Jesus Take The Wheel: Thailand Ambassador’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Plummets To Her Death After Falling Off Ledge Of 25th-Floor

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, this is why young girls need to act their age, and why clubs need to be on their sh*t:

The trendy Meatpacking District nightclub where the underage daughter of a US ambassador partied before plunging to her death from a Midtown apartment will be the focus of a criminal probe by the Manhattan DA’s Office, sources told The Post. Investigators plan to interview owners, bartenders, cocktail waitresses and bouncers about how Nicole John, 17, was allowed entry to the hotspot with a bogus ID and what she did while inside the club on Little West 12th Street.

Potential criminal charges could range from a misdemeanor, serving alcohol to a minor, up to the more serious, although unlikely, felony charge of involuntary manslaughter, said a law-enforcement source. John — the wild-child daughter of the ambassador to Thailand — died Friday at 4:14 a.m. after falling off the ledge of a 25th-floor apartment at the luxury Herald Square Towers. Tenjune co-owners Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm couldn’t be reached for comment. Remm was spied leaving his apartment yesterday with a suitcase, headed off for a “business trip,” his father said. Investigators are also eyeing a club promoter who may have helped John and her pals get into the club and its VIP area, the sources added.
John was carrying a Brazilian ID listing her age as 23.

A spokeswoman for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance declined to comment. Prosecutors have already brought charges against real-estate broker Ilan Nassimi, 25, who lives in the apartment where John took her death fall. He is charged with unlawfully dealing with a child and serving alcohol to a minor.
John’s body was found on a third-story terrace between two towers next to a smashed camera. Police believe she climbed onto the 18-inch ledge to take photos, possibly of the nearby Empire State Building. Detectives will attempt to retrieve images from the camera. Her pals told cops she was snapping pics inside Tenjune, police sources said.

Damn. R.I.P.


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  • immalesbiannowwhat

    SO SAD R.I.P

  • ms. tanya

    why are they so obsessed with taking photos?

  • crashx10

    SO….How is this anyone else’s fault when SHE showed a fake ID to get into a club and looked older than her age?


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  • MsRachael

    How in the world did she get onto a ledge in the first place? Like – how does that happen?!?!

    I understand the grieving family wants to blame SOMEBODY for this tragedy, but it sounds like this girl was really actin’ up.

  • brivvy

    I can’t stand chicks who always do that damn “duck face” when they take pics.

    b!tch wanna look like a duck but couldn’t fly for sh!t!

    • yah...


  • RoMo

    Even though she shouldn’t have been there , its still a VERY sad and unfortunate even

  • Africanking

    She is an art and loved taking pictures. So she saw something beautiful and was about to take a snap of it. Well, she lost her balance and died. I think they should sentence everyone that was at the party to death penalty. Also the buyer and supplier should get the death penalty. Wish I was the president of united stares.

  • 7lady

    Ok hell yeah it’s the clubs fault…but partially. Where are her parents??? Who allows a 17yr old to stay out that late. At 17 my momma wanted to know where I was going and who I would be with. My curfew was 12am and every blue moon 1am. And I had better answer that big dumb azz size of a house phone cell phone when she called! If not a ragedy houseshoe was comin for my head. You are not your kids friends people. Be their momma and daddy and then sh*t like this won’t possibly happen.

  • HotMomma

    I do not understand why she is not responsible for her own actions??!!! If she had a fake ID that stated she was older than she really was what is one supposed to do…call the registry of motor vehicles… I mean really this is so infortunate but no one should be to blame for this tragedy except the young lady that wanted to be grown. I don’t blame her parents or the people that worked at the club because she did what she could to make sure she got in and wanted to drink knowing she could not handle it. I only wish it did not end in such tragedy so she could be held accountable for her actions instead of them trying to place blame on someone else.

    • JoJo Momma

      Then why do they punish our nation’s children with the death penalty?

      If they are not fully developed psychologically or physically, why do they get punished for performing wrestling moves they see on tv or shooting siblings with guns left in their reach?

  • rest in peace

    Stupid fools respect the loss of a child

    If people would dig deeper in what could be all the probabilities and be more eductated.

    Just google eric john victor bout and you might understand

  • Newbie

    its no ones FAULT! god has a plan for everyone and I get into clubs all the time and I am not 21 either. She did not deserve this and this is still very SAD regardless of the circumstances!!!! grow up people… what if it was your child?


      Do not blame G-D for her actions you sound FOOLISH right about now. SMH

  • Newbie

    and NO its not a duck face its called looking cute while blowing a kiss at the camera.

  • RedBoi

    These over privledged kids are so dumb sometime, honestly all that oppurtunity thrown out the window literally. I don’t pity her at all she wasn’t murdered or taken advantage of, sorry but stupid people just don’t get pity

  • 1987

    Daaaang. She got into the clubs before her time. And she d.I.e.d before her time. Wut a sad coincidence.

  • don't ask

    So sad to hear. You never think that you have only 17 years with your child.

  • Me

    Are you kidding me??? You telling me that noone saw her climbing on that ledge and pulled her off?!?!?!?

  • Ms.Drizzy

    people have no respect on this site..R.I.P,so sad

  • Anonymous

    Sad R.I.P

  • clickclakboom

    So sad rip

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983


  • ayo

    meant peace

  • Brittany


    I just died of laughter over here!!! “B!tch wanna look like a duck but couldn’t fly for shit!” LMAO!!!!!!! ROTFL!!!! :-)))

  • R.I.P.

    Wow people can be wicked but karma is a mother****** If her parents cared more about her maybe this wouldnt have happened. R.i.P. Youre in a better place

  • Kera

    R.I.P 😩

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