Tracey Edmonds Dumps Eddie Murphy??? Michael Strahan Still Hittin’ Nicole Murphy

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to gossip columnist Janet Carlton, Eddie Murphy was dumped three weeks ago:

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds quietly split up almost three weeks ago. It happened before DNA proved that Melanie Brown’s baby was Eddie’s. Their biggest problem, besides the fact that Eddie is very controlling, was that they have separate social lives. Eddie likes to socialize with HIS friends and Tracey wanted to socialize with HERS. In order to keep both sets of friends happy, they started going out separately sometimes. But when Eddie goes out, everybody notices and Tracey would hear or read things that made her wonder. And Eddie didn’t trust Tracey out by herself. Suspicions arose and arguments ensued. Tracey’s feared Eddie wanted to run her life. (He can’t be the EASIEST guy to date!) She ‘d been staying at his house, so Tracey packed up her things and moved. For now, it’s over.

The career-minded Tracey just did a Babyface on Eddie, use him and leave him. I wonder how many people in Hollyweird Tracey met while attending all those events with Eddie Murphy?

NY Giants linebacker Michael Strahan is still hittin’ Nicole Murphy.They were spotted last week making out between courses at Philippe restaurant. Strahan isn’t too smart.

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