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Ashanti, aka ‘Thicky-kins‘ was ‘spotted’ leaving that restaurant Mr. Chow in LA.  Nothing too interesting here, but hey it’s Ashanti we’re talking about…

More shots of folks at events when you..

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    I like Shanti. Kudos for not being another skinny azz bobbleheaded b*tch.


    Jada looks adorable.

    Love Eddie Griffin!! He is Hilar in the words of NU


    Hey I’m Just Me

    I’m good and it’s not morning where I am it’s 10:30 at night but how are u.


    Jada looks like a black barbie in these pics, so cute

  • Oshie (every single place I go, I see the same hos...)

    Meh, she looks cute. I guess.


  • Necy

    NO SKINNY JEANS FOR YOU MISSY!!!!! your thighs are too big for those jeans…


    I think Shanti has a great figure. Nothin wrong with being thick. Not everyone was meant to be a size 0 like some of these reed thin biatches anyway.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    her thighs are bananas

  • Necy

    there is nothing wrong with being thick!!! but she needs to dress accordingly… skinny jeans are for well: SKINNY PEOPLE.

  • BBC - Afiya

    What is Ashanti doing these days…besides being seen on the scene…has she been in the studio doing another “uhh baby baby” song? and catching up with a voice coach?

    Shouldn’t you be working Ashanti…economics is hitting all of us!

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    Go Shanti, you have my shape now. I’m tryna get my stomach flat like yours tho. Almost there…….



    Oh come on she does not look bad in those jeans.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)


    I take offence to that. I’m a size 10 and I wear my skinny jeans faithfully. to me I think it looks better on chicks my size rather than chicks that are to small. Did you ever see them white chicks in them? they look like odd. to me. Now on the contrary if you are like a size 14 15 or 20, ya ass need to get out them jeans quick…

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    Us Thick girls making a come back woo hoo.

  • Aunt Viv

    Ashanti looks good-us “thicky-kins” need to stick together!


    The comment skinny jeans are for skinny people is the dumbest ish I’ve ever heard. You DO NOT have to be a size 2 to wear skinny jeans.


    @Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I’m over Loui V)

    I feel ya. I think ALL clothes not just skinny jeans look better when u have somethin to fill them out. I’m a size 8 and I’m not fat but I’m damn sure not skinny and I dont wanna be. I love the way I fill my clothes out.

  • Nik

    I agree don’t wear skinny jeans like it’s 1990 when your thunder thighs.

  • http://Yahoo intuitivepisces

    @ Quin Quin


  • Don't mind me

    She’s cute


    Slim(Check me out!)

    If I was Ashanti I would be cooking Mr Chows food and feeding it to Nelly while laying on his rock hard abs!!!


    I know right. That picture they got up of him is serious. I almost licked my screen.

  • 6 Figgaz

    Mr. Chow STAY gettin’ money…

  • Hannibal


  • soulwoman

    Being called thick is not neccessarily a diss people. I think they were giving her a compliment.

    To those saying skinny jeans are should only be worn by skinnies…whatever. I think they look better on those of us with hips and booty. My skinny friends are always complaining about how they wish they had more meat on their bones so they can fill their clothes out better.

  • Necy



    I respect your opinions ladies!! Ashanty has a nice shape minus the big thighs… I think that she should not draw attention to her BIG thighs… I wear a size 4/5 in Jeans and I don’t even wear skinny jeans because I have a round butt(pear shaped)

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