Crotchy-licious: Ciara’s Cakes, Diesel Legs, F-L-Y Fannipack, Do The Matrix Neo In Gimme That

- By Bossip Staff

Here are some shots from Ci-Error’s new video “Gimme That.” Ummmkay, CiCi, we’re not sure about this one, babygirl.

SMH at those lil dirty clear strippered out platform Chucks..

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  • DeeDee

    SMH, LOL. Is this how you’re going to become an ICON and a LEGEND Ciara?

  • VirgoJewel

    I’m starting to get sick of her waving her crotch at the camera. Its coming off as real desperate and attention seeking.

  • Anjelious

    I kinda like the chucks… as for her waving her crotch at the camera…Rihanna, who can sing does the same thing, and they both get paid for it. Just Damn!!

  • Ck1

    lol..Ciara does it the best

  • sexii me 88

    i love u ciara u killed it

  • Romello185

    Do your thang baby…Don’t worry about the chubby haters

  • DeeDee

    Again I say the word HATER is thrown around too freaking much, especially on this site. Just because some people think these pictures are in POOR taste, doesn’t make them HATERS. REAL WOMEN who had TALENT COMMON SENSE and WORKED HARD( like Lena Horne, Cher and Tina Turner) got ahead and became ICONS and LEGENDS WITHOUT showing their COOCHIE every 5 minutes.

    • S.a.s.s.y24


    • Fab

      Fully agree!

  • Miss tahbee

    Ciara is trying to compensate for her lack of talent.

  • !!!!!


  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    The woman hides her vag and people call her a man. She shows her vag and clearly is female and people are still not happy. I don’t condone it, but that’s the business she in-selling sex

  • TheTea

    if u don’t enjoy it than y waste ur time clicking and commenting on the post??? -_-

  • CooCooKitty


  • So pretty inside & out


    I wish CiCi would get with a team that would promote her dancing skills, her obvious fitness routines, get her some modeling contracts and then hire ONLY Timbaland, JD and Pharell to help her develop hi energy/house/pop tracks. I think CiCi should be patterning her career after Janet Jackson, a chick who looks pretty, dances great, sings not so well and yet Janet Jackson could sell out stadiums and became an icon.

  • khiosha

    Thank yu ! IT’s disGusting …

  • khiosha

    @ Virgo Jewel … This chick is sooooooo… tired! Next time she bust this move I hope she gets stuck … lol. OH, ‘n.. VIRGO all day 😉

  • sheka

    i am so sick of that damn back bend her time is up somebody tell her to sit down enough already!! i liked to old 1 2step ciara she can’t sell anymore her dance moves is too much now that back gotta go!!!

  • prettydiva1111

    why when anyone says something bad about ciara, the person must be fat or ugly lol.

  • That's some real N*gga Sh*t

    Bu Bu Boooooooooonnnnneeeerrrrrrrrrr!


  • Confessions of a Confused City Girl

    I’m glad Ciara wants to show us that her cervix is clear *side eye*

  • lisa

    hey what ever pays the bill they are about shock value B do the same thing that’s what the public wants

  • L

    Her body in great shape thou.

  • Human Racist

    she looks like Wanda Sykes in that last picture… for her I guess it would be seen as a compliment.


    Does anyone else smell the desperation. Oh Ci-error, if only you spent more time on your vocals and less in the strip club stealing moves maybe your albums would go somewhere besides a part of a two for one chicken special.

  • *she rocks*

    I blame Beyonce for this…

  • James Knight

    @ the end of the day.. she is doing her job, n we are just eating the cake whether we like it or not. btw there are enough ppl eating the cake too for this way of life to continue but ppl should also know that everyone feeds off of this negativity, gossip and controversy whether the story is true or not. someone can get away with false statements n comments if they plan their escape route beautiful so its up to a standard of professionalism by the artist.. n when in fact in some shape of form we want our artist to bug out or be human at times. when is the time to even do that now with almost everything being throw on the internet and scrutinized. instead of enjoying the show. block ya kids from certain tv shows n music (secretly i might add cuz they will find away to get it), give them some hobbies to do instead of mimicking fake idols. if u r dirty freaky ppl at ur age what do u think your kids are gonna be doing if there is not stop to it now or some kind of filter.

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