Who Looked More Bangin’? 2010 Emmy’s Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Entertainment Reporter Shaun Robinson and “True Blood” actress Rutina Wesley were just a few of the beautiful brown-skinned ladies representing at last night’s 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. If you had to pick just one of these lovely women, Who Looked More Bangin?

Gotta love Tracy Morgan… acting like he won before the awards even started!


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  • don't care

    rutina is my girl! her body is sick!! way better then others but shaun had the best dress on.

    • MsRachael

      I agree! Rutina would win hands down (she’s gorgeous) but that dress is NOT cute. Shaun wins on this one.

    • loveyou1314``

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  • belle noire

    They both look beautiful. Rutina looks great and her body is so toned. I love Shaun’s grecian inspired dress and hair.

  • Angee

    Shaun always looks good, and this is the best I have ever seen Rutina Wesley.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Shaun looks nice but I hate the hairdo & Rutina looks awesome! Loving her hair,skin & super toned bod however I’m not too fond of the print of the fabric.

    Btw,the lady on the bottom pic in the black dress,Mindy Kaling,looks horrid!

    Hair,makeup & gown make her look like Elvira,ugh!!!

  • WHAT?

    Shaun Robinson. Rutinas dress looks too busy. Its making me dizzy

  • nana

    Rutina looks like she’s been wrapped in tin foil! Awful choice for that weather, its too much! But very beautiful body..

    • OMG

      aluminum foil, that is exactly what I was thinking.

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    neither in the gown dept. but I love Rutina and her body is on point~

  • http://www.myhairparadise.com www.myhairparadise.com

    Both looked nice……..check out myhairparadise dot com to see what ur horoscope says about ur hair

  • Ciana

    the emmy’s was boring but i like the dresses

  • Princess D.I.E

    Rutina Wesley..hands down! That tone body and smooth chocolate complexion..Plus TRUE BLOOD is my sh*t!!!!

  • leah

    Shaun, duh!!

  • Devotee

    Umm I just wanted to say everybody on this post sounds like the same person with different names…except for like one or two

  • Glok ...PuzzyCatya,...Meow !!!


  • HUstrawberry

    I think Rutina looks better, and I actually do like her artsy dress. It’s different and her skin is perfection.

  • Mulatto Mom of 3

    Rutina looks like expensive chocolate…no homo…LOL!

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