WTF?! Chicago Gangs Hold A Press Conference To Tell Cops “You’re Not Playing Fair!”

- By Bossip Staff

Thursday’s media event was attended by some participants who described themselves as current gang members, though others said they left gangs and are now community activists devoted to stopping violent crime.

Activist Wallace Bradley said the recent emphasis on gang leaders by police is misplaced, and instead, the focus of resources should be on saving those who want to improve their lives.

“Those of us assembled here, we go out and speak to 10 people and say, ‘Don’t do this,'” Bradley said. “If there are two who say they won’t listen, we thank God for the eight who do.”

But experts say Weis’ tactic of meeting with gang leaders – whether formally with top administrators or at the neighborhood level – is just part of good police work.

At least 50 jurisdictions nationwide use the approach. In Cincinnati, Chief Tom Streicher Jr. attends similar meetings, and the Los Angeles Police Department has started using the approach.

Among the pioneers was the Boston Police Department. In the early 1990s when the city’s murder rate hovered around 150 a year, the department launched Operation Ceasefire, which continues today.

Parolees and other alleged criminals attend meetings with prosecutors where they’re warned of consequences and given jobs information. Police say it has helped cut Boston’s homicide rate. Last year the department reported 49.

Still, criticism in Chicago has continued. Gov. Pat Quinn said that he didn’t think meeting with gang leaders was “the way to go,” and suggested, instead, that police should focus on going after guns on the streets.

Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti said Weis shouldn’t have been there with reputed gangsters, saying his presence at the meeting “made them equal.”

Some of the scrutiny could simply be because it was Weis’ idea.

Since he took over in 2008, the department has been wary of Weis, a career FBI agent who continues to be seen as an outsider by many rank and file officers.

Weis noted the program hasn’t incurred big costs and that if it doesn’t work, the department will drop it. He said he thinks his presence at the meeting made it more meaningful and that attendees were chosen because of their influence.

Overall, Chicago’s homicide rate has mirrored national trends and dropped significantly since the 1990s. It fell from a high of 943 in 1992 to 460 last year and has held steady in recent years.

But if residents and police need evidence that the city remains a dangerous place for officers – four officers were killed in the line of duty this year – they found it Wednesday morning. Two plainclothes officers were shot and wounded while serving a warrant on the city’s South Side.

Weis said the next step is to determine if recent crimes can be traced to gangs at the meeting.

“I don’t view it as the panacea to stop all crimes,” he told the AP. “It certainly seemed like a worthwhile effort, even to try.”

We’re still trying to figure out how a group of people, known for violence and drug dealing can hold a conference to say ANYTHING to the police department. What’s next, the semi-annual pedophile playoffs? SMDH.



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  • Tracy


    • SoKali

      Lock all of em up! Gangs are the worst part about living in a black neighborhood. Got me scared to go places at night.

    • Robert

      Why should cops play fair with gang members. Just shoot them up slap the taste out of their mouth and tell them to shut the F up and go to school and we would be straight. Lucky I am not Mayor of Chicago, it would be 1 8 7 on every gang member till the streets were safe for little girls to go to school. Possession of an illegal weapon would get you 30 years min.

    • 23

      “Not fair”, whatever. Its not fair innocent people are getting killed because of gangs. When those criminals came into that room, the police should have cleaned house and gotten rid of all of them.

  • Tracy


  • Hermrkool1

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  • Nut Sack

    Chicago gang held press conference before.

  • Nut Sack

    The Chicago Police Department has taken some heat from the public and politicians for their secret meeting with Chicago’s gang leaders in August. Some accused the department of “negotiating with urban terrorists,” and now–the gang leaders themselves are criticizing the “gang summit.”

    According to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, the leaders gathered at 10 a.m. at the Columbus Park Refectory on the West Side “to denounce Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis’ threats to crack down on gang leaders.”

    Members of the Vice Lords, Disciples, Kings, Stones, Hustlers, Souls and Cobras were reportedly on hand to share their concern with the public.

