female entertainers like Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes or Alicia Keys?

“Yes, I do. I really feel like it does. I was on Nancy Grace, CNN, every gospel station and in every magazine and every newspaper,” she told VIBE about the scandal before her O.D. “It was on. You would have thought I was the President or something.”

Fantasia says she even believes she’s been blackballed out of red carpet coverage spreads in many popular magazines because of her looks. “They never put me in those magazines [featuring] the red carpet. Everybody there has long hair and everybody is bright-skinned, and I was like, ‘But wait a minute. They never gave me that.’ That bothered me,’” says the singer whose new album, Back To Me is in stores now. “And then I tried hard to find people to dress me and they still would not put me there [in those magazines].”

So, is Fantasia trying to say that Alicia Keys wasn’t talked about as bad??? Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union got it all… right next to their names lies the word “Homewrecker” but we guess the difference between them and Fantasia is that they didn’t tattoo their “DIRT” on their and then try to cover it up and they didn’t try to off themselves…


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  • LuVn_LiFe

    And thats actually a nice pic of Fantasia

    • BadAzz

      I think she is beautiful and she is speaking the TRUTH! We all run from the truth nowdayz and i wonder why?! Everybdy sayin it was ok for AKeys to get pregnant and marry Mashondas dude, GUnion all hugg’d up with Wade and you never hear about that but Fantasia dates the guy she all over the news even had crack head Nancy Grace talking about her why?! I LOVE my dark skinn’d MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL we where all made diff for a reason. I wish her the best God bless Fantasia wait on God hunni

  • LuVn_LiFe

    she’s so damn dumb!”

    • ImaPC

      Actually, studies have shown that people who are perceived to be ‘more attractive’ are usually seen as more sympathetic, believable figures. And in America’s mainstream media (heck, even the urban one) Fantasia is definitely not going to be seen as attractive because her features are so far from the Western ideal. And yeah, though the blogs got on Alicia and Gabby, the mainstream media has given them NONE of the scorn they have Fantasia.

      However, when you’re the ‘other woman’ (whether truthfully or by perception), you can’t use something as hard to prove as America’s racial disparities in beauty to defend yourself. The only appropriate thing to do is apologize and move on.

  • wwwgirl

    wow I agree

    • Common

      dont forget JLO she stole her man too

  • Ohsnizzap

    Talk about very insecure I always thought she was very cute and with her little voice and all but now she’s just being a cry baby.

  • Jennifer

    Actually the difference is they went after people on somewhat their levels,a Producer and a Basketball star. They didnt go break the home up of some NOBODY. Antwaun aint nobody, sad to say but more and likely he’s just using her. That make her look more stupid.

    • Ari

      Agreed…well said!


    @ohsnizzap exactly….check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips on why shampoo may be damaging your hair

  • msbliss

    I semi agree with her on the image thing but fannie was so extra stupid with hers & always was the one having mini church performances & talking god this & jesus that.. I mean lying about EVERYTHING but tattin this dude name on your body. Viola davis & big gabby have gotten major coverage in mainstream magazines photo’d @ all the events. Don’t blame others 4 your dumb choices tasia ,just accept it & move on.

  • MyM

    Alicia Keys and Gabby were dogged by African American sites only, the white folks aint said shyt about either one of them….Fantasia’s azz got tore out the frame by the AA sites and the Caucasian sites. I do think it is because alicia is half white, pretty and so is Gabby. Hell Oprah didnt even ask Alicia about the Swizzy affair when she was on her show.

    • New York City Dreams

      Exactly! I’ve been bringing up that comparison so many times. That is SO true. But you know why Oprah didn’t didnt ask those question of Alicia on her show, well its quite simple their apart of the same circle and Oprah knows that she better not dare ask questions (regarding a secret or scandal) because that will make her look bad. Their apart of the same circle no less, and Oprah knows not to tread on one of her own.

    • borderlineamazing

      Um WRONG! Fantasia was the winner of probably the most popular show in America. THAT’S WHY MAINSTREAM MEDIA PICKED IT UP!

      They didn’t give a crap about Alicia and Gabby because they are urban and not well known in white circles. It has nothing to do with looks. Americans voted for her MILLIONS! We are talking 32 million votes, most white Americans know who Fantasia is. Of course the mainstream media will pick it up. They still dog Angelina out FIVE YEARS LATER! Angelina is W-H-I-T-E!! GET IT? CAUCASIAN, NON BLACK, NON COLORED!

    • xo

      ak is pretty, really?

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    well, here let me even it all out, cute or not. Britney, Alcica, Leann, Julia Roberts, and you Fantasia are all a bunch of homewrecking cold-blooded trollops who deserve to be alone and self-conscious!

    • kayla

      dont forget angelina jolie she a home wrecker 2. people dont seem to talk about that lol

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    She may have a point, but I think it is based off of BEAUTY, not skin color

    A.Keys, Anna Nicole Smith, Angelina Jolie didnt get this much backlash. In fact Angelina didnt get ANY backlash.

