The Life of Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is writing a book on her life. Click HERE for more information on the memoir of this young and talented tennis star.

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  • JAD


  • Vinandi ( hopeing that her douchebag city banker ex gets made redundant! )- Lord forgive me!


  • thatbrutha

    a whole lotta body


  • Hannibal


  • swoosh



    Tennis champion Serena Williams is gearing up for her next venture outside of the tennis court. The superstar athlete will write about her life on and off the court in an upcoming memoir, expected to be released in 2009 by Grand Central Publishing, which beat out several other publishers in a fierce bidding war for her story, according to

    “Serena Williams is one of the world’s most remarkable athletes,” Grand Central editor Karen Kosztolnyik said Tuesday in a statement. “We’ve watched her rise to No. 1 despite physical and emotional setbacks, and her hard work and determination have inspired legions of fans young and old. Serena will give her memoir a strong motivational slant.”

    Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but an official with knowledge of the transaction said bidding reached at least $1.3 million, reports the Associated Press.

    The 26-year-old became a three-time U.S. Open winner after her recent victory, which put her back at No. 1 of the WTA rankings.



    BTW. U IDIOTS WHO LEAVE COMMENTS STATING, “1ST, 2ND, 3RD, etc.” really need a life! 🙂 SMH


    What up Swoosh!!

    Go ahead Serena…you are doing the daxn thing!

  • JAD

    I am happy for Serena.

  • The Grundle

    Shenanigans. You know Serena can’t read…

  • Creole Baby


  • tara

    yeah she is a talent tennis player i think so .but i got a news from u may be interested in it .it’s said that she is dating with a young guy .he looks goood .yeah ‘i can understand

  • Aunt Viv

    Good for you Serena. Someone little black girls can look up to.

  • Oshie (the other white meat)

    What’s sad is this will WAY undersell Karina Steffan’s book.

  • Oshie (the other white meat)

    Or Karine Steffans. Whateva.

  • Aunt Viv

    beat it tara!

  • chaka1

    true role model

  • elisse

    whoever said it may undersell superhead’s book about her being a hoe, you are probably right and that’s sad.

    in any event, loves it, and will probably cop it. however i do have to wonder since it’s about serena’s life on and off the court, will she admit to her dating common. she never came out and publicly said she was dating him, and on conan’s show the other night she said she’s dating her racket, “Wilson”. LOL it was funny, but c’mon. everybody know wussup.

  • always knew

    All right now! Go Ms. Serena!, At the tippy TOP of your game..Love you makin history and that long money, girl..Much continued success..Go on girl!..

  • 4 days until BEREAL'S birthday

    Go Serena but I think she should right a book about tennis lessons, that will most likely sell more.

  • kenya

    umm i’m confused, how old is she in her twenties, what life has she lived. i think she’d jumping the gun here, she should give it about thirty more years and when she’s accomplished all she can accomplish, and lived a full life, maybe then it will be interesting.

  • joey bishop

    serena built like one of them big fat ass horses that pull stage coaches in them christmas budweiser commercials!

  • http://yahoo densure

    proud of you,and make us all very proud.and thanks for papa.

  • kc

    whats wit them gurls shaving their hair under her arms? That is put there by God and should not be messed with.

  • Awesome

    Serena is doing her thing. The Williams sisters are so very talented. They are on top of their game. Whoever the hell said that Serena cannot read obviously doesn’t know anything about her. Serena speaks 3 to 4 languages. She is very articulate. My suggestion is to sit and watch and if you have kids tell them to mimic the Williams sisters career lives because they are truly inspirational and it doesn’t stop at tennis. Serena’s memoir will sell. Perhaps the black community is not interested as much but Serena and Venus have fans every where. They do not only have just black fans, they are multi-cultured. They are 2 of the most recognized black females currently. Their faces are everywhere. I am very happy for them. Go Serena and Venus!

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