SMH: Doctor Dies After Trying To Creep Into Boyfriend’s Crib Through The Chimney???

- By Bossip Staff

This ish is crazy…

A doctor involved in an “on-again, off-again” relationship apparently tried to force her way into her boyfriend’s home by sliding down the chimney, police said Tuesday. Her decomposing body was found there three days later.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac, 49, first tried to get into the house with a shovel, then climbed a ladder to the roof last Wednesday night, removed the chimney cap and slid feet first down the flue, Bakersfield police Sgt. Mary DeGeare said.

While she was trying to break in, the man she was pursuing escaped unnoticed from another exit “to avoid a confrontation,” authorities said.

DeGeare said the two were in an “on-again, off-again” relationship.

The man’s identity was not revealed by police, but the man who resides in the home is William Moodie, 58.

“She made an unbelievable error in judgment and nobody understands why, and unfortunately she’s passed away,” Moodie told The Associated Press. “She had her issues – she had her demons – but I never lost my respect for her.”

Reached by telephone, Moodie did not dispute the police’s characterization of his relationship with Kotarac. He would not comment on the circumstances that led to her death, saying it was more important to focus on the good she did in life.

Moodie, who runs an engineering consulting firm, said Kotarac was a superb internist who often provided service and medication free of charge to her patients.

Kotarac apparently died in the chimney, but her body was not discovered until a house-sitter noticed a stench and fluids coming from the fireplace Saturday, according to a police statement. The house-sitter and her son investigated with a flashlight and found Kotarac dead, wedged about two feet above the top of the interior fireplace opening.

Firefighters spent five hours late Saturday dismantling the chimney and flue from outside the home to extract Kotarac’s body, DeGeare said.

Officials said Kotarac’s office staff reported her missing two days prior when she failed to show for work. Her car and belongings remained near the man’s house.

A cause of death has not been determined, and an autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday. Foul play is not suspected, though investigators have been looking into the incident as suspicious.


What is it about men that drive these highly successful women to act like they have no sense! Got ASTRONAUTS and DOCTORS doing the MOST…

And Christmas is all fu*ked up for the house-sitters kid now! Please don’t say sh*t about Santa to him.


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  • Shananigans

    what in the hell!!! just bc your a doctor doesn’t mean your smart in everything apparently!

    • sweetness

      I know that’s right. Ppl who usually have books sense don’t have common sense. Not all tha time, bc i don’t want any replies…I’m just sayin…

  • Glok .. Name ring bellz....No one could do it better..!!!


    • Sha

      AHAA!!!!! I’m not the only sicko! lol

    • carmelle

      I would’ve had chestnuts roasting on an open fire on that!!

  • Sha

    This gives ho ho ho a whole new meaning! 😛


    • Glok .. Name ring bellz....No one could do it better..!!!


  • Glok .. Name ring bellz....No one could do it better..!!!


    • Game over!

      Sweetie at 58 it’s a done deal for that d*ck. He is popping viagara like skittles. Apparently, she was in desperate need of a companion because if I wanted d*ck trust me it would not be from a 58 yr old limp d*ck with sagging balls. YUCK!

      Clearly she had enough money to keep a boytoy and herself

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i’ll come back and leave my sympathetic comments after i stop laughing!!!

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      she was in the damn chimney for three days stinking before they found her…OMG

  • bklynista718

    that d*ck must’ve been so good for her to do something crazy like that..for someone as smart as her she shouldve known that a chimney is not like how it used to be 100 yrs ago…lol..what a bafoon!! lol

    • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

      WOW–I dont want D*** like that. LOL

    • meetlove112

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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/Urheiness)

    Just wow @ this story SMDH! Love can make us do crazy things @ times,if we allow our emotions to get the best of us but this right here is insane! All this over some man who still has his life and eventually will move on to the next. Can’t allow others to have that much power over us,ever!

  • Bunny(Angel/Urheiness)

    Btw,a part of me just can’t help but lmao,which is wrong but damn! And just because she was a doctor,doesn’t mean she was the sharpest tool in the shed ppl. The dr title just meant she worked/applied herself hard enough in school and @ the end it paid off,that’s all. One last thing,some ppl can be so intellegent bookwise but have no common sense! Not even for the basic/simple things,fact! R.I.p

  • Oh my...

    I feel so bad for laughing. This has got to be the most retarded story I’ve hear to date.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Something is fishy here. He knew the woman was trying to break in his house with a shovel and instead of calling the cops he left? And left for so many days that he needed a house sitter? Yeah this is suspicious alright.

    • kane t

      I’m with u Mrs. Rance, who is going to hear someone breaking into their home through the chimney and just leave w/out calling the police and leave for that length of time and not return. This is VERY suspicious.

