Naomi Campbell Shakes Her Supermodel Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell celebrated 25 years walking the runway by performing a dance choreographed by Laurieann Gibson at her Fashion’s Night Out event at the Dolce & Gabbana store in New York. Check out more pictures of Naomi as well as Tyson Beckford, Kelly Rowland and Solange when you continue.

Naomi and her backup dancers performed their dance to “Run This Town” twice last night, once at 7:30 and again at 9:15 last night. The dance was apparently inspired by “a little black panther who rises above to be victorious.” — a concept Campbell came up with herself. Naomi also signed T-shirts — which featured her face — last night for people who bought them, at $200 plus tax. The money went to Campbell’s own charity, Fashion For Relief.

Tyson Beckford was also spotted getting loose on Fashion’s Night Out.

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  • sunshine

    She doin her thang, but i think i couldve turn that show out. They been talkin bout me on every news station. Not tryin to steal your spotlight or hate, so continue to do u. You go girrrrlll with your old self lol

  • Gaite

    okayyy . . . . .

  • 1987

    Lemme find out Ms. Nana got moves! U can never be too high sedity to shake that @zz!

    • nic

      u damn right..


    If Tyson Beckford I will pay for it…and he reeks of arrogance eeeewh he so does nothing for me, just my own personal opinion, so no need to flip out!!!


    ooops I mean if Tyson Beckford is not gay I will pay for it…..I’m sorry listen to others around me my fault

  • dhaisaidas

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  • Shaniqua

    Nothing new. She’s great at shimmying.

  • jdmann

    I gotta start attending these events.


  • lala206

    she just looks desperate trying to please individuals who are has had it with her lying BLOOD DIMOND TRIAL

  • Sha

    PAUSE TYSON!….Uh huh, getting comfy like like a mug ain’t cha!!!! 😛

  • charles3252

    Two cupcakes—-no icing!

  • *she rocks*

    I love Naomi… keep doing your thing and doing you… Take that haters!

  • britchick91

    tyson is looking really gay



  • Babbling Fool a.k.a. Babel (Confused tongue, people, and land)

    I love this woman – she moves to her OWN beat – is forceful and without shame.

    Nothing but admiration!!!

  • Kutta Mo.Fo

    Naomi is like 40-something, you’s think she would find something more appropriate for a 40-something year old woman to do. And Tyson’s looking d.amn zesty in that pic to.

    • Chrissy

      appropriate ? so when you are 40 you shouldn’t dance and raising money for charity is wrong?

  • nananananaaaaaaaaaa

    Naomi You r the best supermodel ever! Every super model from Naomis day r jealous of her bcus she still looks 25 and getting major work I love tyra but just look at her trying to model again lol she don’t have it, look at janice d. And cindy crawford Hell even giselle, kate moss annd hiedi klum r aging away while naomi stays on top ….I LOVE IT! Do you Naomi bcus u r truly an inspiration!

  • ImaPC

    yeah, but she still look good. lol

    I think she won the DWTS in Italy or something like that. but the audience stateside never got to see it.

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