Regina King Blasts The Emmy’s For Being ‘White As Ever’ After They Mistake Her For Rutina Wesley

- By Bossip Staff

Long-time actress Regina King shared how she REALLY felt about the 62nd Annual Prime Time Emmy awards in an open letter. According to her, not only did they publish pictures of actress Rutina Wesley and say it was her, but they have also snubbed black actors over the years with no sign of improvement ahead.

In Regina’s letter, she begins by addressing the obvious: When it comes to minorities on the small screen, something is not right in Hollywood. She wrote:

Since the Emmy ceremony, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should compose this letter. I try hard in my daily life not to engage in uncomfortable situations regarding race. But sometimes it’s very difficult to find other reasons that better explain why certain events play out the way they do. It is impossible for me to ignore the published statistics regarding the number of people of color mentioned, celebrated or honored in the history of the televised Emmys. Up to and including this year, there have been only 53 non-white actors nominated for Emmys out of nearly 1,000 possible nominations in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy.

I’ve worked in television nearly all of my professional life, and that statistic is quite sobering to me. And to add injury to my already sensitive nerve endings a picture of Rutina Wesley from True Blood, who attended this year’s Emmys, had a caption that read: “Regina King enters the 62nd Emmys.” No, I wasn’t there. Mistakes happen, right? Well after a few “mistakes” of how people of color are portrayed in the Hollywood media, I decided it was important to say something about how things go down in Hollywood.

Regina went on to chide The Emmy’s for failing to include long time minority actress Alaina Reed in their memoriam of great contributors to television. Reed played opposite Regina on 227 as family friend Rose and spent 12 years as Gordon’s friendly wife on Sesame Street. She died of cancer late last year.

Other black actors were also snubbed by the Emmy’s this year. However, the snubs didn’t come as a shock considering the fact that previous critically-acclaimed series, “The Wire,” which also boasted a mostly African-American cast, only earned two nominations during its six-year-run.

According to Variety, since 1986, non-white actors have received only 53 nominations out of nearly 1000 in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy. Only eight have ever won.


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  • its whatever man

    waaaaaaaaaaah, shut up. By the way, The Wire was a GREAT show.

  • Hey There

    yeah but if she was just an everyday woman walking the streets you’d be calling her ho.

  • forealydoe

    I knew the emmys were full of it when the Wire never won anything. I never really gave a s h I t about award shows but I guess if acting was my profession I would be more sensitive to the subject. Mistaking Regina King for someone else is just sad at this point in her career.
    I never heard of Runtina Wesley but just looking at her picture she’s alright with me. I’d clear my schedule for a Regina and Rutina 5th wheel/Elimidate type situation.

  • deelucious

    Maybe she’s looking too much into this and crying racism. But maybe it’s a case of “oh it’s just some black actress, what’s her name again? Oh they all look the same.”
    Why don’t we just have our own awards for this sort of thing?
    But I don’t know much about this subject so I will remain neutral.

    • Lena

      Well deeluscious, that’s the muthafukin’problem. Regina King has been in the game for 20+ years…how dare they mistake her for someone who doesn’t look like her, does not have comparable skills (I love “Tara” but her acting skills could benefit from a coach), and who hasn’t been on the scene as long?? WTF?!?
      It is a slap in the face to Regina, who has been in the industry since she was a child.

      I wish muthafukas would stop down-playing serious shyt and chalking it up to “racial bitterness”. Bytch, quit taking the struggle and making it out as insignificant and give credit where it’s due.

    • deelucious

      I considered both sides to the story and like I said I don’t know much on the subject. There was no need to call me a bytch but…whatever.

    • Jewel17

      Why can’t we support Spike and Tyler? Tyler is not what is wrong with black folks. If anything, give the man credit for overcoming a troubled childhood and not becoming a menace to society. Mr. Perry rebounded from homelessness by literally pulling himself up by his own boot straps and is now giving Hollywood actors out of work – JOBS. That is why some us will support him to THE E-N-D. Can you do better?

