Common Mistake: Lebron James Family Portrait Minus Savannah Brinson But He Has His Trophies!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Lebron James posted his family portrait on his Twitter page. It’s him, the babies and his trophies.. That’s It!!!
What’s Wrong With This Picture?!??

NBC had jokes:

As Sportress of Blogitude points out, why did LeBron take his kids to Sears for their family portrait? And apparently when he went out the door, he grabbed his trophies instead of his girlfriend. Common mistake.



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  • RedBoi

    Damn Savannah gwarl you need to leave him, his trophies mean more than you to him. Either get your ring or get out, save what’s left of your dignity

    • Guoduan

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    • OMG!!!!!!!!

      his trophies mean more to him then his sons too cuz hes actually holding them….


    I think that he proveed his point to those that are looking for where and what state of mind does he have. It makes him look stupid and put him on the same level as Michael the cheater Jordan and all of the other losers.

    Savannah and her children, deserve more respect then this. LeBoBo, you are a creep and a big jerk.

    • Chance

      stupid females thinks you know everything ? first of bron bron DID a family photo first then he did THIS photo u guys are jelous Idio.t,s. so just because he twitter a photo it means he is threatin her bad !?! SMH black women ?!?!

  • C'mon Now

    Im not mad at him. Women like Savannah and Kim Porter and Im sure there are plenty of others know what kind of men that they decided to lay down with. We all know that it is what it is and they (the women) made a decision to accept it.

    • http://derrifrancis Derri

      Agree and disagree. Yes these women should know about this industy by now, but Lebron been with this woman before the fame and I’m sure promises were made. He is so wrong for the way that he treated this woman, but hey she is so beautiful and will too find another maybe better. He’ll regret it soon

  • TastesMinty2010

    The man is proud of his sons first and trophies.

  • sunflower

    Bron – the 80’s called and said they wanted their suit back. Why is everyone so eager for them to get hitched. We know this story line right? Young standout gets young girlfriend pregnant she creates a “security blanket” by having not one but TWO kids with a man that has not expressed a willingness to commit. In the next episode young standout discovers world and groupies with new money. He realizes what he can have v/s what’s at home then decides to move on. Next episode standout and young girlriend split. Standout enters a relationship willingly not out of obligation. Young girlfriend moves on but is satisfied cause she knew without 2 obligations she would have been out of the picture a while ago. She has successfully created a lifetime link to standout her mission was accomplished. Did I miss anything?

    • She said it.

      No. That just about sums it up.

    • Chance


  • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

    There we go with the hate. No one knows the reason behind the picture yet we have people calling him names already. Where does it say girlfriends are supposed to be in every portrait? She’s a baby mama and not his wife. Even if she was his wife, they can decide to have boys only picture day and there won’t be anything wrong with that. How do we know savannah wasn’t on vacation when this picture was taken? SMH @ the hate. Black people spend more time and energy hating than loving each other and that’s the sad truth.

    • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

      How do we know Savanna wasn’t the one telling the kids to say CHEEEESE!!

  • Sigh

    I agree with you. The men in my family do that as well. Its a great pic and his boys are soo cute.

  • thisizkim

    hahahahahahhahaha!!!! That is hilarious!!!

    His sons are to cute though!

  • sunflower

    Forgot to say the boys look and are dressed cute. That suit is another story

  • koolvakat

    Nothing wrong with taking a picture with his boys. It’s done all the time

  • amyee81

    i agree. i think its supposed to be him and his little princes.

  • JECCA111

    Soooooo, he can’t take a picture without her. This is to stupid. There is no law that says he’s has to have her in every picture. He loves her ladies…get over it. But i will say this, the guy is a loser and that beard makes his long ugly chin look even longer and uglier.

  • JECCA111

    Oh…and that suit?….nuh uh

  • Geroge

    Cute baby and he has the same skin tone as my nephew. I had to say that since it was in the other thread.

    Sadly this thread wont get as many hits as the swirl ones, but we see you Lebron. They making fun of him cause he aint white my dude, but he shake the hate off and keep it moving, black men been doing that for years. Shake off the hate and keep it positive, might even buy a lebron jersey.

  • Brooklyn

    no b.s. he look like that dude thats suing his mother and claiming to be his father in this pic

  • loving it

    the post said family, may be he just wanted him and his kids in the picture who cares.

  • kelton

    dude this pic is BS…this pic is old and was takin during the time when he first won his second mvp award.around the month of not a lebron fan but stop tryin 2 start something!

  • kale

    This picture was taken the day he won his second MVP award. His girlfriend was their and they took a family photo which was on You are all haters

  • rosshell

    they are not married and he can take pictures without her they have some understanding shes not complaining stop trying to start mess with him and his GIRLFRIEND NOT WIFE…they are good

  • LMAO


  • BelizeanCutie

    Cute pix. Those boys are so handsome …

  • sportstalk23

    Everyone does those kind of pictures when I graduated in May we took family pics but we also did the women of the family and then me with the men of the family
    Trust I am no fan of this dude but it could be something for her to have of all her dudes just a thought
    Frankly the most crazy thing going on is that suit ol boy wearing WTF is that dude
    Where were you going to Fantasy Island or the Love Boat lol

  • Bopa

    Sometimes it seems like he doesn’t really like her. I don’t know how to express it I guess. I’ve seen award shows where Lebron is sitting front row with a male friend and Savannah is sitting 5 rows back. Or Lebron is thanking people and he goes through everyone and either forgets Savannah or thanks her as an ‘oh before I forget’. I’m hoping that the actual family pic is on the wall at home. The only question I have is why is Lebrons mouth open?

  • JP

    those boys look just like their mother…too cute…wish she could’ve been in the picture though

  • nwilson

    I think that people are to mind their own damn business. People are so concerned about him taking pictures at sears, at least he can afford it, CAN YOU? Must not because you’re on the computer all damn day and night to be working!!!!

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