Nelly Opens Up a Sports Bar in St. Louis

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Calling all ladies (and some of you men)…Nelly just opened up a hot new sports bar in St. Louis. Unfortunately, he isn’t actually on the menu, so you will have to settle with a Mai Thai and some hot wings. This cat always seems to be stacking chips a mile high…


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  • http://checkmeout Jewish Woman


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Good for him. Good for St. Louis. Good for black people in general.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    What the name OF THE joint?

  • Creole Baby Ain't Got No Bebes -- I Thought I Told Ya Baby

    after you finish your drink, do you slide your credit card down waitress booty crack?

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Hmmmmm. A new place to git slizzard

  • jb

    Skybox has been open for five or six months. I wonder who forgot to send out the press release, lol.

  • rc

    skybox has been out for awhile is da spot tho…

  • Corree

    Hope it’s successful and doesn’t shut down owing folks a bunch of money like some other joints.

  • always knew

    Another business strated, GREAT!!! Another brother keeping people working in this economy! I ‘m happy and glad for you. I wish you much success and happiness!….

  • always knew

    that was started….

  • I Still Can't Find a Screen name!!!

    how come he aint on the menu…dayum

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl (R.I.P Loui Vutton 1978-2008) You served your 30 yrs of purpose. I will miss you. She leaves behind a Fendi Clutch and Chanel Purse..


    Trust and believe, Nelly is holding. Was told from lace wig hairstylist who used to mess with him back in the nellyville days. Lol

  • Prince

    damn he fine in that pic every time i see dat i want to get up on it

  • Afro - Latina

    Ewww. He’s ugly and those tatoos makes it worse!

  • Prince

    oh boy afro latina is back here we go again


    mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm Nelly is a fine specimen!

  • HoneyChile

    He so fine!! All them muscles!! MMM-MMM good!!

  • DA TRUFF HURTZ!!! ( The Truth also Helps, Heals, & Hopes...)


  • sepia830

    D-zam, sho got a b*tch droolin’.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    fine man and jewish woman go sit yur butt down and spin around he dont want your long nose butt.

  • msezoneyes

    has anyone questioned why puffy picked him as a model.. I know hes eye candy for the ladies but i guess its a mutual thing for both sexes (LOL)

  • kigali (Black Females NEED arranged marriages!!)

    I predict it would become a spot for fat black girls like 40/40.

  • kigali (Black Females NEED arranged marriages!!)

    I heard Nelly is like shorter than me and I’m pretty… not tall.

  • Book Worm

    Nelly’s body is off da chain! I luv it!

  • Am me! So who you?

    wats a street sweeper?

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