Hoopz Confirms Engagement to Shaq

- By Bossip Staff

Apparently, the relationship we only found out about late last month is real love… Or Shaquille O’Neal is slower than we all thought.

A fan recently asked Flavor Flav’s original overnight celebrity about the engagement rumors. And, well…

Congrats on the new sponsor girl!

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  • WB

    Poor Shaq, SMDh, when will BALLERS LEARN

    • t-dizzle

      Looks like a CROTCH BURNIN match made in heaven to me!

  • j

    I used to like hoopz, but now she seems like she is trying to hold on to that 4 minutes of fame she got left. Girl please go away, u know u don’t love no shaq!

    • tommykimon

      Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. I hope Shaq isn’t this stupid.



  • ThickLikeCornbread

    I dnt understand what woman would wana marry his cheating @$$?!

    And wht dude would want a Hollyweird groupie?!!

    Well, I guess they r a match made in heaven.

    I wonder does she want kids?!

  • nana

    I like hoopz and shaq together! I mean shaq married that shaunie and she wasn’t shyt! So y not hoopz! Love love hoopz and I think she should get as much money as she can grab

    • AdamsApple

      Well genius, anybody who goes on a show and swaps spit w/flave definitely has some questionable motives…shaunie, on the other hand was w/shaq during school and had his kids.

    • Its pretty simple

      @ adam’s apple. Actually shaunie left her husband (who was Shaq’s accountant at the time, or something like that) to be with Shaq. So Shaunie aint no better either. Shaq is dumb as far as i see it, hoopz should take him for all he’s worth

    • ImaPC

      @its pretty simple-

      You’re absolutely right. Plus, we see Shaunie exposing herself and the friends she keeps on basketballwives. I’m not sure she’s much different than ‘hoopz’–just probably got a better upbringing.

      If Shaq and Hoopz want to get married-great. I just hope they’re serious about it, and not just doing it for fun, like celebs often do.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Didnt Big Shaq put ten thousand in Supaheads bank account the next day after a night wit her?So it dont suprise me that he wants to make a tramp his wife! Peace

    • Hottestchickinthegame


      Shauni was NOT with Shaq in school, they both had at least 1 kid when they got married and get this…..she was married to his accountant when they started screwing and once she got pregnant by Shaq, she divorced her son’s father and married the Big Kahuna or WTF he calls himself okay!

  • hunnyBun

    that is a MAJOR come up for hoopz considering that she was unknown before the flava flav show
    major fail for shaq. take half hoopz. take half GIRL!

    • BS2010

      LMAO, too funny. “HALF, I’ll take half his sh*t”!(Eddie Murphy voice). I like Hoopz so I must say that this is a big come up for her. Atleast they have bball in common. She seems more down to earth than the other girls from flavor of love. She looks like one of those chicks that a guy can hang with. Maybe they hit it off as friends first. Who knows? Get it Hoopz!

  • hunnyBun

    a fool and his money….

  • jia

    I like her but I don’t believe it.

  • Delight23

    Why get married???? Seriously. Outside of the obvious, I find it hard to believe on Shaq’s part that he’s trying to legally give away his dayum money. (((shrugs)))

  • Mimi

    I can’t imagine any woman, who want someone with the physique of Shaquille, on top of them.

    • cheater

      That’s because she’s no woman…she’s a ho & a ho will settle for just about anybody.

  • buoyant

    he doesn’t have to be on top..my man is thin and am always on top..

  • DeeDee

    Some people just NEVER learn, nothing left to say!

  • its whatever man

    The oldest rule in the world…can’t make a ho a housewife.

    • HoneyLove

      Two peas in a pod. Shaq’s a hoe, too.

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    if thats true,that’s sad,why do these men pick these women based on looks.They never choose intelligent educated women.I guess that’s why all the high powered black women date outside their race or remain alone now.

    • StilettoKilla

      Point made.

  • what????

    Absolutely incredible. When are these men going to THINK.
    Women like SHAUNIE and HOOPZ only care about the greenbacks. They do not give a shyt about SHAQ the man. If he were a “regular” 9 TO 5, trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents type of man those women wouldnt give him a second thought. In fact, They’d probably be making fun of him. SMH

    • http://bossip.com too cute

      you are 100% right.I agree

    • Holla

      I also agree.

      everybody think shaunie was good for him and that shes all that or the better women but thats b/s. She was worse than Hoopz. Not only was she a goldigger but she was dealing with Shaq and another man at the same time clocking 2 paychecks. She went with the one with the most money. and besides she ugly

  • CooCooKitty


  • Mrs Rance

    That tweet is not confirmation to me. The dude asked the question several hours prior and her response doesn’t match his question. But I hope they are engaged. Other than a brief period as T.I.’s side dish and several booty spreads for men’s magazines Hoopz has not carried herself like a ho. And now he can be married to the type of woman he kept cheating on his wife for. Congrats to them if its true.

  • SMB

    Don’t do it.. Don’t do it. She don’t love you, She just want to married you because when she wants your money and your fame and Free Court side tickects lol.

  • jdmann

    This is probably a stunt to get back at Shaunie but if not congrats to them.

  • Butterscotchâ„¢

    I doubt that this is true. And some people just don’t need to be married…ever…I think that includes Shaq. His tendencies do not lend well to a committed relationship. And that’s OK – just be honest and don’t get married or have more kids.

  • Yeah....OK

    Chile please…….yall betta stop worryin bout these athletes/entertainers and these hoes….cus that world will NEVER CHANGE!!! LMAO. SO FUNNY.

  • Honey bee

    All I can do is shake my head he is a dummy all she wants is money she stay with him pop out a child and collect money from the divorce like shaunie did

  • EB

    DONT MARRY AGAIN SHAQ!!!!! Stay single …

  • kalia100

    Go hoopz! go hoopz go hoopz!!! Hoopz im soooo proud of you girl.u went from flava flave to a nba player you go girl u got everything u been working for but its bitter sweet because u u will get his money but he going to play u like a drum he going to use your body screw other women and and a few years later some new girl that better looking than u smarter than u and work it better than u is going to come a long and he is going to leave you just like he did shanie and everything that glitter anit gold.

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