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Keyshia Cole Upset That She Wasn’t Invited To The VMAs (GO)

Lindsay Lohan’s Hosting SNL (GO)

The Clipse Sign To Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music Label (GO)

The Jersey Shore Kids Think They’re Being Treated Unfairly (GO)

Spike Lee To Direct Live Roots And John Legend Concert (GO)

RuPaul’s Drag U – “Mothers and Daughters” (GO)

Kid Rock Appears In Georgia Court For Waffle House Fight (GO)

Photo: 64-year-old Cher Was Incredibly Naked At The VMAs (GO)

Jay-Z and Beyonce Perform “Forever Young” at Yankee Stadium (GO)

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  • SHE

    Ok! I just new the janelle was there! I wanted her to perform the tightrope remix!

  • rsao1980

    Amen to that, I love all kinds of music but they could have had some fresh truly talented performers such as Janelle.

  • http://bossip nina

    I think MTV use the black people to get attention for the show. Hell the last few years most or even half of the performers on the show are black, but yet they hardly win awards. They don’t like giving awards to nobody but Jay-z, Drake, Wayne, and Beyonce. Now that Drake has come along it’s over for Wayne. Funny they moved him out the way. MTV, VMA’s is just a.s. black a.s it is white. Who was on the red carpet Ciara, Will I am, Drake, Nicki, B.o.B.Rick Ross was there! It goes to show blck music is running the show but the white man is still fcking them with the contracts.Another thing is there aren’t too many performers today

  • http://bossip jill

    I see no difference between Janell and KC a.s. far a.s. status. I can see them inviting KC befor her. Her weird a.s.s. is not hot. She is an ugly weird looking lil robot boy. an illuminati puppet. You all sing her music and don’t even know what dahell she be talking about. JM, mtv…please weird…trust she is another illumiati artist shoved down our throats like she is some great, ain’t shish

  • juicyjessica

    Eff the VMA’S if they cant let my girl Kesh attend…racist white effers!!

  • purple love

    lmao she mad


    Kee u didn’t miss a damn thang! Besides GaGa and her meat gown literally!

  • http://ilovecb Maiah

    i dont consider KC a real artist anyway. she’s overrated, they had actual artist attend that is. honestly, what has she released lately anyway. googdnight!

    • You Like It

      How about a baby, hater.

  • !!!!!


  • stephen

    i notice something the artist you don’t like are devil worshipers and the artist you are gods i think that is stupid mtv don’t have to invite to the show if they don’t too want to plus keyshia should be trying to care of that kid instead of award show she isn’t even doing anything other than following that bench rider of hers

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