Are You Feelin This Get Up?: Gwen Stefani

- By Bossip Staff

Gwen Stefani is no stranger to daring fashion risks, but we’re not quite sure we stand behind this gingham-meets-kente choice. Check out the full body view below:

What’s the verdict guys? Do you hate it or love it?!?!


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  • redcora

    well Snoop Dogg had on a Scottish Kilt.. so ..

  • CooCooKitty

    Haaated iiiit !!! 2 SNAPS AND A TWIRL.

  • nana

    Loved it! Am so happy people are using african prints! Am like a proud mama right now!

    • juicyjessica

      I liked Gwen’s outfit…but the two bing-bings can hold hand and jump! LoL

  • britchick91

    I like it

  • Fingers crossed behind my baaack (Get Munny)

    it’s cool. i would’ve loved for the tights to be footed but i love gwen s. anyway!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/Urheiness)

    Gwen’s wearing Boxing Kitten,nice! 🙂

  • noni

    Love it! I’m African and I think it’s great mix of african prints and western design. Would lose the tights though. I think the rich colours work well with her skin tone.

  • thatonegirl

    All love gwen stefani & everything she does but that outfit isn’t cute on her & why hasn’t there been a black harajuku girl?

    • *she rocks*

      u need to shut up with ur race issues… we don’t need it!

  • just so you know

    LOOOOOOOVED IT!! Might get one like that made for the Nigeria’s 50th :). One thing though, and it is nit-picking, but that cloth is not kente, it’s ankara. There are several different types of African cloth specific to tribes and their intended functions 🙂

  • chica

    only gwen could rock this! love it.

    but… whats w/ the all asian side kicks? is it racist? or do I just not get it?

  • Flohno

    i like it. but come on gwen u still doing the harajuku thing. i know she’s the first entertainer to bring it to the mainstream, but i would expect her to switch it up since nicki stole it from her.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    I love the dress. On her, not so much… What happen to no doubt Gwen???

  • Jessica

    Is that Boxing Kitten? If it is; LOVEEE IT!

  • pkmelody

    I cant stand how people always say shes fashionable when all she does is still cultures from around the world, first jamaica then japan, now she rippin african stuff, Shes not inovative she just steals crap

    • MizzW

      if Gwen is wearing someone else clothing…how in the hell is she stealing it…she is promoting their clothing line not her’s…nobody fashion is original…all designers rip off different culture

  • angel

    Love it its different

  • Sha

    For Gwen and someone like her yeah. for me; nah.

  • *she rocks*

    I love it, reminds me of Africa!

  • islandgirly24

    I LOVVVVEEE ITTTT Gwen is such a fashionista

  • Mr. West fan

    Gwen what’s the hold up with the new no doubt album. Come on girl i being waiting for too long.

  • thisizkim

    It’s actually really cute! She looks adorable! I can totally see Rihanna wearing something like this too.

  • k

    love it

  • N1GIRL

    i luv it!

  • I Am Innocent (Sickened By RACISTS)

    she’s too old to be wearing that outfit although it is very cute

  • Mama Africa

    Looks gorgeous…Newsflash it isn’t called ripping other cultures it’s called celebrating other cultures. As an African women I don’t feel robbed she looks hott!!

  • welldressed

    DOPE!!!! Tribal prints are so hot, this trend is here to stay.I think this is by utamaduni wear. their site is

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