Brad Pitt Donates Homes For Publicity In New Orleans 9th Ward

- By Bossip Staff

Brad Pitt paid a visit to one of the most devastated areas of New Orleans to shop for babies bring attention to the lack of progress that has been made since Hurricane Katrina.

The actor, who looked his handsome self in a denim button-down shirt, is helping bring attention to the area during the fifth year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt, through his Make It Right Foundation, has focused on building eco-friendly homes for those displaced by the devastation. In 2006, they commissioned 13 architects to build the affordable home.

Part of his mission is to build awareness about the ongoing struggle survivors face. To that end, he also slipped in time to do a special televised interview with Brian Williams.

Looking relaxed and happy to be in New Orleans, Pitt smiled and waved at fans and a crowd of locals who stopped to see the movie star in action.

“New Orleans still has a long way to go to get back from Katrina but things are moving in the right direction thanks to guys like Brad Pitt,” Baxter Barnes, who received a home from Make It Right and has spent time with both Pitt and Angelina Jolie, told exclusively. “They are both genuine and down-to-earth people and if were not for them we, like a lot of other people, would not have homes back in New Orleans.”

It’s a shame that all the money donated to Katrina during and after the disaster didn’t help rebuild the 9th ward. (Red Cross investigation, anyone?) Anyway, how nice of Brad and his camera crew to videotape themselves helping out the poor residents of New Orleans. Noble, indeed.


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  • prettyblackg

    beautiful and am i first

    • happygurl

      This is truly beautiful…. Yes he is bringing publicity to New Orleans. They still need help and Brad is showing all of us some of the ways he has helped.

  • Gena

    They’ve (Ang & Brad) have been in New Orleans since 3 months after the hurricane. They have been helping ever since. He has built way more than 13 homes, I’m surprised he donated 13. He has helped build more than 200 from the ground up. He didn’t do it for publicity. He’s Brad Pitt. He doesn’t need the publicity. Hell look how long they’ve been there and you guys are just getting pictures? He did it because he has a good heart. When’s the last time one of you guys visited New Orleans smh?

    • mstrendydiva

      Exactly…I thought the same thing when I read the topic. Brad has been there for years helping build homes. Him and Angelina built a home there too. He has been very quiet about it. I mean people just can’t win. He is doing wonderful work and it should be reported. Lots of celebs good deeds go unreported because haters don’t like to hear good news…

  • God's Angel

    At least he did it. What’s wrong with a little publicity, both for yourself and to show others not to forget about New Orleans & Hurricane Katrina. There’s still work to be done.

  • Nizzle Vheee

    He has been doing it since day one, where have u been? Complain when no one helps, complain when someone does…pick a stance…

  • Denny


  • nigasaki

    They said it was to bring awareness. It WAS for publicity. How else would anyone have known he was there, or that the 9th ward needed help. Yall mad sensitive.

  • Aproko

    For the first time, I am actually very happy and proud of comments that have been made so far. (let’s see if this one gets posted before I continue)

  • Flohno

    Who care’s if he’s doing for publicity (which I doubt because he’s on the cover of a bunch a tabloids every week)? At least he’s doing something good for the people of N.O.

  • shamefularticle

    I guess we see all the bling out Rappers out there helping,NOT. Brad Pitt is doing good work in New Orleans. Instead of criticizing, why don’t you write articles to make more New Orleans natives, prominent people of all races accountable and not just in New Orleans, but throughout the world. There is nothing wrong with a helping hand.


    Brad has been helping to rebuild since day one, Gawd ya’ll are stupid, that man has been working none stop donating his time and money to help these people show some f’ing RESPECT for God’s sake!!!

  • My Other SN

    Brad & Angie and other celebs like George Clooney, Don Cheadle Sandra Bullock & Will & Jada Smith use their celebrity status to draw attention to the plight of the poor and needy. Let’s not forget Sean Penn. On another note, Gawddd I Love me some Brad Pitt! That is one man that just gets better with age.

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    • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

      Hey sister, is this your twitter profile:

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    • My Other SN

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    • My Other SN

      BTW why are you looking for me on twitter?

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      @My Other SN

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    • My Other SN

      LMAO! You are so vain!!!

    • My Other SN

      If anything you make alot of people ooze with anger!!!!!!

    • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

      I make them “ooze” in anger, thereby, making them keep me on their minds subconsciously.. That’s the trick – it’s a mind control trick, ya dig..

      I just love it when people hate my gutz!!

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    @My Other SN

    I ain’t looking for you, woman – I just noticed that someone with the name “kenyatta” was following my azz on twitter…

    I just thought you were trying to stalk me..

    • My Other SN

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    • My Other SN

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    • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

      I’m a private dude and I love my privacy.. I posted my picture once but it wasn’t intentional but I don’t think I’ll ever post it on here…

      Don’t get it twisted – I just come on here to chat BS most of the time and be educative when I need to be…

      You can create a temporary e-mail and post that on here..I ain’t posting my twitter page on here..

  • MizzW

    atleast he is doing something

  • Aproko

    hahaha…it generally means “gossip” or “gossiper” depending on how it is used. It is from the Niger delta speaking region in Nigeria.:) thought it was fitting for this site non?

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

    Did you say “Niger Delta?” Is that the region where your Country’s Oil wealth is??? Come give papi some of that oil money, mami..

    Did you see the post on CNN yesterday about connecting Brazil and Nigeria?? I didn’t know your Country is one of five Countries in the world where Gorillas have a natural habitat – I had to research on it and I saw some interesting stories about Cross River Gorillas and Western lowland Gorillas..

    Hope I’m not aprokoing your azz??? Lol!!

  • Blackunity

    I agree they always help with their time and money. Even if it was for publicity he IS STILL HELPING OUT. Could the publicity also be to bring light that New Orleans still needs help and to make sure they haven’t been forgotten?

  • 504_GV

    @Blessed Daughter

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo!

    This whole posting of Brad Pitt doing this for publicity is ERROR! Next….

  • nigasaki

    Whats the difference between AWARENESS and PUBLICITY? The intention.

  • bouyant

    Brad and Angie, is the real deal..goodhearted people..god bless them.

  • DeeDee

    Such a SHAME that there’s a WHITE man who loves helping out the BLACK community simply because he has a GOOD and LOVING HEART; while there are so many BLACKS who don’t give a RATS A** about there own communities! Get pissed off if you want , but it’s the TRUTH!

  • MsPhD

    he has been doing this for years he doesnt need the publicity to appear a good person he is trying to shine a light on a huge problem. we spike lee doing it for publicity? come on folks i am sure the people getting the homes dont care they just are glad someone stepped up

  • Allie

    This is simply amazing, brad and angelina are one of the many celebrity couples out there who devote their time and money to help people

  • mstrendydiva

    Well said.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    I don’t think it iwas for publicity.

    Brad Pitt is a cool dude. 4 real.

    He is a Democrat.

    And hes down for helping people.

    i got respect for him.

  • Chee-Chee

    …Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have done a lot for New Orleans and I applaud them for that…

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