Jesus Took The Wheel: Man Jumps 39 Stories In A Suicide Attempt, Lands On A Car … And Survives

- By Bossip Staff

Talk about a bad day. A 22-year-old man miraculously survived a 39 story fall into a Dodge Charger yesterday. According to his Facebook page, he hated his life and decided to try to end it but it just wasn’t his time to go.

A young man plunged 39 stories Tuesday from a West Side high-rise, crashed through the windshield of a sports car – and lived to tell about it.

“My leg! My leg!” Thomas Magill, 22, screamed after an apparent suicide attempt ended with his landing in the red 2008 Dodge Charger, witnesses said.

Magill was in critical condition Tuesday night, undergoing surgery for two broken legs – but those who saw him fall were stunned he made it to the hospital.

“He came down feetfirst at like 100 mph,” said witness Andrew Petrocelli, 47, a maintenance worker across the street from where Magill jumped.

“That’s a miracle if I’ve ever seen one. He should be a goner. It was like that movie ‘Unbreakable.’ That was this guy: unbreakable.”

Guy McCormack, 40, of Old Bridge, N.J., owner of the crushed Charger, was doing construction work across the street when his car broke Magill’s fall.

He believes Magill survived on the wings of divine intervention. Holding up a set of crystal rosary beads he retrieved from inside the car, McCormack exclaimed, “Here’s what saved him!”

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  • Cougar_Lover

    when it isn’t your time to go…it really isn’t. i bet it was something simple like his brother cutting his lady or he couldn’t get the new iphone 4 on launch day…sad sad sad

  • nana

    Shyt I will hate maself too! Even committing suicide didn’t work out 4 him! Smh

  • zhangkuan709

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  • Barbara


  • tellthetruth

    @ Its me…..that was funny.

    It’s usually mean spirited people (as he posted of himself on Facebook) that are unhappy with their lives. Hopes he realize it just wasn’t his time to go.

    • It's Me

      thanks. LOL

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    glad he made it but hopefully this will teach his a$$ a lesson! and next time you decide to kill yourself, at least have the courtesy to do it right and not destroy other’s property (or an actual person!) in the process…

    • Glok ..No one could do it better..Cuz Im Real Son!!!


  • Matinigal

    Damn it sure wasnt his time. I bet he’s going to try to kill himself again. Poor guy, he must be so disapointed when he realize he’s still alive.

  • ms. d

    Wow. God is good.

    • MsRachael

      You betta preach! He’s only 22! His whole life is ahead of him!

      The good thing about all of this is he will be FORCED to get the help he needs.

  • Dee Gray

    Fantasia, you try next.. Oh wait– your “suicide attempt” by using aspirin was a publicity stunt…

  • itsme

    Try the 40th floor

  • tg

    Amazing – God has things in store for this man.

  • Mystyri


  • msmonique79

    if its not ur time 2 go, its just not ur time, dont rush it

  • if anything be noble

    Cosign tg.

  • baby16booboo

    Wow!!! who wantzs to die early. life iz very short. you should live it up while you can. don’t rush it. i was’nt happy wit my life at all..i was suicidial as well..i’ve tried cutting myself but i thought about it. itzs not worth it. im glad i did’nt do it. or i would not have my beautiful baby girl!!!

  • 4sho

    what a looser, cant even kill himself properly…

  • Glok ..No one could do it better..Cuz Im Real Son!!!


  • Glok .. Name ring bellz....No one could do it better..!!!


  • Enlightened

    I understand that this man was depressed, but I find it hard to sympathise with people who attempt suicide. There are cancer sufferers all over this world who would be so appreciative for a chance at life and these people want to throw theirs away? I’m sure he’s living a better quality of life than most and he has a lot to be grateful for, I just hope he makes the most of this second chance he has.

  • LaDiva

    This man tried to play God with his life — glad to see that he is alive to repent. Hell is no joke.

  • B3 Fearless

    Praise God. That is a miracle!

    I haven’t heard this on the news yet.

    Funny how God’s work is swept under the table but we can hear every day about the negative things ppl are doing.

    Hopefully this guy won’t try to do it again.

    SMH @ ppl trying to be funny with a serious situation like this.

    • LaDiva

      Hey there lady…I co-sign with you too. Ppl always try to downplay God; almost pretending that He doesn’t exist. But we will all oneday kneel and know that God is God…

  • Sha

    Grim Reaper was on a coffee break when he jumped. 😛

  • sweetness


  • D. SMITH

    i wouldve been mad cause i failed at suicide…and i bet the owner of dodge is probably HOT.

    • Child Please

      The owner of an ugly Dodge Charger, 300M or the rest of those pieces of s*it, should be happy if their insurance company pays the car off. I hope the car owner doesn’t make the same mistake and buy another Dodge.

      I guess that ugly Dodge helped they guy ‘dodge’ a painful death.

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