Name These Bohemian Styled Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Guess who brought their love of mixed prints to this photoshoot? It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the multi-talented young lady who brought her granola crunchy swag to the party. Keep reading for the answer. held a shoot with Solange and fellow recording artist Theophilus London. We see you Solo rocking that Boxing Kitten bustier! Guess she the “natural” is weave back…


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  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    That outfit is cute!

  • nana

    The print she’s wearing is from West Africa! And am so glad people are making beautiful clothes outta it! Its like how people used Kente cloth


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  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    I love boxing kitten and I love Solange.

  • Lily

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  • sunflower

    Very cute

  • African's Finest (from Cairo to Capetown)

    I am am African, and the top Solange has on is AFRICAN TEXTILE which is very popular in Africa as well as Holland where it is mostly manufactured.

    As an African who is familiar with this style since birth. SOLANGE is a DISGRACE.

    She taints the history and legacy if the African textile which has subliminal messages woven into the fabric that allude to HISTORY, LEGACY, SPIRITUALITY and CULTURE.

    Solange does not REPRESENT any of the aforementioned things and her and her sister are a DISGRACE to their African ancestors. Solange or her sister wearing this is like Kim Kardashian wearing a Muslim garb/nun veil A DISGRACE AND MOCKERY of something AUTHENTIC.

  • Allie

    She looks great

  • http://bossip tiki barber

    I could care less what shawtys wearing I just came for the cake shot.

    Nice cakes by the way. I’m out.

  • muchluv

    I co-sign nana – Africans Finest IDIOT needs to get off of that primitive envious trip and join the rest of the world in celebrating African fashion not hanging it in a museum. I guess you don’t wear jeans because it is an American fashion???

  • Ebony

    I like it & she tries to b original

  • Reality

    @ African’s finest Beyonce might be a disgrace but Solange represents. I too am African and don’t know squat about what the print and fabric represent but people like you split black people further. Let Solange and her fine self wear clothes that represent black people everywhere she is African too man!!!!!

  • onethingtosay


  • Afrika

    @ African’s Finest (from Cairo to Capetown)

    People like you are represent what is wrong with Africa. All you do is spread hate, hate and more hate. That’s what you are best at. Bytch! sit your a*s down. You are nothing but an ignorant nincompoop, a worthless bytch and a toxic pseudo-intellectual.

  • Yvonne

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  • meetlove112

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