The Bald Headed Beast And Her Coochie-Cutter Crew Hit The Streets Of Hollyweird

- By Bossip Staff

Amber Rose and her lil team were seen outside the Geisha House wearing matching cut-off Daisy Dukes. Uhhhh, didn’t know grown women still did ish like this but whatever floats their boat. SMH.

Peep more pics…

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  • WhyteBoi


  • Nudssw

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  • ya dont say!

    soooo pathetic!!… really!

  • Too much

    They all look ridiculously dumb.

  • sulisha

    wow u lot r haters, dont have nothing else better to do.

  • copper-coins

    I dont get why people are mad at them. They havent said a word about another group of girls. Fill me in cause they look good.

    • MesoYummy

      I wonder that to, dont be mad cuz you may not be able to wear coochie cutters , and stop hating on Hollywood , thats my home town

  • yeah!

    Their all pretty, but their all coooorrrny!

    I really had no clue Amber was still “famous” **kanye shrug**

  • i hate fairy knots

    If this what makes them happy let them do whatever they want its their life.

    • MesoYummy


  • shaunique

    It is truly terrible when all you have is your body to show how beautiful you are. Looks will fade Amber, u won’t have it forever.



    • MesoYummy

      Its called having a life and having fun out with your friends, she is just lucky enough to have it be a past time and paytime

    • copper-coins

      How can that be said when they never have been interviewed. THEY DONT HAVE TO SPEAK.

    • yuhatin

      Haters. If you had that body you would floss it too… True enough a great body might fade out, but she looks good.



    Amber needs to lay off the meat and potatoes. She needs to hit the gym and stop mourning Kanye.

    • noloveforthestupid

      @listenup..thats the best you could come up with for a comment? Your just plain stupid

    • MesoYummy

      agreed nolove…..

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Wtf is kimk?

    • yvonne

      wth do u mean by ‘wtf is kimk?

  • http://deleted white male

    The 3 girls legs look nice, besides Amber’s tat.

  • Mr Mumbles

    I love Kanye West, but I can’t believe he upgraded this chick to her current status. And the bad thing is all brothers get heat because of the actions of a few celebrity ballers and rappers. She is quite clearly aesthetically decent, but not appealing if you get my drift. It has always irritated me that had she been of a different hue, she would have been treated and perceived much harsher.

  • colin


    (Ole girl with the long hair look like Pookie and ’em lil cousin who tryin to hang. She got the nicest rack but the meanest BUTTAFACE. Just sayin’.)

  • sholla21

    So Amber is walking around with her own clone now?

  • she knows....

    They all look beautiful and amazing….well amber and her sister do anyway…

  • SCarter

    It must be nice to be a internet celebrity 🙄

  • Jessica

    The one on the right is really pretty

  • joyrptr

    Not hating at all, cause Amber is a bad b*tch, but does she do anything besides show up and pose? Is she a model or something? Just asking…

  • MesoYummy

    dAMN haters, she is getting her money, ok , if some one paid yall average looking azzes to show up some where you would do it. She is a BAD BAD B…..

  • MesoYummy

    I agree the bald headed beast part is harsh, do I sense some jealousy….

  • nunya bizness

    I bet they are stepping on each other toes with those shades on at night..

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  • Allie

    loving amber’s outfit, looks like just a night on the town

  • http://Bossip Tiki Barber

    Yo don`t really care what yawl talking about yo ! I just want to run through her whole crew and than get some breakfast .

    And real talk I got that kinda stamina. LOL

  • Miss tahbee

    Time’s running out amber. Looks like ur 15 seconds are almost up. I cant wait til shes irrelevant

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