Is Fantasia Carrying A Gut Full Of Lil’ Antwaun!?

- By Bossip Staff

And the plot thickens. Fanny showed up to Good Morning America lookin’ a little fluffy. Friends are saying that’s because Fantasia is carrying a gut full of human! She’s supposedly 3 months pregnant and her ‘suicide attempt’ was just a ploy to get her married lover to run to her side.

Fantasia Barrino is telling pals she’s pregnant! She says she’s expecting her boyfriend Antwaun Cook’s baby – and is determined to marry him as soon as his divorce is final, insiders say.

“She’s about three months along, and it’s definitely Antwaun’s baby,” a close family friend revealed. “Right now she can’t show how happy she is in public – but she’s absolutely thrilled. Fantasia got what she wanted. She feels Antwaun will have to marry her now.”

“Fantasia took the pills, but she knew what she was doing. Fantasia had no intention of taking her life. I think it was just a plot she cooked up to push Antwaun’s buttons. And it worked… Fantasia is a master manipulator… when Paula finds out Fantasia is pregnant and Antwaun is the father, she’s going to flip… [meanwhile] Fantasia is very pleased with herself.”

This lil’ scandal is getting more triflin’ by the day! Hope it isn’t true for Fanny’s sake because Antwaun’s character is a questionable.


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  • GG

    Fanny May!! I am so disappointed in you. I surely hope this is not the case and you done went and got yourself knocked up by someones husband. You are a very talented young lady, however you need to work on yourself and get you some self esteem.

    • That'sWhatThatIS

      ME TOO!! I commented that she looked pregnant when her and Antwon were meeting after her suicide attempt!!

  • c-dog

    @ GG I totally agree! She can do so much better and BE a better example for her daughter

  • New

    I hope this isn’t true… She has been given a chance to have essentially anything in the world, but she had to have a man who was already legally married to someone else. People pray for opportunities this woman has been afforded and she shows how little it truly means to her by blatantly stepping out with a married man and exposing herself to ridicule for an obviously wrong decision and faking a suicide attempt for ratings on her show and possible album sells…

  • iRoqq

    Y do yll keep tlkin about dis female.?? She’s makin me sick. She need to stfu b4 the rest of her fan base is gone. She’s nt makin wise choices at all. HE’S NOT GOING TO MARRY U. Last time iCheqqd u were Alicia Keys. This jus mkes u look &sound crzy as hell.

    • Me

      Agree! What man wants to marry a broad as crazy as her with her desperate attemps????

  • mighty b

    So she knew she was preggers yet she was taking a dangerous amount of pills!? Was she trying to k.I.l.l the baby!? Ugh, she’s losing more and more points by the day


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  • 1987

    @ god hates black women

    Was that title really called for? Harsh

    Anyways, I would love to know wuts running thru fannys head cuz her lil publicity stunt is really making her look like a selfish buffoon. smh

  • Who? Me

    This is just messed up.

  • ImJustSayin

    smh @ black people being undercover and hating their own.

    You can’t say/type “oh lawd” and hate black women at the sametime. We invented that. Make up your mind.


  • juliemango

    If so i hope its a pretty baby like her kid!!!

  • no problem

    Ghetto ghetto ghetto ghetto! That’s all I have to say. Typical ghetto girl mentality.

    • getyourhandouttamypocket

      Right! Hood chicks always think is baby is the answer to EVERYTHING! Then they wanna cry “Awww, my baby daddy ain’t chit!”

      Ummm….he wasn’t chit before you cocked ur legs open and a baby won’t make it better.

    • kw cnch



  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This story just gets worse. I really hope for Fanny’s sake this story isn’t true. Fans know that she tends to look preggers at times b/c when she gains weight it always hits her belly first. If she is, that’s just a “really nice way” to start a life. Hasn’t anyone ever told her that having a baby will never get a man to stay? Uggh I’m so over this!

  • hunnyBun

    fanny is not cute, his wife is a plain jane too. this is the battle of the average looking hoez. who will come out on top?

    • kw cnch

      U stoopid, lol

  • dah

    If this is true, I give up on Fantasia. To Cook’s wife 3 words Alienation Of Affection. Get her girl. To Fantasia, stay out of the Gospel world. You hypocrite.

    • K.Cov

      In NC it’s no longer alienation of affection, its now called the “jump off” law. I kid you not, google it. This law makes it easier for the injured spouse to sue the lover. Fantasia is DONE. Stick a fork in that a@# for real…

  • willy b hardigan

    So what are the repercussions for eating pills while pregnant? Why would you marry someone so immature who also can’t read?

  • Allie

    If this is true then this is definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back, i am officially done with this chick

  • bajanxclover

    This is so wrong. But believe it or not many women do this just to get the man to stay. I don’t think she’s in the position to bring a baby into this world. She thinks that having his baby will make him stay. And when he leaves she’s gonna resent that child. That’s how it always goes.

  • MsRachael

    If its true, this Antwaun Cook dude just struick pay dirt…… at least until Paula Cook takes Fantasia to the cleaners. SMH

  • Allie

    And thank you so much for giving me my laugh for the day, (and yes i happen to be a black woman 😉 )

  • WOW!!!

    That is such an gawd awful picture of her. She looks terrible!!

  • 6 Inch Walker

    i agree. When you attempt suicide, shouldn’t you be seeing psychiatrist afterwards or getting some type of help? She just went and did interviews to talk about it and now she’s doing Good Morning America?? Sounds SO fake and desperate on her part.If she didn’t have money and wasnt semi famous, he would NEVER give her one look.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

    This woman is FUGLY!!!!

  • Tee08

    Shes definetly in love with his A$$….Damn!

    well she’s not the first and wont be the last.

  • mosiane

    This hairstyle… is the worst. She needs a better stylist and a functioning mirror.

    • cc

      That’s Tboz’s old haircut!

  • dreamer40

    I am absolutely a fan of Fantasia, and respect her resilience in spite of all the challenges she’s had to overcome. But, she lost some cool points if she knowingly has been pregnant over these last few weeks and put that child at risk with some damn pills!!!

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