Some West Indian Day Parade Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

The West Indian Day Parade took over Brooklyn yesterday, with millions of people turning up to rep their “colors” — in this case representative of flags from throughout the Caribbean

Lots of cakes and other goodies spilling all over Eastern Parkway when you continue…


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  • bigthickdick

    Hell yea I would love to be there right now!

  • igotthis

    That’s what’s up 4real!

  • thatswifey

    Mmmmm chocolate booty drop can get it all day! I love a sista with a real booty that’s big flaws and all!

  • fghjj

    What in the name of Montana is wrong with dat ladies cakes.

    • Fact Checking

      Its paint.

    • seriously?

      dats paint??? dat dont look like paint. Dat look like a Montana booty and cellulite. wth???

    • Fact Checking

      She does have some dimples but that’s black paint. They have a thing called ‘mud mas’ where people dress up really scary and cover themselves in different coloured paint (usually dark)and they spray others with it. It comes from Carnival in Trinidad.

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      She playin mud mas…

  • Asia

    Haiti all the way!!!!

    • mjs fan

      yeah Haiti and Jamaica I guess

    • love my carribean people

      haiti all day!!

  • LMAO


  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    TRINIDAAAAAD AND TOBAAAAGO! No Carnival like TT Carnival (except maybe Brazil.)

    • 8ESBABY

      My ex is from Trinidad…man, I really screwed that one up. =( He was the hottest and hardest working BF I’ve ever had.

  • whatda

    mud my a$$ that look like bullet wounds and dirt

    • H0neyDipp


  • ManchesterUKer

    Jamaica ftw

  • The Bear

    You already know.

    I don’t even need to say anything about my beautiful West Indian queens.

  • The Bear

    I wanna marry the dark one in the photo at the top.

  • Matix B

    I missed it this year BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but yeah y’all jumped up for me! Let the gal dem play BTW It’s called Ju Vette and they are having fun!

    • The Bear

      Jouvert is the proper spelling.

  • raw

    booty looks fake! now with all the ho’s getting hydrogel booty injections, there are no real bootys out there!

    • Tracy

      Actually ALL of the booties are real, if you have ancestors from the carribean or parents, your butt is gonna be big. Its science. 😛

    • Keyboard Cruza

      Nuff of us coco ladies do have tiny waist and NATURAL round booty. while some come with a more modest package.

      Caribbeans to di flippin world! YaZeet

      Jamaica , Jamaica

    • afrodite

      I’ve heard some caribbean girls take chicken pills or something…chicken steroids. something like that. it’s dangerous I think. not saying all do.

  • The Know-Madd

    The west indian carnivals nowadays are not as exciting as it was back in the 90’s. Glad to see they still hostin it. Big ups to all 5 boroughs and long island. Big up to my caribbean ppls. Jamaica all the way!!!!!

  • islandgirl24

    @ Matrix B it’s called Jouvert which is french patois for daybreak.
    @ Sticky n Sweet there is No Carnival like trini Carnival Over and Out 🙂

  • Lily

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  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    I went last year. It was a bunch of people wearing 2 piece outfits like the one’s in the above pic that had no business wearing them. ugh. Otherwise, it was ok. Nothing spectacular.

  • Somali Ninga


  • Mochagirl

    Glad to see the West Indian Day Carnival in Brooklyn is still on. It was great back in the 90s. Haven’t been in a couple of years. Wat a gwaan to ALL YARDIES!!!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Is that men or women?

    Did NYC have a gay pride weekend like the ATL did?

  • MZlady

    Anthony Bourdain said it best about Brazil:
    The smell of azz crack permeates the air….no thanks!!

    • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

      lmao off. The parade was outside. Now if it was indoors then i would inclined to agree. j/k.

  • london finest

    Repping ST LUCIA n BARBADOSE all day and everyday



  • d.

    Yes, yes, & yes!!

  • ThatBKChick

    Afro-Decent and Caribbean people STAND UP! Cannot wait to get to London next year for the Nottinghill Gate festival 2011!!!

    • Vangogh

      Would be a lot of fun;west indians in Britain are very sociable. The BBC refer to the women in the carnival as ‘the dancing girls’.

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