Fantasia: F**k What All The People Who Are Not Human Have To Say… I’m Going To FREE Myself Through The Music!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Fantasia made her way to the to VH1’s office to give a small little performance for their employees… sounds like someone is trying to pull a Kanye West. She has taken her suicide attempt and turned it into a show opener… “TESTIMONY”!!!

I’m going through this phase in my life where I am tired of pleasing people. The key word is “My Life.” And I have to live it, and what I do is…I use my life as a testimony to help other people. Humans, people who really go through things. And not to long ago, I went through something, I really don’t wanna re-live, I don’t wanna ever be back in that place again. So I’m going to use this album and me getting on the stage to let loose and let free and tell my testimony every day because I’m never afraid or ashamed of who I am. So now I’m going to free myself again.
Me being in the studio and recording, I look back now and all the songs I did and it’s like… Man, I was preparing myself for all the things that happen. The songs came before the situations, it’s crazy but “EVEN ANGELS” have to learn how to fly. So, I was laying there in the hospital bed and I began to think about my journey so far and I had to learn how to fly again. Even though I’ve been doing this for six years now and I plan on going so much further. Coming out… I had to learn how to fly again so, now I’m ready.

Well, at least she has sold over 122k copies of her album. Before this little situation occurred, wonder what the label had in mind for her numbers wise???

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  • kimmi

    First? Shut up fantasia!

    • MeetLove112

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    • Fab.

      yes, please stfu fantasia

  • The Ice Princess

    Good for you Fantasia. Stay healthy for your daughter and don’t let the home wrecker police break your spirit.

    • BadAzz


  • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher

    SIT DOWN…and STFU….don’t go on this Suicide “Chiitlin’ Circuit” Tour…

    and prolly still seeing the Married Man behind the camera’s…


    If ya gonna tell a “good story” tell it all…come all the way clean..U still with the creeper or not…

    Reap what ya sow…and yes people are human and error…BUT that’s why folks need to have some common sense about them..luckily he didn’t give her AIDES since she’s into the Army’s whole..”Don’t ask don’t tell” about ish a “BF” omits, says, doesn’t say…as they have RELATIONS…

    • Game over!


    • getyourhandouttamypocket

      RIGHT! This chit makes NO sense.

    • Tee

      None of your damn business.

    • Ike's Beyotch

      WTF!!!!! U STFU and learn how to spell HUMB HOE!!! (AIDES) GTFOH!!!!!

      I LOVE U TASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ike's Beyotch


  • Edith

    Shes still a home wrecker……NEXT!!!!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    I shole wish Fanny would sit her azz down somewhere…we’re over the “suicide attempt” luv…

  • ch

    Needs to free herself from her ignorance.That song has not been written nor the stage built that can do that.

  • Cali951

    Fantasia do u. She over there shaken them haters off!

  • Missy

    From one black woman to another black. What happened to you happens to a lot of women. Sometimes we just make bad choices. Not everyone posting negatively was born with parents that were or are married and many have had affairs, but are downing you. I say as long as you ask God to forgive you and you start a new life that is positive putting your best foot forward without hurting ppl, but is benefitting you. I will support you. Your mistake was you left God out of your life. And when we do that, You leave yourself opened to Satan and his evil ways to enter your life and tearing you apart. It’s time to do better, sista!

    • CAN AM

      I like this.

  • mosiane

    She is loving this publicity!!!… too bad I won’t listen to her music.

  • Annwhat

    Sometimes we as women, lose our self worth and our whole life begins to revolve around that man who we truly love and we lose our strength because we give that man our power. I’m so sick of people bashing Fantasia because she fell in love with this man and believed all the games and his lies. I truly believe that her suicide attempt was real. She couldn’t take it anymore and she thought that damn I opened my heart to yet another useless man in her life and her heart couldn’t take the pain anymore. The main thing is that she’s at a good place right now and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

  • MariaErica

    It has been less than a month since her suicide attempt. I hope she removes herself from the spotlight and gets the necessary psychiatric help.

    • sadie

      I agree!!

