What Is Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Lynn Whitfield attended the Essence Magazine 40th anniversary celebration last night with her face game looking like this. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something is a little off here. Perhaps you can help us out.

What is Wrong with This Picture??

More photos from the event:

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  • Soul Touch

    Lynn – I hope she’s not feeling the pressures of hollywood vs father time. She’s too beautiful to worry about such trivial issues. Perhaps she’s just gained a few pounds….

    • CAT EYES

      It also looks like she’s bleaching her skin.Yep,brainwashing in effect.Just sad

    • Soul Touch

      I totally disagree. That’s just too light concealer. She looks the same colour she’s always looked.

    • deedee_404

      not bleaching. Its an expoliation process some idiot “beauty consultants” on the East coast have been pushing. It is not as harsh as a chemical peel but supposed to give you “glowing” skin…in other words, it is another way for old broads to look young

    • VirgoJewel

      I agree. She’s always been light skinned, however she has on too much under eye concealer. WAY TOO MUCH concealer…..

    • tommykimon

      I agree with Soul Touch and I think she looks fantastic for her age

    • TellMeSumting

      She looks bloated (maybe botox) and it looks like she has cheek impants. She shoulda left her beautiful face along.

    • carmelle

      Ya’ll not even close that’s BOTOX.. can’t you see her smile stuck!! LMMFAO

    • DollBaby101


      No wrinkles around her eyes –younger looking cheeks.

      She looks pretty.

      If she was my granny, I would still be over for biscuits and gravy I aint mad at her.

  • DeE

    Much too late. You all are just noticing what she has been doing to herself over the years. What was the devil’s threat? i will come at them from their left and their right, i will instill in them false desires and have them change their nature. Poor poor souls.

  • Michelle

    Looks the same to me except her makeup needs to be blotted her skin is shiny.

  • what????

    she has a mustage? a few blotches and pimples? shes still beautiful regardless


    What’s a little ‘off’? O, I’d say a few slithers of loose skin left on her surgeon’s operating table. Damn, ‘Miss Josephine Baker,’ et tu, Brute?


    Damn, Wendy looks like she’s smuggling a SCHLONG underneath that dress. She definitely has that Wendell vibe amped up in those pictures.

  • miss 411

    She starting to look like that Cat lady…

  • You Like It

    OMG!! I cannot believe she is looking this way. I love Lynn Whitfield, I think she is an amamzing actress but she clearly missed the mark with this terrible surgery job. It looks like she got a nose job, cheek implants, and a face lift. When I first saw the caption, I thought damn I hope thats not Lynn Whitfield smh. Wow. She used to look so regal. Sad.

  • all that glitters...

    She looks good! She is a little older and looks like she had soome botox or something because her skin is TOO tight. Beautiful lady though!

  • Pleeezzz

    She’s 57 !
    You go girl!
    So what if she gained a little weight, your skin does look tighter when you add a few extra pounds.

  • afrodite

    she does look the same skin color but the plastic surgery is too much. she’s a beautiful woman and it’s so sad that someone like her feels pressure to change herself.

    We as Black women need to celebrate ourselves as we are more often. Why is there so much effort on sites like this to make Black people feel inadequate? The world does that to us enough; we don’t need to do that to ourselves…if no one else will tell you, I will: GIRL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE!

  • 7lady

    I don’t know why Lynn did that. I always thought she was so pretty. But my main question is why is lala there. Does she have to go to every black event? Gatdamn she just irks me. Never used to see her now she go get it a kimk special and she all over the place. That tells you how her low self esteem azz felt about her. I wish she go siddown on that fake azz of hers.

    • tb

      She at the black events, but she will let you know real quick, she ain’t black, she’s a latina. lmao

    • coldt7

      @tb what in the f*ck are you talking about.Any damn fool know Lynn Whitfied is BLACK!!!Damn what her or you say.

    • tb

      @ coldt7 9/14/10, 06:16:PM

      @tb what in the f*ck are you talking about.Any damn fool know Lynn Whitfied is BLACK!!!Damn what her or you say.
      WTF you talking about? The person I responded to was talking about damn Lala. Comprehension is a Mo Fo… Take some elemetary school courses.

    • tb

      @ deedee_404

      I didn’t say it…she did.


    her make-up artist was obviously mad @ her!!!

  • Diva Doll

    She had a skin peel and botox. It’s very obvious.


    WTH is wrong with Lynn Whitfield face, when botox goes all wrong, why, why,

  • luvurself31

    I love her but it looks like a lip wax gone bad and the wrong color concealer.

  • Cole Brown

    The Mustache?

  • joyrptr

    Dayum! She’s gonna go from “Black Beauty” to “Botox Beast” if she doesn’t stop the madness!

  • tb

    She looks like she has been visiting Lil Kim and Michael Jackson’s surgeon.

    • D_d_watchman

      White boi as messed up as that sounds… I think you hit the nail on the head.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    Lord please let me age gracefully, despite my “bad girl” past ways, and not have to be carved up like a pumpkin when i’m old!!!

  • mika


  • MyReason

    Looks like a bad reaction to dermabrasion or a chemical peel and she’s trying to cover it up. I still think she’s beautiful for her age.

  • Nikki


    • Thai

      I did too. I think its the chin. She definitely had something done in that area. Really looks like Kim.

  • FiveStar

    Black already don’t crack…why eff with it?

  • Rx Chic

    skin bleaching or wrong foundation.

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