    When Noemie Lenoir attempted suicide, u heard about it then it disappeared (but she want doing promo runs after the attempt tho, either)

    But BEAUTY may play a big factor in this. ALL of the women I named are considered BEAUTIFUL, Fanny Mae is not.

    • ImaPC

      actually angelina got a ton of backlash, especially because White media (and people in general) are SO in love with Jennifer Anniston.

      But, she survived it on the strength of Brad Pitt’s fame, as well as her own bisexual/adopt African babies/edgy appeal.

  • Whatev

    I agree with Fantasia. The mainstream press ignored the Alicia/Swizz debacle, and Swizz is unknown to mainstream almost as much as Antwaun Cook. The mainstream media (CNN) ignored Alicia’s mess until the wedding, which they reported. Sickening. Don’t get me wrong, Fantasia was wrong, but Alicia was equal and her scandal was only weeks before!

    • Blackunity

      It’s like someone said earlier she won American Idol one of the highest rated, if not the highest that’s why mainstream media is so into this. White media doesn’t care about Gabby or Alicia with that being said we should be the same way. Please no more Kim K, Ochocinco, Tiger or anyone else that is not black or that is black but doesn’t want anything to do with us.

  • Greg

    I would have to agree with Fantasia, people have justified Alicia Keys going after someone’s man, regaurdless of whether Swizz was a producer or not he was someone’s husband and she had no right, The part where people lose me at is when they say not just on this website but on others is how could he leave his beutiful family for Fantasia and that has more to do with the way she looks than anything else. And for the record there hasnt been a lawsuit filed against Fantasia she is just named in the Divorce. But I do beleive her complexion has played a part in the negative press. Its like A.keys how can you not what was the wife not doing must of been something. But with Fantasia its like how dare she even think she can do that.

    • Whatev

      You know what else I saw? Many men saying Alicia could come wreck their homes. it’s like, it’s ok to disrespect and abandon your family for a “pretty” (on the outside) woman, but not one you may find just as attractive even if the world does not, or you may love for her personality or soul.

  • hauteness

    @MyM… oh and the Oprah hypocricy is the worst! Alicia Keys actually said Oprah is the person that told her not to even answer questions about her “relationship”… but she wants Antwuan Cook’s wife on the show to tell “her side”…. REALLY OPRAH?

    • New York City Dreams

      Exactly! I agree! “Really Oprah?” Ohh well, when karma comes around Oprah wont be able to do too much of anything for Alicia.

    • Ky

      @new york, please do not forget that Karma works both ways, so while you wait for the bad Karma to hit Alicia, she will be enjoying the good Karma for all that she has done for others.

    • xo

      Oprah is hard on dark skin blacks!

  • runtelldat

    shes right. who cares if websites like these talked about gabby or alecia keys???

    shes talking about mainstream media-and it doesnt matter what level man it was. she WAS on front pages and on all media outlets. AK was in our local paper for her wedding-FOR WHAT? and it said nothing about the drama surrounding it. NO media outlets talked about AK or asked her about it in any interviews. she had good PR that didnt allow it.


  • siyt

    she should get plastic surgery and go hollywood. its her destiny. learn the biz baby! f school.

    • Anjay

      Why should she have plastic surgery? She’s beautiful the way she is and more importantly she can really sing.

  • phyre

    I had already thought and knew all that. Truth is truth.

  • msbliss

    @hauteness. I never looked @ it that way but I see a slight case of favoritism on Oprah! Why not have mashonda on too if she wants 2 talk 2 mrs cook so bad? Oh cause a keys is her friend. I luv oprah but she has her ways like every1 else I see. Me personally I don’t care about who is more pretty Wrong is wrong & I have a *side eye* towards all them. Plus a keys union prob. Won’t last a full year! Bet that! She shoulda consulted C milli be4 marrying swiss beaks.

    • Shelly

      You are basing your information off of rumor. Oprah did not ask that lady on her show, it was a rumor, like the rest of the crap that has been flying around the blog, you folks need to stop taking everything you hear on a blog as the gospel

  • UPPERechelon.

    Did she forget she tried to commit suicide?

    • Whatev

      That was AFTER she made CNN, Nancy Grace, and the evening news.

  • God hates black women

    she is ghetto and looks like a lot of the women in the ghetto, very unattractive features.

    The haircut looks like a white male’s, and it looks quite ridiculous on a black woman.

    • Greg

      Your an idiot..

    • amiko

      you are lost soul i will pray for you i know your satan oh i mean god hates black women along with you

  • Elise

    you know what I was on fantasia side there for a while hoping that she would get better and be ok and move on from this, but this little stunt makes me lose any inch of respect that I had left for her, this had nothing to do with your features or your color, you read the blogs and saw this foolishness and decided to jump on it, this is bull fantasis, you got the coverage because you were an american idol, chosen by the American people and everything that you do is news, not to mention the woman put your name in her divorce papers and you did not know how to keep you mouth shut, do not play the race in race card, it will not work, you need to really stare clear of this because it is really going to make you look bad.

