Rev. Run Says Nicki Minaj Is Pretty Amazing… Are We Suppose To Say Amen?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Rev Run was seen doing his thing at the AXE Lounge in the Hamptons. During a quickie interview, he was asked who he thinks is the hottest MC in the game right now. Of course he names his son, Diggy, but low and behold, Rev Run is feeling Mz. Nicki Minaj’s Steez…

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  • *she rocks*

    This world is just getting ridiculous… Is this guy even a real Priest?

    • Eri

      hell no he isn’t a real rev

  • Ciana


  • twistedbabydoll

    @ *she rocks*

    This world is just getting ridiculous… Is this guy even a real Priest?


    Uhh….anybody who actually fell into the trap of Rev. Run is pretty naive. That is why it annoys the hell outta me how people Retweet his fake, phony wisdom tweets. Wanna read about real wisdom from a religious? Read the BIBLE.

    Rev. Run is a pimp minister and his lunatic of a wife is about a money hungry as he is. They are both a bunch of money-hungry evangelists.

    • Hot Chocolate

      You are so right about that…lol. For the life of me I can’t understand why people hang off the words of some of these celebraties. As if their words are these golden droplets of wisdom.

    • Eri

      Amen to that

  • Nella

    What’s he doing up in a “lounge” anyway? I wouldn’t want to see a minister from my church up in da club! I don’t believe he is a “priest” of the catholic church. Supposedly he got his credentials from some self appointed Bishop (with dreads) who only talks about prophesy of “gettin money” instead of holy righteous living on tv.
    As far as tweets are concerned, this dude has thousands of followers, but he follows zero. I think he is a bit self absorbed if you ask me.

  • Bwahaha

    lol this guy is hilarious.

  • Prich

    He must have been working side eye.
    We don’t know what really goes on behind closed doors. Smoke and mirrors people.


    God said love all people so I guess that’s what he is doing…check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • http://revrun/bossip @.solo

    Stop hatin

  • Barbiekilla Fivethousand

    L’Shonah Tovah!

  • Barbiekilla Fivethousand

    L’Shonah Tovah!

  • ShavonDenise

    People are such haters obviously if ever person IN MUSIC, that have experience, and can recognize talent is saying Nicki is more than what meets the eye than why wouldnt you take their word? Clearly they have seen a side that we havent and all we see is just her features and one leaked song so maybe shes going to show us much more on her album. First of all after Monster came out last week I dont know how we still have these people who are saying that she is wack but you know hating obviously floats ya boat so cool. We are just in a generation were people are allergic to praise and saying someone is dope for some reason isnt cool… Swizz didnt have to co-sign Nicki, neither did Jay or Kanye. What are they gaining? They dont cosign on alot of people. So i cant wait until November when Nicki proves something to all you haters!

    • don't ask

      why do people have to be hatin’ if they have a not so favorable opinion of someone or something. He is a clown.

    • p iss-N-boOts

      not hateing i just feel that people like NICKI and SOULJA BOY get credit for nonthing.. they clearly are phonies…just here to make money while makeing HIP HOP look clownish.i dont blame them..they makeing$$$$$…i just hate when people compare them to the great ones…which is clearly a slapp in the face

    • Really Doe??

      Question? who’s her competition? (Crikets)Right. They need to let some other female emcees in the game before they start saying she the best. Jean Grae, LockStarr, Free these chicks are dope for real,thet just not mainstream.

  • Don

    Rev runn wow what a jike that is.take off that costume dog u worship the same god as ur brother rus.theh both are in the music industry which means they worship the devil plain and simple…

  • d.

    Rev. Run is a bafoon.

  • princess cutie

    who cares what Rev.Run says ,”d” is clearly correct he is nothing more then a bafoon

  • Diva

    he’s so fake!

  • VenomouS

    Nigg@ just lustin’. Cut that out Rev.

  • 50VCock


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