In Usher’s “Hot Tottie Remix” Lil’ Kim Says “Don’t Compare Me” But She Sounds A Little Bit Like Nicki Minaj With The Randomness

- By Bossip Staff

Usher added Lil’ Kim to the remix of his new jawn “Hot Toddy” featuring Jay-Z. Lil Kim addresses being compared to we guess… Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z addresses being apart of the Illuminati but he did that in the original:

“They Think I’m Down With The Illuminati But My Watch Illuminates And My Pockets Are Knotty…”

Take a Listen:

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  • ughhh

    That’s right keep telling on yourself

    • kelly

      lol samething i was thinking

    • MeetLove112

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  • M3@9@N

    I like it den i dont….


    Don’t compare Lil Kim to that other girl…….check out myhairparadise dot com for tips on how your food can promote hair growth

  • Nikki

    she needs to retire u sound like nicki seems like u copying her now kawasaki? really since wen were u into that kinda thing? ugh all that talk u had respect her like she respected u

    • Human Crak In Da Flesh

      Ahh Girl Please!!!!!!

      Sit yo tired azz down somewhere……that goes for you and ol 5 dollar azz Nicki.

  • Casanovette


    Well after all Kim is “THE ORIGINAL” black barbie….that’s her brand and claim. So she has every right to defend it when some younger knockoff challenges it.

  • Tracy

    Oh, please, All Lil Kim talks about is getting f*cked. THATS NOT RAP!

    • so sweet


    • http://u bklynlady

      You sound Ridiculous! Quiet Storm remix, Ladies night, Benjamins. WTF are you talking about?????? ….and there’s plenty more.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    I hate this song she RUINS it

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    They call me King HOV copy big ballin is my hobby, So much so they think im down with the ILLUMINATI…..

    BIG said it best “mo money mo problems”

  • prettyboy89

    she sound horrible y didnt hov write her rap for her smh

  • henni

    she doesnt sound like nicki at all. i HATE how ppl AlWAYS want to say a female artist sound, look, or trying to be like SOMEONE ELSE. Its like you all can’t relate to a female artist unless u corelate it to someone you’ve heard before. Do that for the male rappers too. say Roscoe Dash is tryna be soulja boy, or lil wayne is nothing but a jay-z knock off. sounds stupid right?

  • no problem

    Umm I’m going to be real honest on this, I use to luv Kim when she was first out but this sounds horrible. It sounds like she put not an ounce of effort In this verse. Oh and what’s with the kawasaki stuff? This has got to be a joke or spoof. Fail.

  • BlackIce

    DA, you must have never listen to Kim before bc she has never sounded like that. Stop Choosing one over the other bc there is room from both in the game.

    DA = Dumb A$$

  • henni

    guess my other comment never posted so i’ll write it again.

    idk y kim wrote her verse like that cuz its sooo EASY to get at nicki, for example:

    she never had me on the brain i guess she dumb as f–k

    but i dont care about the chick i let the bi*ches cluck

    regergetating wat i already did she throwing up

    but you can have what i had my doors have opened up, hova sign im throwin up

    wrinkled signs aint showin up

    coco coco buttered up

    so its hard for me to stop im like a locamotive burnin up

    —- simple and writtin 10 seconds

  • tina

    First off, Nicki sound like Kim. Kim’s been flowing like that since she came out.

  • It's Me

    Kim’s verse was sooo dumb. Made no sense at all. Usher should have choose the brat to beef up that tune.

  • !!!!!


  • danimoni

    The song is ok I would have left Kim out and just lay Jay do all the rapping,Kim she of came harder than that.

  • my2cents

    @ Henny please, get at Kim, your lyrics are nice!

  • semia amos

    Umm No if anything Nikki sounds like Kim. Kim was out way before her. And kim had the colored wigs and did the barbie stuff first. Nikki stole kims style, sorry.

  • Robin

    Hawt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love kims verse !! But umm you know these Barbie Heffa wanna be’s are gonna say that !! Bonker…

  • Ms.Drizzy

    what ? this sounds nothing like nicki minaj and wth happend to kim..her part was so unnecessary and weak, she said 10 seconds of nothing..step your game up kim

  • henni

    thanks, i’m not down wit beefing tho just trying to do my own thing and get myself out there search RoseGold Paid Programmin

  • SHE

    The Real Queen is back! With her original style. Its bout time she come back for real and shut Nicki down wit lyrics! I fux w/ Nicki too but she really think she the queen. how when u haven’t dropped an album & u have completely swagger jacked her. U could atleast give a big ups the queen b damn!

  • mebeingnme

    kim needs to make a come back real soon……..FYI NIKKI COPIED OFF KIM BUT SHE ALREADY NO THAT

  • Chee-Chee

    …um, correction: kim sounds like KIM!…

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