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So, Keyshia Cole gets a check for doing these Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer “Smooth Touch” ads (see images above and below), which is clearly a great come up, but random question…our girl Keyshia has one of the best authentic racks in the industry; why do they always have those thangs all covered up??? SMH.

Pics from another Danity Kane member’s photo shoot are just a click away…

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  • Necy


  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!

    gettin’ another hustle on…

  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!

    gettin’ another hustle on…

  • Necy

    OOPS= 2nd

  • CaramelKandie

    Am I the only person who thinks Dawn aka Dan looks like a man in drag….she is clearly the most homely looking girl of the group!

  • Aunt Viv

    Keyshia Cole needs to donate some Pink Oil Moisturizer to Aubrey O’Day.

  • Necy

    She might have stretch-marks all over them!! or they might be saggy like J-Hudson’s as we witnessed the other day.

  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!

    those pics of Dawn r NOT flattering @ ALL…wtf let that ish pass?


    @Aunt Viv

    Keyshia Cole also needs to donate some of that fabric from her dress to Aubrey O’Day.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    No CaramelKandie

    You are not alone. I think she looks a hell of alot betta whith her lighter tresses. That dark hair is making her features fade. It’s like she have a long droopy face and weird abnormal features. Keyshia on the other hand looks fantastic.

  • Necy

    @ caramel

    co-sign, there is something weird there!! and I can’t quite put my finger on it…hmmmmmmmm

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    Good Morning…

    Keyshia doesnt have to show her breast for record sales or attention… Thats my n*gga!!!!!

    Dawn is cute to me!!! I love her voice..

  • Aunt Viv


    @Aunt Viv

    Keyshia Cole also needs to donate some of that fabric from her dress to Aubrey O’Day.


    Tru Tru

  • P.O.T.U.S

    Maybe when dudes start getting their pink lotion on..i don’t know to many that openly admit to using the stuff.

    i don’t know why this ad looks like a Lifetime TV promo

  • legalize the ganga/rude girl from jamdown

    Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer


    doesnt work make your hair really dry

    well at least mine

    keyshia looks well, ciara can learn a thing or two

    from her – you dont have to put your body on display

    for her to make it in the industy

  • that girl

    Didn’t keyshia address why she keps them covered about a year or two ago…

  • Vee

    Believe it or not, not every chick thinks that her ta-ta’s or her a$$ are the keys to her success. I like Keysha Cole: and she has her hands full worryn about her family. Her breasts are probably of little concern…

  • legalize the ganga/rude girl from jamdown

    September 18, 2008. People close to R&B singer Keyshia Cole are speculating that she might be pregnant. According to one of’s snitches, Keyshia has already begun ratcheting down her aggressive work schedule and is taking daily does of folic acid – a common supplement for pregnant women.

    Tells the insider, “Everyone is whispering around here, but no one knows for sure. And we wouldn’t dare ask Keyshia herself.”

    If she is pregnant, the father is likely her current boyfriend – who also servers as her personal trainer. The two have been dating steadily for almost 3 months. And while we don’t have a pic, we hear that he’s gorgeous.

  • BBC - Afiya

    Say what y’all wanna say…but I really like Keysha! 🙂

  • Hotstuff

    Dawn’s shoot is a lil’ classier than Aubrey’s but they could’ve retouched the acne on her arms!!!

  • Bird

    Keysha has never been one to use her body to sell records and still she is doing just fine. So I guess if you want to see them you’re gonna have to try to holla at her. No all women have been convinced to show you nigras there sh*t just for the hell of it. Sometimes you gotta work for it. There’s always Aubrey.

  • Ms. T.

    Keyshia has really come a long way. She looks nice.

  • soulwoman

    Not every woman is comfortable showcasing their body at all times. What is the need for her to have them out when she is advertising hair products, anyway? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Side note: If you have noticed Keyshia had a breast reduction. So obviously she isn’t relying on her body to speak for her.

  • toni montana

    i read in an interview she developed kinda early but her Grandma or foster mom or whatever “taught her better” than to have them…on display. and God bless her for listenin.

  • The Grundle

    I’m sorry but I’ve got to call Shenanigans on those photos. We all know that Keyshia Cole can’t READ.

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