Nivea On Her Sade Steez And Still Playing The Fool For Lil Wayne In New Video “Stronger Than Pride”

- By Bossip Staff

While ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter and baby mama Lauren London move on to other love situations, Nivea may still be stuck on Lil Wayne’s “inches” of love. Nivea has released her version of one of Sade’s old jawns “Stronger Than Pride”. Check out Nivea and her 5-7-9 dress wading in the ocean Chattahoochee River in Georgia…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • mikelongstroke

    I will skeet all over the B!$&H faces!

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  • Silleiz

    She needs more bounce and push in her voice. Go listen to the orginal, this sounds completly flat than the orginal. Oh shut up people before you call me a hater people get on my nerves with that and I don’t even be hating just saying what I hear. Maybe she should have done another cover instead of the acapella guitar, it would have sounded better.

    • ATL chick

      I didn’t like it, but I’m a HUGE Sade fan. I don’t think anybody should touch her stuff. I don’t think Nivea sounds bad, but she should just stay in her lane.

    • LoseWeightFast

      She could use some Heal Zoo, com She would have Lost 15 in 15 Days. Not a good look for Nivea

    • p iss-N-boOts

      @ATL Chick
      i one can touch SADE songs…her songs are SADE…what more can i say

      @Ms. November
      i was thinking the same thing.
      she done let herself go.even though she didnt have the face she use to have a nice body but now its looking kind of bumpy and square shape

  • c-dog

    She need to stop letting her baby cousin dress her!

    • kalifa

      has-been D-list singer
      baby making machine

      she needs a man, any man to complete her and make her somewhat relevant….

      yawn 😦

  • 1love, 1life,1Almighty God,

    good job! not at all.

    • shilow

      no borat, you were right the first time … she can sing … NOT

  • 1love, 1life,1Almighty God,

    opps! i meant not bad at all,lol. good job girl, yes love is the greatest of themm all!!!!!

  • Bearynice

    She looks beautiful. To U haters, find someone else to pick at.The guitar player is her dad, who is also very talented. If u don’t have anything nice to say, Shut Up!

  • *Casonovette*

    She need to take Wayne to the “Laundromat”.

    • seriously

      Ok… the first issue is clothes that do not compliment her AT ALL… if you have multiple tatts esp. the cheap @$$ breast tatts — pick some to show yet hide the other ones ( i have three and no more than 2 can be seen at one time)… she shouldn’t let the Wayne thing be her the thing to boost her “never really took off” career…. HMMM…let me go listen to the original.

  • CATO

    Damn, random tattoos are killing a lot of singers looks these days (of ALL races before people start hating)

    • Chi Girl

      I said the same thing. All these tattoos look horrible on women. Yuk! Don’t get me wrong, I like tattoos but if you are going to over indulge, put them in places that can be covered up.




    she can sing i like her voice but she is a hoodrat…smh

  • jussjazy

    Someone needs a body magic..

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      Two months of Insanity or P90X wouldn’t have hurt the girl, #justsayin…I just had a baby too, and it ain’t Playboy status, but it ain’t THAT either, and mine is only 3 mos old!


    nice vid,i love how she sings

  • tellthetruth

    It was a nice cover. She one of the few that can actually sing.

  • T A Y L O R

    Nivea is the hoodrat from around the corner who can roll a b lunt and sew in a weave. She needs a pair of spanx! But that girl can SANG!!

    • Mikail

      I am over rotfllmao. At least she can multi-task!!

  • Yvonne

    Showin her love 😉 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps & more… plus FREE SHIPPING!

  • willows

    Nivea might as well move on, because as soon as Weezy gets out of the PEN believe me he will move on, it’s in his blood.

  • rosshell

    she sounded okay but nobody can touch SADE!!!!
    sade has her own sound and way of singing a song…P.S EVERYBODY AINT GONNA BE NO SIZE 0 SHE’S NOT FAT

  • DaddyKat

    The truth of the matter is: the girl look like an ewok.

    • Human Racist

      you have it confused… that would be a monchichi… DON’T EVER Phluck with one of Sade’s songs again!!! Disrespectful Bamas!!!

  • Lady V

    Nothing is better than the original

  • MsMika


  • smart one

    Her voice is all right but trying to cover Sade you have to come better than that. I know she has 4 kids but she needs to tighten up on her looks. She looks old. When you have money you can afford to take care of yourself.

  • chi town

    Nice voice, but that red purple hair and those tattos make her look cheap and gettho fab.


    I really don’t like Nivea as an artist but this rendition was not bad. If she keeps this up she may pick up a whole new audience.

  • Yes Indeed

    she looks super sloppy

  • 22CENT

    i liked it. nivea is one of my fav… shes underrated

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