Kanye West Apologizes To Taylor Swift Via Twitter: “It Starts With This, I’m Sorry Taylor…”

- By Bossip Staff

Next weekend marks the one year anniversary of but apparently Taylor Swift has not.

Kanye West has decided to open up and break down his “LAYERS” on Twitter which leads to him apologizing to Taylor Swift.

Kanye West is working for his second chance but taking that moment away from Taylor Swift, she will never forget that nor will the world but at least it’s a start… Right!??!

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  • Tracy

    Awww. Ive been waiting for this apology. 🙂

    Thanks Kanye, America is proud.

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    • you're not too bright

      hmmmm…just in time for THIS year’s upcoming VMA’s, hunh Kanye??? Not at all slick homie.

    • MsRachael


  • deanna

    still got luv for u kanye…i hope you learn from the situation….

  • uglyusername

    why on twitter??? publicity stunt uh?

    • O really?

      I co-sign.. didnt this crap happen over a year ago and didnt he apologize? enough already!! yawn!!!

  • Keep it Real

    That’s pretty much all you can do brah. Apologize, say I’m sorry…try to be a better person. You’re not always the coolest and smartest person in the room. Opinions of others, different from yours, are relevant. I’m starting to respect this guy. Actions speak louder than words in my book. We shall see.

  • sportstalk23

    Ok didn’t all this apologizing happen last year and that tweet should have said Bish where’s my thank you gift bag for creating one of the greatest career boost anybody will ever see
    It was a stupid typical VMA stunt like the many that show has had but,the reaction to it was way overblown like Kanye stabbed Taylor on stage or tossed her puppy in a lake
    This was like the 4th time he hopped on stage dumb like that it wasn’t new

    • Lisa

      Hello! While it was wrong for him to do her like that, but her career surely went threw the roof thanks to Kanye. Before that incident, nobody outside of country music knew who a Taylor Swift was.

  • Bgash

    Good job Kanye! It says alot about where you’ve been and where you’re planning to go.

  • Mecca

    humble? working on his ego? lmbo!!!. now before anyone says i’m a hater, check yo self. i’m a real ye fan and i know a few people working in the industry right now, so i realize how hypocritical his tweets really are. i got a suggestion ye, u wanna start with something…start with apologizing for being such an a$$hole to those who work around u!

  • plsstop

    If you have anything negative to say about him kill yourself pls!

    • lisa

      sure hope u lead by example….

  • imjustsayin

    lol she need to be tweetin him a thank you note
    the bish became a pop-country sensation over night thanks to him and she cant carry a tune i a fckin bucket..tht hoe got to many sympathy awards for that stunt and thats the only thing that pissed me off
    it was wrong but
    i been over this no need for more apologies

  • drenk

    damn the illjewminati is really crackin the whip on kanye

  • i know the truth

    sheep abound!!

  • Ciana

    its done and over with Taylor cant be too mad she made millions of the incident.

  • Ciana

    its done and over with Taylor cant be too mad she made millions off the incident.

  • Sigh

    I believe him. Good for him. Now he’s a man.

  • http://gboogie.net missmiss7

    Kanye, it’s been a year!!! Why so long for the apology? Publicity?

    FREE business credit instruction at gboogie . net !

  • imjustsayin

    ho shut up he apologized to her a week after the incident she said it herself
    how about you know what the fck your talking about next time
    k thanxs

  • sunflower

    Forget taylor. Kanye has been cool with me since that katrina telethon. if kid rock or eminem(?) Had done this people wouldve laughed cause its their “bad boy” image. With Kanye its was more like a big black ninja attacking this little ivory princess. He was rude but the reaction was over the top.

    • Beanie

      He doesn’t need to apologize again after all this time. Someone is telling him to do this. It’s OVER let it be over. If he really wants to stir things up they should start dating. 🙂
      I don’t understand how he got on stage anyway, he was clearly wasted – he arrived on the red carpet with a huge bottle of Jack Daniels or something. Amber was holding him up when they arrived! I thought these shows were so careful now about live televised shows? It seems to me that it was either agreed he would do that or a set up. Soooo…Janet..will you be apologizing again too? LOL!

  • real deals

    ha ha i’m a ho for having a opinion, takes one to know one.

  • Whateva'

    Good for you, Kanye…

  • jj

    the same thing goes out to your UGLY A S S MOM

  • jj

    i will forever support kanye he speaks the truth he just dont know how to do it the right way or the right times i think he has mature but that vma thing was never about race he was just being a jackazz to the little innocent white girl and all of a sudden he is a racist big black meany GTFO

  • Mrs. Rance

    I think he is sincere. He got a serious public thrashing over that ridiculous stunt. Hell the first black president himself called him a jerk. That had to hurt. I’m glad he said it and I bet Taylor is too.

  • luckydav

    & I suppose some of y’all think he is a good role model for your children.

  • luckydav

    Don’t want to hear him, don’t want to see him & I regret the 99 cents I spent to download Heartless.

  • Love

    Why is he still referring to people as “haters” if he recognizes that he was wrong? I hate apologies with such undertones.

    I forgave Kanye a long time ago.

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