Serial Rapist Gets 149 Years In Prison, Blames Victims For Crime: “They Took Advantage Of Me”

- By Bossip Staff

A 20-year-old man in Sacramento was sentenced to over 149 years in prison for raping two women at gun point, although the crime is shocking, what the man had to say to the victims left the courtroom in disbelief.

According to Sacramento’s CBS 13, convicted serial rapist Sammie Lee Nichols took his opportunity that was intended to serve as time to apologize the victims for his actions, to blame them for “taking advantage of him”.

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  • WHAT?

    149 Years is more than appropriate. He’s disgusting


      Very much so, yet so sad for the victims.


    He needs to be locked up….check out myhairparadise dot com and find out the benefits of lemons on your hair

  • emmettmays85

    i can honestly say i truly hate rapists and child molesters to me they are a waste of life

  • ImJustSayin

    ew ew ew

  • Keep it Real

    There are a few people on this site that will make an excuse because of his upbringing and/or applaud this sociopath because it was a “cracker”. What they fail to understand is that very few black criminals commit their first crimes against some one of a different race. They practice on their own race first.




  • Brotherman

    Well, he’s gonna have to change his name to Samantha Lee now plus he’s also gonna need him some wigs, clear heels, spandex and mini skirts!

  • lsr

    for some reason 149 yrs sounds crazy

    to me.. i absolutly hate rapist and child molesters but i jst cnt stop thinking about other rapist out there on the loose bcus they only got 5 to 10 yrs or even more bt nothing to 149 yrs … same with other crimes ….

    • realdwn2erth

      I agree! 149 years is redundant!!! They gave him all this time because, his alleged victims were white! And, he showed no remorse, and he blamed his victims, and feel they need to apologize to him; for being taken advantage of…

    • Jessica

      Co-sign with realdwn2erth

    • ImJustSayin

      They gave him ALL that time because he showed NO remorse.

      Which means he doesn’t give a F&CK and he is a danger to the public and WILL indeed strike AGAIN.

      So yeah he should NEVER be released ever. I hope someone takes advantage of him during his 149 year stint in jail.

      And then he’ll really see what it feels like to be taken advantage of. “Ras B lookin’ boy”

  • black&brown

    This is a terrible thing but it is unheard of for a person with no priors to get this kind of sentence. Most rapist are out within 5-8 years. What made his case so different? His skin color in relation to the skin color of his victims? I think so.

  • realdwn2erth

    I feel your pain, but, all I’m saying is: “why? such a harsh punishment? When you have police brutality? Police, who tase old women, beat up on old women, beat the crap out of, shoot the hell out of, etc. and, believe me you, they’re white! And, all they usually, get is; suspended, with pay! But, this young, AA male, gets 149 years behind bars, for raping white women. And, NO! I do not condone what he did, because it’s wrong, but, come on now! What’s really going on here?!

  • Shananigans

    thank god

  • Bopa

    Oh well, who cares. He’ll never see the light of day he’ll have plenty years to talk to himself in prison.

  • sportstalk23

    If he thinks his victims took advantage of him,where he’s going ol boy will be taken advantage A LOT

  • R D

    I agree with the last comment it is totally outrageous this young man gets 149 years in prison when you have some white men who have eaten there parents brains and get 20 years it is beyond me why they continue this travesty in the justice system. He deserves some time but 149 what did he steal 60 billion dollars

  • Keep it Real

    Everyone can tell that it’s the same person complaining about the sentence the rapist received and we all know who it is. Dude, you need some help. You’re life is in a really dark place.

  • 504_GV

    I don’t care what no one says. Long sentences like this one is pointless. Just say LIFE without parole. What, they think that is cute to say 149 years? POINTLESS! Justice system is flawed on more levels than one.

  • MaddTokyo

    Yeah, and he should be put to death for saying…” They took advantage of me.”

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