Drake Shoots A Kodak Commercial And Rihanna Dons Her Military Blues For Battleship

- By Bossip Staff

The “Fireworks” may have gone out for Drizzy and RihRih but both of their acting careers are burning pretty hot right now. Drake was photographed shooting a Kodak commercial at Radio City Music Hall, check out more pictures of him, and Rihanna heading to work for “Battleship” below!

They might not be the deepest muhfuggas on the planet but guess them deep pockets make up for it… Keep on making it rain on them hoes!!!

Bauer Griffin/Pacific Coast News

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    2 of my favs. good look.

  • Tracy

    Ewww Rihanna, you look bad.

  • http://www.myhairparadise.com www.myhairparadise.com

    OMG thank goodness she is back with the black hair…..check out myhairparadise dot com and see why we had to Recall rihanna’s look

  • uo87

    show your love and respect to our military heroes.

    ‘ ___________blackmilitaryfriends.c-/0m ____________

    show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • ..

    oh the Battleship thing was actually for real. haha…ok

  • aries79

    Lol… Yes make it rain on them hoes Rih 
    and Drake !!!

  • HaterAllDay

    Great… another talentless singer taking away acting from a professional. smh

  • fancy


  • cmncmdh

    WTF?! She’s suppose to be a Naval officer? Wrong color for her name patch on the back of her pants first of all, and she’s not suppose to walk around without the NWU blouse on. She’s f***ing out of regs. If your going to play dress up in my uniform show some respect and do it the right way. Its called research and any simpleton can Google “REG’S FOR THE NAVY NWU’S” and learn what is acceptable. Smdh just pure disrespect.

    • cmncmdh

      and now I know her cakes are extra flat b/c I know they fitted that uniform to her body and anyone who has an a** doesnt have their pants fitting like that, lmao

    • cmncmdh

      Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you dont cover underway. SMDH.

  • kammy

    Yes you are lying!! Because her millions and millions of dollars in her bank account shuts you right up!! Lets see Rihanna is the new face for gucci, and she is the spokeswoman for Doritos and Pepsi and her albums never Flops!!! Or her singles!! Lets not forget her Perfume deals!! and her up and coming Fashion Line for Barneys New York and H&M(for us small girls) So hi Hater!!

  • Kera

    I love both Drake and Rihanna. I wish them both success!

  • Terri

    Her hair brown.

    And I’m pretty sure that Rihanna’s not responsible for wardrobe.

  • cmncmdh

    Also would like to point out she is wearing the wrong working boots for being on board a Navy ship. 🙂 Lol

  • fulalalala

    there are too many things wrong with how rihanna’s wearing that uniform, from the faddish hair cut on top down to the boots that are a, unauthorized on ships, and B, aren’t even inspection-ready, with the large tear in the back. I agree with all of my other shipmates that commented, as an african american female in the navy, if you’re gonna try to do us, do us right, not like a SHITBAG

    • cmncmdh

      That was put perfectly.

  • Oh Well...


    thank you for your service love…it is much appreciated. I know I don’t have what it takes to serve in the forces and I also know you’ve probably sacrafices A LOT to do what you do.

    having said that I think you were being a bit harsh on Rihanna since she still has no say in the costume she wears in her role…alas, your comment was not that offensive, you were just making an observation I was mostly talking to the person calling her a “b!tch” just because the wardrobe designer failed to do his/her job.

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