A Stroll Down Lover’s Lane: Swizzy, A Keys, And Her Impregnated Thunder Thighs Spotted In Matrimonial Bliss In NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are enjoying married life…taking walks hand-in-hand, eating healthy meals, and the whole nine:

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz returned to one of their favorite N.Y.C. spots – Via dei Mille – for a romantic, and healthy, dinner. The expectant singer and her hubby shared a Caprese salad, mixed vegetable plate and sea bass. “They seemed so in love,” an onlooker says of the two, who held hands off and on during dinner. Says the onlooker: “There was not a moment of silence between the two.”


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  • LuVn_LiFe

    She’s pregnant for gods sake,leave her alone about her thighs.And shes always had big thighs.
    Her sandals are cuTe 🙂

  • yvonne

    Akeys looking good.

  • Tasha

    NO chemistry whatsoever.
    Meh. She looks uncomfortable on account of being heavy with child, he looks uncomfortable on account of the requirement that he has to always be next to her.
    I give it a yr, then, hello, everybody gonna be like, “Whoa……………………..”

    • Whatev

      Seriously… Doesn’t he look like he wants to run away?

    • kelly

      If that satisfies you and make you feel good to think that way so be it. Clearly you did not read the article, if you can call it that SMDH. You folks kill me. It’s called pictures in motion, you will get good and bad shots.

    • Don'tlikehaters

      STFU u lonely ignorant little girl

    • C-Dog

      LOL! I thought I was the only one that noticed! She looks like shes taking him to jail lol. I agree, he’s gonna dump her azz just like he did all of the others…

  • iqchick

    Alicia and Swizz look like twins

    • wow!!

      I always thought they look like brother and sister!!!

  • It's Me

    my baby looking good. Luving those thick thighs…


    They look really happy, since I’m not God, and have sinned myself I will not be casting any stones at either of them.

    • sweetness

      Thank you!!!

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  • Whatev

    “Homewrecking, Courtesy of Ms. Keys.”

    “I got the Keys to your (wrecked) home!”

    “Home professionally wrecked by Alicia Keys.”

    “We will, we will WRECK YOU.”

    just a couple o’ slogans off the top for her website/ business cards.

    • It's Me

      you forgot one. and it reads “all the haters are kiss my azz”

    • Whatev

      Nah, that one is boring, overused and grammatically incorrect. Plus no one wants to be her so therefore there are no “haters”.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      Your giving her too much credit. No one can do anything you a person that they don’t allow. Wasn’t the first time Swizz stepped out on her and if it weren’t ALicia, it would’ve been anyone else. He was unhappy and Mashonda was a convenient door mat for him to wipe his feet on whenever he felt the need to.

      No one’s fault but her own. Maybe she will learn and move on. Maybe she will be someone elses door mat. Who knows.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      ^^^to a person.

    • MONET


    • Mock Rock Star

      😆 @ Whatev

  • It's Me

    can kiss my azz.

  • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher

    ^^ TAKE A BOW

    ^^ Get Knocked Up First..

  • I heard that!

    They irritate me. This marriage wont last for many reasons. Yeah, I said so.

    1) shes bi-sexual/gay

    2) hes not mature yet (2-3 baby mamas with unresolved issues)

    3) shes more mature than him
    and controlling

    4)They werent equally yolked

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    she’s always had fat knees and cankle’s now it’s worse lol homewreckin hobags unite!

  • Crystal

    Love it AK looks beautiful as usual. The difference between Alicia and other pregnant women? When she has the twins!! she will have a chef, a trainer and a nutritionist to help her get it off. Probably be in better shape that she was before. Gotta love that the haters heads are spinning once again, as Alicia and Swizz continue to live their lives to the fullest. I guess it makes some people feel better about their own lives if they think they can predict the downfall of others, but you forget one thing, you are not in charge of the outcome and you never will be, so fortunately what you people think will or will not happen doesn’t count. Continue to enjoy your pregnancy Alicia, these are the memories that count.

  • *she rocks*

    I’m sorry I don’t mean to hate, but the more I see these two together, the more Swizzy looks uncomfortable, forced and it seriously looks like she is more in love than him. I have absolutely nothing against them, but the guy is just not in love…maybe the idea of Alicia Keys was exciting in the beginning but now reality is hitting him… I feel so sad for Mizz Keys!

    • mikki hunter

      he really does look like he on a leash or some…poor thing

  • peace2peace


    • Natalie

      She doesn’t need it, especially if she is not performing and putting heat in her hair. Her hair is beautiful on it’s own.

    • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher

      Mistreses RULE…Baby !!!

      Have You Hugged a Mistress Today…


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  • Don'tlikehaters

    I understand why there are million youtube vidoes of little girls fighting on the web! Women are some insecure, jealous, devious, thirsty, hating beast! I am soooo glad I am secure in mine that I don’t have to knock a successful, talented, beautiful woman to make myself feel better!

    • Simone

      Girl you could not say it any better, and then they wonder why their daughters grow up to have such low self esteem. Unbelievable.

    • MsRachael

      I know thats right! I wish there were more females out here who weren’t jealous, hateful green eyed demons.

    • sweetesttyboo

      Please, people are entitled to there opinion, just as you are. So kill all that black women insecurity crap. Futhermore because someone dont agree with ur opinion dont mean that they are hating or insecure.

    • *she rocks*

      I’m sorry but a woman with a high self-esteem does not settle for a man with 3 baby mommas and one he had while they were still together, while he was still with his wife. she may be all that you mentioned but I gotta question how she feels about herself to settle for a man like that!


    @michelle how long do you think alicia and swizz will last?


    LOL @ iqchick and wow!!! They do look like siblings!!

  • Michelle

    @superboy I am not God, I don’t guess on other peoples happiness. Sorry!!

  • Tina

    Your self hatred is evident. People like you need to be burned, because you hate yourself and your color so much. Such a crying shame.

  • Mrs. Rance

    lol. I see the haters still hatin. Poor thangs. What must if feel like to be mad about other people’s sh*t? That has to be hella stressful.

    • CaptainRoastAHo

      How Long Do You Think Alicia Keys And Swizz BEatz Will Last?

    • Mrs. Rance

      How the heck am I supposed to know? I don’t know these people. All I know is that they look like to cute little love birds right at the moment. And I am happy for them while still being somewhat sympathetic to the ex who was trying to hold on to a relationship where she was in love and her partner wasn’t.

  • Selena

    awww!! she looks so pretty, she is adorable pregnant. I wish them both the very best, that is going to be one lucky little baby and his kids are also lucky to have Alicia as a stepmom. I noticed that the oldest son is always with them.

  • http://nELLiE NELLIE

    Wow. I just read these comments and it seems to me like Alicia Keys “PR” ppl are working hard on keeping her image up. Group…ppl are entitled to their opinions. Was she wrong?… Personally I think so… but then again only one person has to live with her decision. When your in the public eye and your man isn’t legally divorced yet; expect comments like this to come about . Sorry “team Alicia” but its true!!

    • sweetesttyboo

      preach, LOL at alicia key or her PR team.

    • Sandra

      PR my a** so if people don’t hate on her it’s her PR team? you folks kill me. You don’t like her we do plain and simple. I don’t have to agree with everything she does to like her. I don’t agree with everything my sister or brother does but it does not make me dislike them.Some of you people are speaking from a truly hateful place not surface but deep down and thats sad that you have that much hatred for someone that you don’t know and don’t even know that you exist, THAT IS A PROBLEM PEOPLE. It’s one thing to say I can’t stand what she did or I don’t like her music but some of the comments are from a deeper place and that is sad.

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