Diddy Gives Cassie Cake, Kisses & Worms For Her 24th B-Day

- By Bossip Staff

Cassie turned 24 years young on Thursday and old man Diddy was there to buy her a tricycle and help her blow out the candles. Old Man River smiled for the camera and basked in the glow of his prepubescent girlfriend. (Damn, she’s only 24? They must have been creepin’ since she was like 5!)

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  • Danielle

    Hes f*cking her. Thats why se still signed to Badboy. He dropped everyone from the label but her. She cant sing worth sh*t and he buying her cakes. She F8ckin to stay relevant and diddy still aint gonna drop her no talent azz from the label

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    Dang I didnt know that she was that young…..check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • becky

    whats ‘smh’ mean

    • yah...

      shakin my head

  • ImJustSayin

    Awww she’s 24.

    Is being 27 old?? 😩

  • WOW!!!


    go to Yahoo Becky. You’ll have more fun there

    • torontostaar

      @icequeen, ur a damn fool for that one smh

  • icequeen

    @becky…smh means shaking my head…(as in disgust or disbelief)

  • juliemango

    Thats loyalty right there!!!

  • essences

    24 is old

    • Just Sayin...

      You think 24 is old? How old are you then 16? If so get the hell off of here and go get ready for school – all of you who are under 24 if you think 24 is old then I can’t wait for you to be 50 – what will you be then – smdh

  • shannon

    Why is this your business? And who cares she is a consenting adult. I don’t see anyone talking about Michael Douglas and Kathrine Zeta or all the rest of them, this is nothing new. Move on haters!!

  • all about the benjamins

    All i can think of is how dumb that ugly model baby mama of his is. She will never be his wifey. Diddy will find his wifey and all of these hoes including his baby mommy will look like fools. It all about the money people. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!!!

    • Just Sayin...

      …and whoever marries him will be an even bigger fool…he will never change.

  • what a dumb broad


  • Diane

    Say what you want. Diddy is a real playa. He’s that Hugh Hefner type of playa. He doesn’t need to lie to his women to have multiple relationships. He tell it like it is, and the women still flock.

    Any man who has multiple women due to lying and conniving is not a playa; they are simply a liar. Diddy, my friends, is a playa.

    P.S. At least he’s not married.

    • atlqt

      Sadly, you are correct. He couldn’t do it if they didn’t let him and they are LETTING him because he doesn’t lie or try to hide anything.

  • !!!!!


  • DeeDee

    How nice. Not nearly as lavish as the one he threw for J-LO on her B-DAY when they were together; and AS USUAL Kim Porter is sitting somewhere feeling like the FOOL that she is!


    J-LO is and will be the only women that Diddy will ever love and only love! Thats real talk! It was obvious then and is obvious now. As far as Kim Porter. She gets no respect. She is what you call a toy box hoe. When Diddy takes her out every now and then to play with her and when hes tired of her he puts her back in the toy box. Only J-lo can command Diddy and could have been his wifey

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Fvck J-Hoooe, that old looking chick didn’t command Jack. Shiity like dic!! Point, blank, period.

    The only sister that commanded respect was and is Misa.

  • Tracia

    I somewhat feel sorry for this girl. Ill never forget her first performance on 106&Park where she was so off tune that she made herself twitch. I think she realizes that the only taste shell get and keep of the good life is whatever Diddy let’s her have…it takes more than good looks to make it !

  • Diane

    The truth is that Diddy played around on J.Lo too. J.Lo stated in an article that she would cry her eyes out at night and knock on hotel room doors looking for Diddy. J.Lo stated that her friends wanted her to leave him so badly, because he was always hurting her. Diddy also claimed that he could not be like Ben or Marc and marry J.Lo.

    I do believe that Diddy and J.Lo had an exciting love affair, but Diddy was also still seeing Kim and other women. So I don’t know if J.Lo could have conquered Diddy.

  • Chee-Chee

    …Diddy is a joke…he’ll never see any of my dollars, espcially for that Ciroc bullshyt…

  • Ciana

    I Wonder how diddy’s 5 or 6 kids feel about this…his oldest is 18-19 and shes 24 EW!

  • Ana marie

    Luv it!!!!!

  • mtl

    ya’ll are HATERS!!! and hypocrites!!! grow the hell up. you just have ur own insecurities that u need to deal with. Let the girl be! DAG! and i’m not even a fan of diddy at all…but u ppl need to stop judging others and start looking at yourselves first. half of u are probably living dirtier lives.

  • nylove

    no body gives a crap about jlo misa or kim at least jlo had some damn sense and not have no kids with him and kept going back when he cheated. This is a cute pic to.

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