Kelly Rowland Is The Latest JET Beauty Of The Week

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland covers this weeks cover of JET. She looks like she’s ready to take it all to the next level and hopefully these two new singles do enough to convince her label to give her an actual release date for her album.

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  • Tee

    I like Kelly but does she have to continue to wear all these wig/weaves, it’s NOT a good look.

    • hmmm

      LOL, that was the 1st thing that came to my mind when I saw the cover.

    • ....

      you dsound dumb…..EVERY celebrity does it HOP OFF HERS

    • NewestObserver

      I agree! Why are all these young BW wearing all these wigs in the first place. SMH @ the insecurity of all these wannabes who cannot do without those wigs.

    • NewestObserver

      @ the person who said: Every celebrity does it…..

      You sound too dumb. Just because other celebs are wearing those wigs because of their own insecurities and low self-esteem that does not mean she should do so. Reminder: Because you see one person wearing something does not mean you should follow just because, LOL.

  • uhhh yeah ok

    That wig is killing it. Looks like barbies head for real.

  • Sam

    I know I’m sick of these wigs too. She is very pretty.

  • TRUTH IS...

    I agree, she looks like a horse with all that nonsense on top of her head! She was fierce with a short cut.

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    She is so beautiful. Good luck to her and her career.

  • Newbie

    she looks beautiful

  • Roab

    @Truth Is…OMG thank you..thank you…you are so right. Kelly is one of the most banging and talented women in the music game. Her vocals and stage presence is slaying the rookies these days. However, the long and silky “Naomi/Tweet” wig is a big miss for me.

  • HeyLov

    I think Kelly is very beautiful. But like others have said, the wigs do not do her justice. Im not trying to bring a black woman down, but I will say that the natural look is so much prettier in my opinion.

    Curly hair or kinky textures look so much better that this mop on her head.

    Anyway, good for her and I hope she continues to make good music.

  • Allie

    I’m really sick of people talking about her hair, if she wants to wear a wig or weave LET HER WEAR IT, she is not going back to short hair anytime soon, so you mine as well get used to it, idk what people have against wigs and weaves

  • Sick and Tired

    She looks really good. I wish she would get more props in the music industry but I guess Beyonce has that on lock. I’m sick of the fake hair on everybody, not just Kelly. What’s so wrong with getting your REAL hair done?


    ha ha ya’ll are funny…I thought about recalling her hair on myhairparadise dot com but I thought the she had been through enough

  • tyty

    She does look good…She always looks like a Black “Barbie” doll to me…I also think she’s Beautiful and she doesn’t get the credit for being Beautiful that I think she deserves.

  • Nelly

    She looks nice in this pic and everything but this is not how she looks naturally. She’s had a nose job boob job braces on her teeth and pounds of weave in her head and pounds of makeup..yes she has always had smooth flawless beautiful chocolate skin and absolutely beautiful shaped legs but back in her dc days she was not really what you would call really pretty. But I’m glad she’s stil making music and making her money. But this photo of her is entirely to air brushed..

    • NewestObserver

      Oh my who would have thought that she went under the knife? Oh no another FAKE wannabe Barbie, SMH. I thought she was probably one of the only BW who did not need that plastic surgery to feel good about herself, wow!

  • SamanthaTrader

    There is no excuse for black women nowadays to rely on wigs or weaves to have long hair. Black women can grow their own hair long if they just knew what to do. In two-three years, you can go from neck length to waist length. Black women who are tired of being fake, should join

  • Rx Chic

    Yall ppl need to shut the hell up about her wearing weave! Nobody open there danm mouth about Beyonce, Nicki Minaji, Brandy, Kim K. Pretty much every woman in hollywood wheres weave or wigs or extenstions but every time she is shown on this website yall attack her for wearing them! Yall are wasting your danm time writing these comments bcuz she is not giving the weave up no time soon! Get used to it HATERS!

    • Whatev

      I think it’s because her wigs look really bad and really fake, and are just overkill, all around. It’s the first thing you notice. It overpowers her look… every time.

  • I Love Being Me Cuz I Can

    I know that beyonce would KILL to be that skinny. And why is it OK for beyonce to wear wigs but not kelly? I like her wigs. She is an entertainer for petes sake.

  • BJ

    Is this a comic book cover???

    • Whatev

      LOL, she looks like BWW (Black Wonder Woman), with the wig plus being airbrushed beyond humanity.

  • Danielle

    She looks like a damn man in the face. lol #my opinion

  • star

    she’s pretty. the hair is ok, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for the ‘wind blowing through me hair’ look.

  • MikeDykeson

    She looks great, but I think she might have had a nose job. Still encouraging to other little black barbies!

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Kelly looks a damn mess!! Yo Kels, you need to get your own style and stop trying to be a chocolate Beyonce. Your a much better Singer then that cackling witch. Please stop letting her influence your image.


    OMG ALL YALL CAN TALK ABOUT IS HER WIG!!!!???REALLY?she looks beautiful here!!!Like a doe,ive always though she was gorgeous.Beyonce was gorgeous no need throwing out any hate.Beauty is VARIED if we all had the same beauty it’d be BORING gosh.Im glad i im not as miserable as some people on this sight who probably looks like King Kong on crack.

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