    This bizarre press conference is a response to an alleged police department vow to make gang “leaders’ lives miserable” at a secret August meeting. A source told the Sun-Times the police would be using RICO laws to do “everything from towing their cars for parking violations, to ramping up parole visits, to pulling them over repeatedly for traffic stops” if they did not stop the violence.

    Weis and Mayor Daley came out in support of the police tactic, and the tactic has been used for decades to help reduce crime in other cities.

    “It’s a good concept,” Daley said. “You know, sit down with anyone. We’ll negotiate after the second world war. We’ll negotiate with anyone to have peace. Even during the war. So sit down with anyone. If you save one life, if I can save your son’s life, you want me to sit down with them.”

    But gang members on the West Side–which has been particularly violent this summer–feel the department took the wrong approach.

  • rude gurl

    At least their intelligent enough to hold a press conference. More power to em.

  • nana

    PURE Baffonery!

  • willy b hardigan

    I wonder if they realize how sissy they look? Hopefully they have a slumber party next.

  • CuttieJayla

    lol black guys are always killing each other hahahahahahahahaha idiots. I like what they’re doing for once.

    • noloveforthestupid

      if they had any sense they would be killing your kind of. now i can’t wait for that

  • !!!

    Why were these d!ck heads given air time? They are responsible for most of the violence in Chicago. Lock their a$$es up under the RICO Act and call it a day. I don’t give a damn what they have to say when innocent children are being taken out by stray bullets


    WTF!!! is right…. Too many children are dying and this isn’t fair.

    I personally don’t care how the game is played because when innocent kids are being killed indiscriminately the game don’t need to be fair to bring these fools to justice.

    I say if they are in a gang the police can shoot first and ask questions later. Meaning if they are rocking gang affiliation shoot to kill because this is the same way children are being killed.

  • pretty beast

    These dumb @sses!! Just flippin DUMB. U can call press conferences and lead/control entire gangs….sounds like u coulda took yo @ss to college. Essentially you want to be allowed to continue genocide without police interference. GTFOH. Dumb @sses!

  • Geroge

    Gang leaders looking like some slobs and some cartoons. Also, When did it say in the gang member handbook that you talk to cops and tell them that they aren’t playing fair. The whole life and existence of gangs and gangemembers is about not playing fair. When they are about to do drive-by’s, do they let the unsuspecting person or innocent kid who may get hit by a stray know that they are going to shoot up the block. Lock up gang leaders or shoot them and call it a night. Slap up those kids and slap their parents up and we have a day.

  • iRoqq

    Wow. Just Woww. Chicago is still gnna be a foqkd up place.

  • Kaylybb

    This is stupid. And I’m not the only person in Chicago who thinks so. Wth are you doing? Having a press conference/board meeting or whtvr is for civilized conversation. There’s nothing civilized about shooting anyone, KIDS INCLUDED, walking down the street. so many stray bullets have killed so many kids. Police should be at odds with gangs, Not having powwows with them. Stricter laws.

  • ag

    Why don’t they get together and “micromanage” some positive businesses? SMDH@gangs upset that a police chief told black men to stop killing each other. Register some voters and leave that self-hating hood mentality behind.

  • ka$H

    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read…



  • the other me

    uhhhhh…really? what’s next? Inmates start complaining about the food being served behind bars?

  • think about it

    If you would read the article the are not complaining about the police doing their job they are complaining about gang leaders being responsible for other gang members action. Thats just like saying if your child go out kill someone, they will charge the parents instead of the child; because parents’ are responsible for the action of their child. Yes I wish they will stop the B.O.B. killing. But if all the king leaders are locked up then who will they lock up if another gang member kill someone. I think they need to focus more on cleaning up the streets and education. Develop programs that give our black boy & girls role models to look up to beside the local drug dealer or t.v. rappers.

  • mouth

    Most of these KIDS just want a family. The gangs give them what they THINK is one. They just see it as taking up for family.

    We should just make sure they have other things to be involved in that’ll give them that same feeling of FAMILY.

    Boys and Girls club does that a LOT. They just need more financial support.

    Wish i had it to give them…

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