Joe Jackson Says Azz Whoopins Kept Michael Outta Gangs

- By Bossip Staff

Azz whoopin’s are the new gang busters. Only a week after The King Of Pop’s birthday, Jo Jackson has come out to say that beatin’ Mike’s azz actually saved him.

The interview with Joe was shot by over the summer and will be used as part of a movie Katherine Jackson is producing with Howard Mann.

In the clip, an interviewer asks Joe what he thinks about Michael’s past comments about Joe’s parenting — alluding to allegations of physical abuse. Joe says, “I had to be like that because when raising him, in those days, so many gangs out there getting into trouble, going to jail. Most of them are dead now. He didn’t have to worry about that.”

The interviewer also asked if Joe had any regrets, “No! They tried to make a big issue when I spanked Michael or some of the kids, ya know? Just like they didn’t spank their kids when they did wrong. The media twists everything.”

We’re not so sure about that one Joe… Maybe it wasn’t the azz whoopins that kept him out of gangs. Maybe his desire to escape them encouraged him to work hard and get away from yo crazy azz. Just sayin.


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  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    This is the first and probably the last time I’d agree with the author of this post. Beating children is overrated and wrong. It makes kids feel unloved and like everything is their fault. Once in a while, an appropros slap in the appropriate place, ok, but belts and sticks are ABUSIVE!

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  • Coi

    I’d like to hear him justify accusing his children of sleeping with each other. While some of the children might say the beatings weren’t “bad”..Micheal could have been singled out and recieved the worst beatings, it happens. Joe should have said this when Micheal was here to respond.

  • ya dont say!

    And Joe Jackson is the reason why Michael was the way that he was. And the is not a compliment

  • Georgia

    Joe Jackson is crazy plain and simple. Michael had the talent and desire to achieve what he wanted early on in his life. I don’t think Michael would have ended up on a gang. Michael saw his own talent when he was a little boy.

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  • luckydav


  • baybaybay

    I think papa joe gets a bad rap yes he was hard on them but he was raising six boys he had to be firm that’s what’s wrong with kids today they didn’t have a firm father figure. Joe didn’t abandon his family he stayed alot of men walk out on family would’ve left the mother to raise six boys alone he didn’t do that.

    • Cole Brown


  • Joe Jackson Says Azz Whoopins Kept Michael Outta Gangs

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  • *Casonovette*

    But wait a minute…..

    Wasn’t he vehemently DENYING ever touching Micheal about a year ago when accusations targeting him of this?

    So now he “did” whoop his huh??

    Psst….I thought his old died anyway.

  • suga

    The thing is, nobody knows exactly what went on in the Jackson house except for the Jacksons. While I don’t condone beating a child until they are black and blue, or beating them for every little thing they do, I do agree with a** whoopings. I got them and so did most other kids I grew up with. To be honest,if there was more “Joe Jackson” dicipline in households today, these kids wouldn’t be the way they are. Kids these days have no manners, and no respect for adults. That’s largely because these trifflin parents are not parents these days. They just reproduce, spitting out a bunch of kids and then they are too lazy and sorry to do anything with them. It’s sad how Michael turned out, but I’m not mad at any parent who puts a foot in their childrens a** to keep them on the right path.

  • Rene

    Thank You Mr Jackson for disciplining your children . you could teach all these lazy parents a thing or two.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Uhhh, what you’ve just cited as ritualistic sacrifices were in reality, two individuals who died due to drug abuse, and the other is a recoverin’ drug abuser. Hate to break it to ya’, Somali, but Killuminati is just that – The partial title of a post-humous 2pac CD. 😆

  • imjustsayin

    i dont reallt think joe was physically abusive i think he was just extremely intimidating i think his presence alone would leave michael a complete reck i dont just blame the beatings on michaels personal dysfunctions joe just never gave him the opportunity to be a kid MJ had the stress of a grown man in show biz at the age of 8 and his dad never stepped up as the adult to insure he could have some balance of being a celebrity and a kid
    greed completely took over i respect him for staying around and some what raising his kids but joe wasnt that great of a father he might have been a big factor in michael’s career and ultimate success but he was also a huge factor in michaels social down falls
    he stop being the protector and became a leech a long time ago

  • kristina

    Jow was tough but i think he really wnated the best for his family.

  • I'mJustSayin (the original, not the imitator)

    I’ve heard many a black man attribute his success in life to the a** whoopins he received back in the day. So there is a lot of truth in that part of Joe Jackson’s statement. But just like anything else, he might have taken them too far. I also believe there were a lot of deragatory statements made in the Jackson household against dark-complected skin, as ALL of the siblings ended up with a color complex. Even the ones who didn’t bleach their skin only had relationships with light-skinned people.


    I like how now that Mike’s dead he’s talking smack. But when he was looking forward to Michael spreading around that money, he knew well enough to keep his yap shut. Whateva, n*gga.

  • STFU

    LOL i just imagined michael jackson as a crip or blood.

  • Pleezzz

    I am wit cha Joe, BEAT That AZZ!
    look how out of hand things got when they made it against the law! Gangs, drugs, and a high rate of disrespect for the black woman every where!

    If Joe did beat that Azz Michael would have been in a gang or flipping burgers!

  • Don

    Joe got him killed too.he was worth more to joe dead than alive. ..who is getting paid off of his death….joe is

    • kristina

      everyone is gettioff of his death so why not his family? as long as it’s done respectful i don’t see the problme. This was a clip taken form a film michael’s mother katherine is producing.

  • GIFT

    i agree with spanking and disciplining children, but there’s a difference between that and just plain abuse. I feel that Joe may have meant well at certain times, but he let alot of things get to him, and he probably just took that out on his family. THat is not right to do, and in the long run, kids normally act out due to that kind of situation. I agree that spanking children ultimately is not enough, but at an early enough age, it can deter them from being public enemy number one when they grow up.

  • You are not alone anymore

    Joe never left his Family,He might of did Katherine wrong and hurt her feelings,but he never left His family and he always tried his best to have a roof over their heads,Yes,when i look in Joe’s eyes,I see heartless,souless,uncaring grief. but back in the day,Parents were more stricter and less soft,Now-a-days,Parents are Lazy and not doing their job,They’d rather be Their kids’ friends than get on the belt,It’s sad,Joe was trying to protect his kids’ from preventing that from happeneing,but I think Joe did it Terribly. I’m not sure where the Love is in his heart. but you really scared michael,Joe. No one’s twisting anything around,It’s not what you did to your boys’,it’s how you did it.

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