Cash Money Tells Lil’ Weezy to Sit His Ass Down

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Cash Money records has re-signed Lil’ Wayne to a long term, multi-album deal. Due to the recent success of his Carter III album, the record company figured it was in their best interest to retain the services of their top artist. Click here for more on Weezy’s new deal.

Kudos to Weezy for remaining loyal to the label that gave him his start in the industry.  We look forward to many more sizzurp-influenced albums.

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • BE (birthday in 5 days)

    That was just a smart business move on the Cash Moneys part…no news here..NEXT!

  • Bird

    Well I hope he got a hell or a deal. He’s earned it.

  • Bird

    A hell of a deal that is.

  • MissSippi

    Ha! Ha! That’s what’s up!

  • Its the Foosa

    smart for Cash Money, but was it a smart move for Weezy?

  • Oshie (” I am sick and tired of these muthaf*ckin snakes! On this muthaf*ckin PLANE!! *)

    I, for one, am also looking forward to sizzurp.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Who cares, deep south rap is sh*tty!

  • Aunt Viv

    co-sign Bird

  • leave it be (STILL searching for some jelly beans)

    why does Baby always look like a “sad clown” or an unopened clam? ewwww 😦

  • Divab

    Of course he’s going to stay with them.. He gotta stay wit his ‘daddy’! LOL

  • Nita

    I thought Weezy and Birdman were wife and husband? Why would a couple leave one another instead of support one another?

    The only time Weezy leaving Cash Money is if him and Birdman are on the outs.

  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Lil Wayne is garbage hopefully cash money folds and lil wayne goes bankrupt.

  • Candy


  • H2H

    @JorgeOoOoOo(Check me out!)

    Lil Wayne is garbage hopefully cash money folds and lil wayne goes bankrupt.


    Wow! Tell us how you really feel. SMH.

  • BBC - Afiya

    I like some of the songs on Weezy’s CD…thanks to my son for playing it way too much and now I damn near know some of the words 😦

  • Flawdagurl~tell em'


    does your son give you a hard time and do he imitate what he hears from wayne

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    What the?

  • Flawdagurl~tell em'


  • Lady Shady

    Family is forever

  • megirl

    Cash Money is just like Death Row and Bird is just like Suge. Weezy can’t go anywhere else because he’s Birds biotch. Any of you remeber the photo of them kissing? I actually feel sorry for Weezy because he is more than likely stuck in a situation that he does not want to be in.

  • JJ

    Damn, that means more slurred songs, and words that are comprehendible, from this guy. Damn you CMR!

  • DieVerse

    And this is news because….? It’s not like we ever thought dude was leaving Cash Money. But I definetly dont look forward to his next LP, im about done with those f-ing tracks he puts out. All trash no relevance.

  • always knew

    I know that every body loves weezy, but dude is a walking minstrel show…Another court case, drug bust, etc……NEXT!….

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