  • SimplePleasures

    She sure bounced back fairly fast for someone who attempted suicide less than a month ago! I’m not buying it. Shouldn’t she be somewhere resting up and getting some therapy? Can you say PUBLICITY STUNT?

    • Tiny

      I agree

  • 2Sweet

    Either ‘Tasia knew he was married and didn’t care, or she has NO game! Twaun (what a spelling) looks very untrustworthy. She can’t be that dumb…on 2nd thought, this is FANTASIA.

    • resurrected

      I feel for Fannie on some level but on most level I agree with 2 Sweet, Time heal all wounds and tell all truths and if she is doing wrong then the situation itself will turn on her.

  • Tiny

    I’ll rather hear Paula’s testimony. How she survived a lying ,cheating man who didn’t love her enough. what kept her strong? How did she handle having a Celebrity calling her home asking for her husband as though she didn’t exist? How did she handle being told by Tasia who has the media, press, fans, to tell her side of the story say ” He don’t want you, maybe next time you get a husband you’ll know how to keep him.” how does that woman look at her life, the yrs, the babies, and keep surviving.

    • CAN AM

      You are so right. I predict that once he moves around the celebrity circle, earn more money, he will drop Fantasia and get with another more famous female. The next cocky female with call her house with insults.

    • CAN AM

      You are so right. I predict that once he moves around the celebrity circle, earn more money, he will drop Fantasia and get with another more famous female. The next cocky female will call her house with insults.

    • mz.tash

      there is no proof that fantasia really called that women s house….. she could be lying to get more sympathy……. i refuse to believe that fantasia was the only one twan was cheating with. paula new he was a cheater and now she wants to sue because he cheated with someone famous…

    • Ike's Beyotch

      U hoes kill me!!! None of this $hit you jusd said even sounds true!! If the Ninja worked for T-Mobile don’t you thing whe would have called the cell and HE WASN”T LIVING THERE!!!

  • 2Sweet

    @Tiny so true! Tasia sounds bipolar 4real though.

  • It is what it is........

    Yea she ain’t know he was married eh? But she knew how to call the wife and taunt her ? WTF

  • CAN AM

    Don’t follow this blue print! When your mate comes, it will be without shame. The blessing will come.

  • Dr Doug

    Fantasia: Get an education!
    My guess is that a good portion of your problems are due to the fact that you’re just not educated emough to deal with your more cmoplex life now.,

  • i know the truth

    122k is less than she sold for her last album in ’06, and it was positioned at #16 on billboard–just goes to show the state of the recording industry. . . .

  • Pray4PaulaCook!

    @Tiny….AMEN! People are acting like she doesn’t exist! I know Antwaun & before all this he seemed to be happy. Posting pics of his family almost every other day on fb. This woman has 2 SMALL children. Fantasia on the other hand didn’t care about her own child enough to not “attempt” suicide & leave her without a mother! Where is CPS when you need them!? Fanny is a disrespectful ghetto homewrecking hoodrat that’s doing what she knows. Antwaun is probably the finest thing she ever had & she tryna hang on to it. Calling the home him & his WIFE built together asking for him…wtf! It’s almost as if she feels like she’s entitled to him…because she’s “Fantasia”. Now she’s pulling the oldest trick in the book…get preggo to get a ring…lets see how that works out for her. How you get him…is how you lose him. Her time will come. Hope Paula take all her pennies!

    • getyourhandouttamypocket


    • Hazelnut


  • wendy


  • wendy

    Fantasia can out sing your favorite artist ANYDAY. YOU MAD HUH? GO FANTASIA!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A WOMAN CANT TAKE YOUR MAN. MEN LEAVE ON THERE OWN.

  • rene

    Woman child, you are acting impatient.

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS(D.K.N.Y. boys like me a lot)

    ugh. cosign @ Pray 4 Paula Cook.

  • Dee Gray

    Go to hell Fanasia, and this time try something stronger than aspirin to get you there– and as for being human, I know a lot of humans who don’t sleep with another woman’s husband & tattoo their name on them.. You should free us all and stop talking ^^^”chiitlin circuit tour”–*dead* LOL

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