Robin From Howard Stern’s Show: “No One Listens To Jamie Foxx’s Show, He Probably Just Wanted People To Talk About It!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

For the past two days, celebs made their way to the Emmy Gifting Suite located at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. While we were there racking up the free gifts, we just so happen to run into Robin Quivers that’s apart of Howard Stern’s show on Sirius XM Radio.

They recently just went a little tit for tat with Jamie Foxx and his crew over at the Foxxhole. When we asked Robin about her thoughts on people claiming her co-worker Howard Stern is a racist… Here’s what she had to say:

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  • Deity


    • loveyou1314``

      I am black, you are white.
      I am coffee, you are milk.
      We will always complement each other.

      { Interracial loving //C_0_ M }

      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

      You may have a try…““`

  • George

    You hoodrats need a new profession, this woman is shopping and spending money.

  • [=

    “while we were there racking up the free gifts”

    yeah right hahahaa, keep dreaming, you guys are too ghetto, uneducated, and liars. Stop lying to yourselves. Oh I was there also lol. This story is too fake, try harder next time.

    • smh

      shut your dumb as* up you calling them ignorant and uneducated but you just happen to be on their blogs they make money from

      (cant be to stupid to be making money off of chumps like you)

  • SoKali

    Selling out your people can’t be as important as getting into a higher tax bracket. Plus, if it really is about the money and if she is good at what she does,she can find another profession in radio making the same money. This “real sista” is letting a jewish man insult her own people and is laughing. Sorry but thats sick.

  • SoKali

    Robin’s the public figure. We’re scrutinizing her. None of us have to justify anything that we have done because we aren’t in the public eye. I can definitely offer my opinion and she in my analysis has some self hate issues.

  • star

    While we were there racking up the free gifts, we just so happen to run into Robin Quivers that’s apart of Howard Stern’s show on Sirius XM Radio.

    Come on people lets get the writing together.

    “…that’s a part of the Howard Stern’s ….”

  • siyt

    she drink ALOT of coffee.

  • ty

    It’s sad that alot of us listen to what people say than listen for ourselves, I’m a black man and has listen to the stern show for quite some time…Howard has much respect black people and if he or someone else don’t know or say something off the wall about blacks, Robin will correct him. I thought the same thing until I listened…

    • coldt7

      You’re just a number of a million other UNCLE TOMS.So whats new,you think you said something to be proud of.When you really should be ashame of yourself for amitting that you listens to that white trash racist.

  • coldt7

    Yeah, a white piece of stank dog sh*t like you would feel that way about a tom.Even white folks can’t stay in control without their black tom followings.Whites needs allieds to.Nature you being what you are.Would like a black fool like that.After all,she agree with everything you, and your kind stand for.

  • Thaddious

    ‘And then Howard said something racist, but Robin laughed so it was okay.’

    -Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

    She gets paid to give Howard permission to denigrate us.

  • Truth-is-Truth

    This SELLOUT BYTCH NEEDS TO BE SHOT. @Ty on what planet is Howard stern not racist. Fvck his dirty looking, hook nose azz. Go to youtube and see what Paul Mooney have to say about the bastard. Right on the money

    • ty

      if you listened to the show paul mooney is on there on a regular basis, he even did a benefit for one of robin’s charities, (helping underpriviledge innner city youths, snoop, diddy, chris rock, akon and t-pain, to name a few, so we as blacks need to listen before we accuse, remember what happen to Ms Shirley…

  • Truth-is-Truth

    I’m tired of you simple individuals thinking that because a person is getting PAID as you say, it alright for them to shyt on other people. That cartoon depiction describes exactly what Robin’s role is, to eat shyt out the crack of stern’s azz. FVCK HOW MUCH MONEY SHE’S MAKING.

  • John D. Hater



    GO STERN!!!

  • ty

    dam coldt u have some issues the world is getting smaller and smaller, not everyone is racist…you can’t do it by yourself…

  • Truth-is-Truth


    No, I think you need to really listen to what Mr Mooney has to say about him. Paul don’t like that dirty looking dog.

  • redbrownisgettinher$up

    i would sure like to catch her in somebodies yard around here!

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