    • deedee_404

      She isn’t crying or even making an unwarranted complaint. It would be like someone mistaking Leonardo Di Caprio for Matt Damon. While you could argue they have a few similar features, one of them has been on tv/film for 20 years, you know the person when you see them. They would never make that mistake and if they did it would be a BIG problem. So why is it acceptable in this instance?

    • AnonymousGal

      I was waiting for some delusional person to say that Regina was “playing the race card.” Well, if you knew anything about Hollywood, you would know it is run by Jews. It’s always been racist. She just had the guts to come out with it.

      I don’t know what race you are, but if you are black, you should know better than to accuse an actor/actress of playing the race card (a term I abhor) as though the card isn’t in the deck. Wake up!


    I applaud Regina for speaking out, we must stop accepting racial injustices by pretending its not still happening because its politically correct.

    I recently spoke out about a racial injustice on my blog being as tactful as possible similar to Regina .

    Consequently,I received several emails and comments from white readers accusing me of spreading hate and threatening not to continue being a reader. I responded with SEE YA!

    • yesman

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  • nana

    Maybe they should offert more roles to actors. But let’s face it we don’t sell! Wat happened to Morris chestnuts show on TV “V”??? Pfffff dnt even knw If its on..

    • Marquis de Sade

      It’s comin’ back mid-season, next year…But your reservations about its’ survival is legitimate. It’s not exactly a big ratings winner.

  • 100%

    Wait a minute…wasn’t she the one who encouraged black women to date white men?? Attention regina they don’t love your black azz!

    • say what!

      yes, she was but what does that have to do with what shes talking about. One has nothing to do with the other. Thats like saying Im going to sell a black couple my house, but all black people steal

    • missthang84

      i hear what ms.king is saying,however she is making things a lot harder for herself for making these comments,now she will be black-listed in’s one thing to speak your mind,but to date outside your race and encourage other black women to do the same,makes it seems as she’s talking outside of her neck,this issue will never change,so i guess the best thing to do is accept it as it is and keep it moving,if she is so against this,why does she continue to work as an actress???

    • LikeMike

      @100%: She was, in fact, the one who stated that black women should date outside of their race…and why the hell not?!? Everyone else does. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is becoming more and more diverse by the second–muts popping up everywhere. Hell, I’m one and damn proud of it. Fuk nutz, it seems that you missed the point Regina was making about dating, which was simply to go outside of your comfort zone and experience it, that way if you should have a complaint about XYZ men, it would be substantiated!

      Your silly azz also fell off the short bus again with this commentary by Regina–it’s about proper accreditation. She’s only telling it like it is and I would be pissed if someone mistook me for someone who has barely been in the game, when I’ve put in 20+. Get a grip loser!

  • NICK

    I agree with her for speaking up about this. As a race we are always being pushed aside or looked over. when we have some of the greatest actors in the industry!

  • peter illyich

    I agree with most of what Regina says. I also think that for them to mistake her for Rutina is pretty pathetic in this day and age.
    The only thing I would take exception to is the issue of representation. Yes I know that blacks have limited access to roles on TV , but compare that to what latinos and asians have to deal with. Can you name more than FIVE asian actresses on TV ? Blacks make up only 13% of the population yet I would say they are by far better represented than the asian or latin sector.

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      I agree with you and share the same opinion.

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    You know I wasn’t going to comment again, but when I read comments like those of “beatem” it just breaks my heart. Seriously. Sir blacks folks didn’t come this far by shutting up & being quiet. No we’re not just going to lay down & accept it. I’m so glad that Ms. King came out & spoke up about this. And even though I think she was a little off with her comments encouraging black women to swirl date, but as the poster above “say what” mentioned, what the heck does that have to with anything???

    • beatem

      @ I gets down like that

      Well apparently you miss understood my comment. No one is saying sit down and be quiet because racism does exist. All I was saying is that people cry racism and want to find a racial connection in everything when there is none. I am a black male and I have expereinced some racism but I am not going to start blaming everything in my life on racism. My point was that the young generation of black people (not all) don’t know what true racism is and its due to the media and other blacks crying racism in any situation that involves someone of a different race. And I can tell from your comment about the interracial dating that you are very close minded and most likely one of the people who want to scream racism 24/7. If it’s racism call it out and if it’s not then stop whinning. Never understood why people always feel entilted to something.

