Justice For Jordan Miles! Pittsburgh Teen Beaten By Police Sues For Unspecified Damages

- By Bossip Staff

Jordan Miles, the Pittsburgh teen violinist who was brutally beaten by police in January, has filed a federal lawsuit saying three white Pittsburgh police officers wrongfully beat him, then conspired to file false charges against him and concocted a cover story for their actions.

An 18-year-old Pittsburgh teen that was violently beaten by police with his dreadlocks ripped out is filing a lawsuit against his attackers.

Jordan Miles and his family have decided to file a federal lawsuit against the three white Pittsburgh police officers that he says beat him and conspired to file false charges against him after concocting a story to cover-up their actions.

As previously reported, the teen violinist says he was walking to his grandmother's house when he was approached by three plains clothes officers saying,

“Where's the money?” “Where's the gun? Where's the drugs?”

Fearing for his safety, Miles ran away and says when police caught up with him they beat him and ripped his hair from his scalp.

According to the lawsuit filed Monday, Miles says he had his face pushed into the snow and his gums impaled on a piece of wood, as officers kicked and punched him Jan. 12, a day after his 18th birthday.

He also says that he thought he was being kidnapped and in fear began reciting “The Lord's Prayer” prompting police to choke him and slam his face into the snowy ground.

Police charged Miles with loitering and prowling, aggravated assault and resisting arrest, claiming he acted suspiciously then fought with them after they clearly identified themselves as officers but Miles denies those claims.

A city judge dropped the charges against Miles in March.

He is seeking unspecified damages against the officers.

Do you think he will win his civil case? How much do you think they should have to pay him?


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    This is truly sad, and I believe him, and they deserve to be arrested, I do hope that these officers does not still have their positions.

  • SweetLittleMe10

    We know what needs to be done, we just need to start doing it. No questions..

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  • Ivy


  • It's Me

    damn his face looks like twice it’s original size after the take down. I hope those officers get hit by a fucing cement truck.

  • BigDaddy

    We are not as “docile” as people think we are.
    It would not surprise me if an inner city situation turns against white cops who beat on a black youth.
    People are getting tired of being sick and tired; somebody had better corral their pets before the natives get restless and all hell breaks loose.

  • if anything be noble

    I’m from Pgh. Sadly, he’ll get $3.50.

  • if anything be noble

    And what’s extra sad is Jordan Miles was an outstanding arts student before all this… a gifted violinist, not some thug off the street. These cops stomped and beat Jordan half to death while he held a special, rare talent. I just hope he still has the will, gift and desire to play like he did before he was nearly killed by PPD for being outside. It’s just so sad.

  • if anything be noble

    I wonder if the Glenn Becks, Sarah Palins and Rush Limbaughs of the world ever speak out on things like this (since it seems we hear about somebody Black and male being beat down by the cops at least once every few months somewhere in this country.). I mean, since it happens with some frequency, what’s their position on stuff like this… He shouldnta been outside?


      I swear you are going to make me cry, this is really sad, and it is so senseless, I just can’t imagine how these police live with themselve after behaving like salvages….it breaks my heart it really does. I feel like this happen to my son and I never even met this young man.

  • Bdot

    Gotdam devils.

  • if anything be noble

    @ Enuff I know. Just the thought of him saying the Lord’s Prayer causing them to choke him. Evil.

  • 2Sweet

    Yet the Kim Kardashian thread has damn near 300 responses while this one 12? Very sad. I hope those cops do time AND he should be paid.

  • sexymike

    I do hope he wins his civil case,as to the how much,
    you cant put a price tag on
    being brutally beaten. It
    should definetly however, be
    more than enough to pay for his college education,ongoing
    medical bills etc.

  • iBillz

    …BUT LISTEN TO THIS… Since those so-called cops got ‘laid off’… they’ve each gotten paid almost 30 grand a piece…. I kid ya’ll not. It was in a newspaper article last week.

  • Niasia

    This has got to stop . Wonder how long WE can remain peaceful!

  • http://Bossip.com Missy

    I think it should be just like Rodney King. 1 million dollars per hit and 2 million dollars per dred loc that was torn from his head. That would seem fair to me.
    I think all law enforcement should know that each hit that is not deemed as needed to subdue or protect the a citizen will be costly and they will possible go to jail and be fired!!!!
    This will make officer re-evaluate what is the proper way to handle citzens.

  • Justice

    My heart goes out to him and his family. When is this brutality from people who are here to protect and serve going to stop? One of these days someone will steak out these “bad officers” and do it to their family. The black community is really getting tired of this type of hate crime.

  • bsly6

    If this was my son I would murder every cop I could until they caught, nah fuk that, killed me.Rather die free than live captive any day.

  • PghSista

    I am from Pittsburgh and have been following Miles case. Unfortanuately Pgh PD have a history of killing black men. JOHNNY GAMMAGE ring a bell! Pittsburgh has always been and will always b a racist city. Police are always profiling young african american men here. I have witnessed it for yrs. Every young man they see dressed nice or with a nice car has to be a drug dealer. The saddest part of this case for me is the fact since the officers suspension they have been getting paid!?!!?!? HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK??? SMH I LOVE N HATE MY CITY SMH

  • killacrack

    Those officers should honestly serve jail time.HOw can you leave them as cops– they were trying to do a cover up.YOU can not allow a officer who willingly tried to cover up evidence to stay as a cop,who to say the officers will not go as far as to frame people.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    disgusting!! hope he gets what he asks for. unfortunately, he probably won’t. so shoot for the stars because you’ll be lucky if they give you half the amount…

  • Chica Deter

    This is soooo sad. Coming from the city that has cops that kill ppl on the regular, I hope they get what they deserve. Hair ripped out & beaten savagely. But we all know they will get off.


    Officer what are you charging me with? “WWB” walking while black.

  • artdude01

    My heart goes out to this gifted young man. Nothing can repair the damages, but $100 million or more is a good start. Now that Obama is president black hate is @ an all time high. I hope he continues to heal and don’t let this terrible ordeal overshadow his talents and ambitions.

    God Bless You Man.

  • MsRachael

    If these officers went this far with him- they have clearly done this before. I can’t even think of a justifiable punishment for what they did here.

    I pray he wins his law suit and gets enough money to set him and his family up for life!!

  • lovely

    @ MsRachael – you are absolutely correct I live in Pgh and this isnt the only time these particular officers have gone this far….matter of fact they have done it 2 other times that I am aware of…

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