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Chris Brown Lands First #1 Hit In Four Years (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Only ‘Ever So Slightly’ Tapped The Baby Stroller (GO)

Gucci Mane’s New Ferrari 458 Italia Recalled [Video] (GO)

Wiz Khalifa Ft. French Montana (GO)

Katy Perry’s Hairy Support (GO)

Dame Dash Discusses Why 90s Artists Dropped The Ball: “We Could Have Things On Lock” [Video] (GO)

Rihanna Confuses The Proper Naval Salute With Giving The Finger (GO)

‘To Catch A Predator’ Host Chris Hansen’s Arrest For Molestation Was A Hoax (GO)

Khloe Kardashian ‘Feeds’ On The Hate (GO)

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    I like that song….check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

    • Nostradamus

      he has a very sensual voice.. now if he throw so bleach whiten on them teeth he’ll be good to go

  • lynette

    i am happy for breezy!! stay on your grind chris!! DEUCES

  • MsRachael

    Good for him! I like that song too.

  • danimoni

    I am happy for him TEAM BREEZY ALL THE WAY!!!!!


      Let me ride wit’cha!!!

  • babysis

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  • Lisa

    Good for Chris! I hope he keeps his nose clean and stays his ars out of trouble.


    Corny azz nucca…. 😈



  • navygirl

    ummm it has not been four yrs trust me i know its only been two his last number one hit was in 2008 with….kiss kiss forever and with you dont try and play cbreezy like that!

  • TMoney253

    I thought Rihanna was his last hit?

    • Nostradamus

      LMAO,U know yo a ss wrong for saying dat s hit ROTF

  • jstray

    Good for him.


    DEUCES….Stay striving Chris some folks want ever forgive, but the one that really matter already has, and the one that can and will judge you on the day of judgement forgave the very moment you repented in your prayer closet fluck the rest….Love you Breezy!!!

  • marry

    ┴┬┴┬/ ̄\_/ ̄\
    ┬┴┬┴▏  ▏▔▔▔▔\
    ┴┬┴/\ /      ﹨
    ┬┴∕       /   )
    ┴┬▏        ●  ▏
    ┬┴▏           ▔█◤
    ┴◢██◣       \__/
    ┬█████◣       /
    ◥◢████ ████████◤   \
    ┴█████ ██████◤

  • Geronimo Deuces

    go chris go i love you

  • Leo Lover

    @nastradumas He has a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. What does your grill look like?

  • Ciana

    Chris Brown is back people #teambreezy ALL DAY!

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      All day everyday…………

  • janet

    I love you Chris. Congratulations!!!

  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

    Let not judge…..Only god can

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