    • Greg

      @ nickki If you can justify A.key than I can justify Fantasia, if you beleive the reason they are divorced now had nothing to di with A.keys thats ok. I tend too beleive its the sole reason or maybe it was the kid he had overseas.

    • Tee

      nikki, money and power!!! That is why you can’t research it,You won’t see if Alicia Keys was named in the divorce, because Beatz asked for a gag order, so whatever happened in court, we will never know. TMZ won’t touch that, Harvey’s a lawyer , they don’t spread rumors TMZ seeks evidence and if those involved cover it up well no one can report it. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means you can’t accuse someone without being sued. Beatz is being sent out to do interviews because women have been known to always trust men more, you know like when Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” he was telling the truth too, well until they had evidence.

  • Pleezzz

    It not about how you look its about what you did!!!! HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!

    • Wowzers

      I second that..she’s pulling every excuse in the book to gain sympathy she won’t get none from me. Dr. King said to judge by one’s character and her character screams homewrecker.

  • darealwifey

    I do not see parallel situations with Fantasia and Alicia Keys. To me, the major difference is that Swizzy and Mashonda were BATTLING each other PUBLICLY!!! It was CLEAR that the marriage was over and done because even though Mashonda kept saying claiming that she wanted to save her marriage, Swizz Beatz had already moved out and didn’t want any part of her, and he made that CRYSTAL CLEAR via Twitter, interviews or whoever else would listen. Mashonda was just in denial forever and a day.

    This Cook dude NEVER publicly said he had left his wife, and was in the process of getting a divorce when the story broke. Not one word from him after like a year, until a couple of weeks ago.

    I love Fanny, big lips, short hair, dark skin and all. I think she is a beautiful, chocolate sista. I like her more than A Keys, but it APPEARS that she just didn’t care that dude was married, and he didn’t help the situation cuz he never denied it. On top of that, she erased his name from her shoulder once the media started following them, but she kept seeing him, so she can’t play dumb. She KNEW she was having an affair.

    Now, the dude might have been lying, but after she deleted the tat (MONTHS AGO), I have a hard time believing she didn’t know.

    I think people want Fantasia to succeed and are just tired of her living with a ghetto-mentality when she has been blessed with so many opportunities to get ahead.

    I wish her the best, but most of all, I hope she learns, accepts responsibility and moves on.

    • Greg

      Come on they didnt start battling each other until he was creeping and left her for A.Keys…and why would a T-mobile store manager announce that he’s getting a divorce, Fantasia said repeatedly he was separated, even his lawyer released a statment a few weeks ago that they had been seperated since June of 09…but thats not the story the story is Homewrecker…

    • Kim

      so well said, finally someone with good common sense.

    • Kim

      Greg get your facts straigh, yes they were and their publicist confirmed before Alicia’s name was ever mentioned that the two were seperated, all it takes is a little research people, stop believing everything you hear on a blog.

    • Greg

      @ Kim Before they were seperated A.Keys names was all in that..I dont need too do any more research than what I already now..Swizz left her for Alicia Keys..Alicia Keys was sleeping with a married man.

    • Whatev

      Kim, come on now, do you really think you can trust “their” publicist?? The PUBLICIST is PAID to make them look good for the PUBLIC.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      alicia Keys was a homewrecker also

    • Tee

      ooh kim a publicist confirmed it. lol I wonder who pays the publicist? you do know that it is their job to always make their client look squeaky clean. A publicist never tells the truth, they spin it, they are worst than lawyers.

    • Jerz

      Sweetie, Swizz was messing around with Alicia Keys for 3 to years. He was sleeping with his ex-wife the whole entire time. Mashonda became pregnant and had the baby. Mashonda had NO idea that her man was involved Alicia for 3 years. That is why she flipped out and didn’t take it well. Mashonda had every right to flip out…She was pregnant and her husband was in another relationship behind her back. The relationship was not over at that point. The whole world tuned in when the twitter beef was in the gossip news. That mess was going on way before it was made public.

  • Mimi

    Tired of these stupid people complaining about their damn complexion. Embrace what the hell cards u were dealt and SHUT UP.

    Even IF she was of a lighter skin tone this chick would be ugly so sit down!!!

    • Anjay

      I have never heard such mean-sprited comments in my life. Let’s hope that no one says anything derogatory about you.

  • New York City Dreams


    I happily co-sign what your saying. Most of these people on here dont make any sense.

  • iRoqq

    Fantasia is really starting to frustrate me. If she wants people to feel sympathy for her she needs to quit talking. The more she talks the more naive she sounds.

    I honestly haven’t focused on her looks because she hasn’t changed anything. She didn’t go purple and she didn’t add 14 inches of weave.

    Now I’m focused on this damn “affair” &iKno she is loving every minute of this well wanted attention.

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