Guess Who Tickled Yeezy’s Fancy At Fashion Night Out?

- By Bossip Staff

Kanye West was mobbed by fans last night while walking around Soho attending Fashion’s Night Out events. Since Yeezy and Amber Rose have parted ways there’s been lots of speculation over who Ye will move onto next, and after last night’s events it looks like he has another very cute candidate to consider. BOSSIP sources spotted Kanye at the Marc Jacobs store showing a certain R&B/Pop entertainer a lot of attention. Can you guess who it is?

BOSSIP’s spy managed to snap a few quick shots of Yeezy as he cozied up to Melody Thornton. We never thought to pair these two up, but with their mutual love for fashion and music, wouldn’t Kanye and Melody make a great couple?

According to our source the chemistry between the two was visible and the pair even left the event together holding hands!

Check out another shot of them together and more shots of them separately from last night.

Bauer Griffin

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  • nana

    I think they will make a great couple! I just don’t want yeezy with that selita chic! Am not sayin she’s a hoe but she is… Lol

  • phyre

    Not feeling them big a$$ briefs she got on.

  • Concerned

    I must admit, Kanye has good taste that’s for sure. She looks good!

  • brandy

    They look nice together

  • just so you know

    oh shame, thought it was Solange for a sec lol. That actually won’t be such a bad mix… but that is just MY opinion :3

  • 1987

    loooove her dress! super s exy

  • Amy

    It’s not believable because Melody’s nowhere in site while he’s outside, nowhere. Why are y’all so determined to put him with somebody. Didn’t he say he was looking “for the right one”? OK, than why would he screw that up with Melody. We wont see them together anymore. Next.

  • sholla21

    Wasn’t he dating some big chested british model?

  • dropped the world on my head

    man, y’all kill with the title…lol! Ya fancy, huh! Kanye looking a lil sweet in that first pic.

  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    Who gives a fug @$! I just want this over dramatic hissy fit throwing mufuga to put out his next album.

    Who he is smashing is up to him. Longs its a chick because sometimes kanye seems like a fruit sometimes.

  • Husseinn lied

    In Today’s Episode of Black Bigots Wearing White People’s Clothes: KANYE WEST & the rest of the bigoted blks on here.

    Oh yeah have u noticed ever since I refuted all da BS @Realblk says he’s been MIA and now he’s on another irrelevant blk blog that’ll remain nameless spitting his vitriol…

  • juliemango

    I prefer amber, yez. looks so happy tho!!!

  • Flohno

    The only celebrity I actually care about meeting and I didn’t. So pissed right now.

  • Jessica

    She’s beautiful. If there’s one good thing I can say about Kanye is that he has amazing taste in women

  • http://Google Ashley

    Who cares bout kanye.. But she kinda resembles amber

  • ProMAC

    Is Kanye wearing a blouse? Seriously?

  • Mrs West

    Not her…!

  • legin

    She ain’t all that with that forehead elongated torso and skinny legs not to mention her tits flenky and stuck together

  • Ninersfan

    My girl looks better than her!

  • Shit

    Did anybody see that chick in the back u would think she know him the way she trying to break security. Dam kid


    Well they Played up Nicole scheringzer so much like Kim kardashian they “make these women” into so called icons like no one else is beautiful, can do anything EVER, biotch please.

    I hope Melody becomes an international superstar.

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