How To Be A Better Husband Than Tiki, Swizz, Dwyane Wade And Eric Snow

- By Bossip Staff

Many people were heartbroken to hear the relatively recent and alleged news about former basketball point guard Eric Snow leaving his wife DeShawn, one of the former stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), for a former Michigan State classmate that he reportedly impregnated.

Now, like so many women, Deshawn has become a “left behind” who has to deal with emotional and financial distress and the unexpected return to the single life.

Unfortunately, Eric Snow is not the only celebrity male that has reportedly left his spouse for another woman.

Swizz Beatz, Tiki Barber, Dwayne Wade and Tiger Woods are some of the prominent names among many who have become sickened with the Greener Grass Syndrome- that is, a disorder in which one breaks his marriage covenant and jumps the fence to seek the greener grass (i.e., the lust interest who appears to be everything that you need). As with most sicknesses and disorders, viable and concrete cures are good, but preventive measures are great. With the Greener Grass Syndrome, there are four disciplined ways to avoid its crippling effects.

Read them and give them to your man:

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  • Kim

    How about you don’t marry a man that you know is a dog and then complain about it when he leaves!!!!!


      I agree! Im so sick of these women complaining about this shyt. Even though were not hearing about it but some of these wives were jumpoffs themselves. They knew exactly what and who they were involved with. If your gonna deal with these type of men, make sure you set up your own little (big) nest egg at the beginning of the relationship in case shyt like this happens

  • tellthetruth

    Only one that I feel bad for is Tiki Barber’s ex-wife or soon to be ex.

  • SoulSista

    There is no excuse for what Tiki did. He’s just a low life dirty dog.

    I used to think D.Wade was wrong for leaving his wife until I realized she really is crazy (maybe the separation & divorce drove her crazy) but she’s still a nut regardless. Cant blame the man for leaving.

    • lovely sista

      And while she was married to dwade she cheated on him and dwade got std from her

  • Diva

    Totally agrees with poster KIM!

  • Lily

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Tiger didn’t leave his wife for another woman. She left him because of his cheating. Some of these other ex-wives should learn from Elin instead of turning into stalkers.

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    The common factor that these men have is money (not to say that men without money don’t cheat/leave their wives) but when you marry a wealthy man, it seems as if the next woman is always looking to take your place. Of course i blame the man but these women(sackchasers) know who is and who is not off limits. Why do wealthy men bother to get married?

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    There are some men who are cheaters regardless of thier income. Most women have that “sixth sense” that tells them thier man is straying. If you feel it in your heart, then chances are it’s the truth. If you have to investigate, you already know the answers. For the most part, these women know who they are marrying and only “become the victims” once thier husbands actions can no longer be ignored and they are humiliated in public. They stay not only b/ they love thier husbands, but I think they love their LIFESTYLES more. Being the wife of a famous man can have it’s benefits but common sense should tell you that the more you have, the more others want it too. Maybe these women can’t stop thier husbands from cheating, but maybe a cheating payout clause in thier prenups could help keep thier men in line. Perfect example of this is Katherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. He was known to be a huge cheater but when he married Katherine, she had her lawyers put a clause in the prenup that if he cheated on her while they are married, he’ll have to pay out a HUGE penalty fee to her. So far, he’s stated that she’s been the only women he hasn’t cheated on.

    • IGuessso

      I agree. I think they’re more in love with the lifestyle than they are them men.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    These hoez need to step they game up is all.

  • Candid Canuck

    tiki’s ex wife is a dime piece. it musta been a family- in law thang that made hime leave

  • Candid Canuck

    livin in the age of narcissim, notghin is sacred; peeps are gion out for theirs and theirs ONLY. survival of the fittest.

  • DeeDee

    I need to send you a check.I have not laughed that D*MN hard all week. Thanks.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    You can never know why a person cheats…except two universal reasons: Selfishness and Cowardice.

    You are SELFISH so you betray the other person. You are too COWARDLY to tell them you want to leave before you stray.

    Just leave…

  • loveyou1314``

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  • kitten

    White men are real men? Guess you haven’t heard another Garcelle Beauvais’ “white” husband who cheated on her! And she was lucky-they’re also known to just kill the women the don’t want to be with anymore. Just saying…..

  • kitten

    White men are real men? Guess you haven’t heard about Garcelle Beauvais’ “white”
    husband who cheated on her! And she was lucky-they’re also known to just kill the women the don’t want to be with anymore. Just saying…..

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    Um ladies can Yawl give Tiki a little more love than Yawl throwing on this thread. I mean by comparison Tiger was on a hoe patrol.

    I’m misunderstood . Im starting a charity soon for ol tiki needs his rent paid.

    Don’t tell the government though I got enough onions hands.

  • Marlo

    Calling a man a dog is an over-statement, we are giving them way to much credit.

    Dogs are faithful to their master,
    a mut will go to any hand that will feed him.

  • Yvonne

    We should post these on our refrigerators lol. 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps & more… plus FREE SHIPPING!

  • TammyB

    As far as I am concerned Tiki is the ONLY one that did something wrong. He left her pregnant with her still believing that their marriage was solid. Eric Snow, he knows he was wrong for not only having an affair but also impregnanting the other woman. Now SB that marriage was a done deal, as well as D Wade…their marriages have been over and judging from Mashonda ranting every other week about how he dogged her out and D Wade ex-and her 9 attorneys I UNDERSTAND both mens decision, move on.

  • J's World

    Tiki wife wasn’t n it for da money…she was wit him b4 he blew up…dats fukd up wat he did tho…4real…left her n mid pregnancy

  • TammyB

    Tiger has done what he needed to do, acknowledge the divorce pay her and stay single for a LONG time. Why he married her in the first place noone knows. But Elin did what she can to the US to do. Land a rich hubby and then when he messes up, because WE know men are subject to screw up a relations, then get out of there with enough money for life. That’s exactly what she did. For the rest of the ladies, Tiki and Eric where wrong because they were married and their spouses didn’t have a clue. But as far as SB and DWade both of those broads new their men wanted out. And when a woman doesn’t want a man to leave she will do anything in her power to keep him. The relationships are all a done deal and people need to understand, what goes around comes back around. So for all the women who need to take the blame on their behalf – Karma is not a good thing. Peace!

  • wtfever

    I cant even comment because the caption is hilarious to me!

  • Haze

    A good man is one who respects, loves and is willing to provide for you. Its a man who wants to be better and won’t forget you when He’s made it. He looks after his kids, knows that money and hoes aren’t what life’s all about. Most of all He’s a man who encourages you to improve yourself. A man who makes you feel beautiful is sincere and courteous.

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