    • memchee


    • evelyn

      I read this yesterday on another site. The way it was written he already had plans to leave town. (I wonder if that is what had her so bent to see him). I also took from the other article he was aware of her antics so he just left. Didn’t want to involve the police but didn’t want to deal with her either.


    AHHHH BOIIII…..I AM NOT SURPRISED a Doctor did this…SOME WOMEN ARE soooo PSYCHOTIC about MEN who find no interest in having a relationship….GET OVER IT whether you are a smart or dumb! ughh disgust me

  • Tracy

    B*tch, dont go down the chimney unless its Christmas day or Christmas eve and you dress up as a fake santa, and drink everybody’s milk and cookies….Wrong with you?

  • chaka1

    Why didn’t she scream for help?

    • memchee

      yes, she wouldn’t even had to think to scream…in that situation it wouldd’ve been a reflex or automatic impulse.

    • evelyn

      The other article I read said people heard faint screams but they thought it was from the kids outside playing. They had no idea someone was stuck in the chimney

  • Bunni

    Say what you want about Black women, but you’ll never hear of one of us doing that crazy $H!+.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Uhhh, she looks kinda’ black to me. (Just with good hair) 😆

  • Harsh Harold

    Typical YT on meth

    • crazy

      Trust me if she was not a successful doctor no one would care. Acting on your emotions will get you caught up 100% of the time.

  • tb

    & these are the type of women black men are leaving black women for.


    • Marquis de Sade

      Uhhh, are you sure she’s white?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Harsh Harold

    Is it me, or does ol’ girl look a lil’ ETHNICALLY AMBIGUOUS? – She could be black.

    • It's Me

      it’s you cuz she white as Becky pale face looking up at me while she bob foe apples 😉

  • jdmann

    This don’t sound right If you are stuck in a chimney for 3 days you yell, ho..ho..ho..or something you don’t just be quiet and die.

  • Caramel Cat™

    @Mrs. Rance

    Something is fishy here. He knew the woman was trying to break in his house with a shovel and instead of calling the cops he left? And left for so many days that he needed a house sitter? Yeah this is suspicious alright.


    Yeah, something about this isn’t adding up. First, why on earth wouldn’t she be yelling inside the chimney for help and no one hears her. It makes me wonder if she was dead before being dumped down the chimney. And then, he left and didn’t call the police like you said… This doesn’t make sense to me…

    • Mrs. Rance

      You are incorrect. He left before she got in the chimney supposedly, but prior to her climbing on the roof he saw her tryng to get in with a shovel and snuck out the back. Wouldn’t you be afraid she’d break in and steal or destroy your stuff? Would you leave her outside your house with a shovel and never call police?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Just Googled her. She’s black.

    • WTF



      I think we can all agree that stupid, desperate women comes in all nationalities…except me I’ve never done anything stupid regarding a man, yeah right.

    • WhAtsUpwiTHDaT

      You are a damn liar! If she’s black, then that makes me white!

    • shut the fu*ck up

      ck you know with this kindof name “Jacquelyn Kotarac”
      stop the jokes

  • Hope4more

    This is so sad, love is powerful and at times overwhelming, but when someone clearly does not want you anymore and says they are done, move on. Take your love somewhere else to someone that is waiting for it.
    This is a serious and sad situation. R.I.P.

  • B3 Fearless

    This is so sad.

    Once again this situation proves:

    1. Book smarts does not = common sense.

    2. Loving some one to the point of insanity is possible.

    3. Playing with a female’s emotions can be deadly not only for the man, but also the woman.

    This so sad and what a horrible way to die. I wonder how long it took for her to die in that chimney.

    That had to be scary and once she was stuck and came back to reality, having to realize that you just kirked out and are about to die for a man who clearly had been trying to tell her to move on.

    That’s why I don’t play no on again-off again stuff.

    Once we’re done. We’re done!

    Kudos to the guy for at least not bad mouthing her in the press and trying to put the focus on the positive life she lived and not her tragic psychotic ending.

  • Caramel Cat™

    …and, it would take her longer than three days to die like that. She would likely starve to death after so long, but after only 3 days she should have still been alive. You hear of disaster victims surviving under rubble for weeks and they don’t decompose that fast…that woman was murdered and stuffed down that chimney…I smell foul play…

    • AlphaBeta

      She could also have asphyxiated, tiny space, limited fresh air. Could have also been carbon dioxide poisening, breathing in what she expells. Also, rates of decomposition rely on many factors: temperature, moisture, and exposure to bacteria and insects. It truely is a shame that she spent so much energy on making herself a doctor only to throw it away over some man who didn’t care about her. And what a horrid way to die.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    but yes the fact that he left to “avoid confrontation” and the housekeeper and son found her days later sounds strange…

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    SMH, that’s the reason why he didn’t want her a$$ in the first place = because she’s CRAZY!!!

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