  • Guoduan

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  • God's Angel

    Kudos Regina. You have said what many cannot say, or are scared to say.

    Sometimes I think the media makes these mistakes on purpose. For example, I saw a white media outlet say that TI and Tiny got caught with meth. I see how they mislabel black entertainers.

    Media outlets are supposed to have fact-checkers. Not many women look like Regina King, and Rutina definitely does not look like Regina. So I don’t believe that this was an innocent mistake…

  • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher


  • Too much

    Cr@cker azz cr@ckers!

  • afrodite

    no real black man would use the phrase “crying racism.” I recognize white troll rhetoric when I see it because I know EXACTLY what racism is when I see it. If you are a black man, stop letting other people think for you. stop picking up on racist catchphrases

  • Faundyb

    I think its sad & very much real& anyone that says the contrary is full of shyt!

    • DILF(daD i'D liKe to f Uck)

      a let me get sum of dat grease off yo forehead so i can cook dis chicken

  • Nudssw

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  • china town

    Rutina just chillin with her white man…not a care in the world lmao…I think Rutina Bad. no homo

  • Too much

    Cr@cker azz cr@ckers! Racism will never die as long as there are cr@ckers in the world. End of story.

  • CityDiva37

    This was a very well written letter by Regina King. I am struggling to understand how Rutina Wesley was mistaken as Regina King. Was it a “mistake” or was it a case of “they all look alike, just say it’s so and so and run the pictures…” Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the Emmy’s to release a statement in response to Regina’s letter :/

  • Tessa

    They look nothing alike Regina is beautiful this lady not so much. That’s just my opinion.

  • That's What Time It Is

    Here we go with the oppression Olympics again.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (WhO wRoTe ThE BiBLe & Qu'RaN?? WhO CrEaTeD ReLiGiOn?? PLaGiARiSm iS A CRiMe!!!)

    Educated = Educate


    please google: Black feminism the CIA and Gloria

    you will know exactly why black females have such disdain for their male counterparts and why black females blame black males for all of their socioeconomic problems and the reason black females feel they are above judgment and WHY THERE IS A GIGANTIC PUSH TO GET YOU TO DATE WHITE MEN

    all I can say is that so us are part of our own destruction

    • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

      *keep their*


      1. A few black men on Youtube, you do know anybody can post to youtube right?
      How many can go on Oprah or Tyra?

      2.Black men are more likely to be a part of their childrens life as opposed to white men (I already proved this in another thread, of course black women didnt want to believe it, but its TRUE)

      3.Out of wedlock children are the PARENTS’ fault (strength is not raising a child, strength is keeping your legs closed in the first place)

      4.And you successfully proved my point, black women have been thought to blame their shortcomings on men

      5. If you read the article on The CIA, Black Feminism and Gloria Rhiemstein you will see that you have used all the tactics this folks have thought you to bring down the black commmunity

    • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

      Black Women have never once gotten on Tyra Banks and generalized or bashed black men.

      Black Women usually get on these media outlets and complain about being single, that is usually as far as it goes.

      nowadays youtube is just as potent as any other media outlet.

      Like I said before black “men” can continue blaming all of their issues on “females” if they want, it makes them look pathetic.

      And I never blamed any of my issues on any black man, if I f_ck up that is my OWN FAULT. To bad black men can’t own up to their own f_ck ups.

      it is always the Black woman’s fault or the white man’s fault. They are somehow exempt from any flaws…smfh


    Like it was said over and over


    • herudagod

      We don’t live in a white man’s world that’s why whites created white supremacy for genetic survival,because they are threaten by the majority,dominated gene on this planet and that is black.

    • coldt7

      This is not a white man’s world AZZHOLE,this is only America.Sh*t there are places in the world where they would cut a white man’s head off.Now where do they rule there?!!!America is not the world,i know your pale faces like to think that.So it make you in your sick,digusting twisted minds, would believe that you rule everywhere, and truth being,you don’t.

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